The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way Translation

1.2 An Encounter with the Prince

She chased the man. However, when she tried to reach for the bag, their difference in height was made obvious.

“—Whoa! You sure are loud, woman. Just like a noisy, stray, cat… well, still better than those women who keep rubbing themselves against you like cats in heat, I guess…”

“What are you babbling about—!? I understand none of it—kyaaa—!?”

After throwing retorts for a while, the man snapped his fingers—instantly, a huge tornado formed around him.

“I don’t have time to play with you. Well then, it’s goodbye for now.”

Amidst the strong gush of wind, large amounts of dust rolled up and hit Sharina. It was unbearable—Sharina had to shield her face with both arms.

“Wha… what just happened?”

In the next moment, when Sharina opened her eyes, the man had already fly away with the bag of cookies in one hand…

…while the other flipped his long, golden, hair in a condescending manner.

“Ah—!! T, thief—!!”

It was Riol’s! It was especially made for someone she liked! After countless failed attempts and practices!

For Riol who seemed to enjoy the bitterness of his hometown’s tea, she had earnestly kneaded bitter tea leaves in the whole-grain dough—while pursuing a  balance between sweetness and the crunchy texture.

“Who does he think he is!”

The nerve of him—!

How dare he—!! To steal at their first meeting and in broad daylight like this—!

Sharina’s fists shook with anger—to think that such an outrageous student existed…

What? Does he think by stealing my cookies, I’ll bawl myself to sleep?

—alright, I’ll report to the teacher.

Because they aren’t just some cookies, they are intended for my special someone—



Her anger regarding the stolen cookies was forgotten instantly—after all, said ‘special someone’ suddenly appeared in front of her.

He was unusually out of breath, and he also didn’t have any books.

“Riol-sama! What’s wrong?”

Sharina rushed to Riol.

“I should be the one asking that—! I heard clamors of wind from the direction you went—!”


…In other words, he came because he was worried about me…?

He even put aside those heavy books for me…

Sharina was utterly moved—she was in the brink of tears.

“What happened? Are you hurt? Did someone conjure up a tornado, or what?”

“The cookies, the cookies were stolen by a shady person! More importantly, Riol-sama—“

“Shady person!? In this school!? Wait, …cookies?”

Because of the running, his bangs were messy—hence, both of his eyes were clearly visible. The way he raised his face was also cool and refreshing…

—above all;

“This, this is the first time you called my name—!! You said it, right—!? ‘Sharina’—!!”

“Uh, yes?”


Until now, he had only referred her as ‘Clydea House’s eldest daughter’.

“—no, forget that. That was rude of me. I’m but a Baron’s son, addressing you like that was too improper. Let’s just pretend that as a Count’s daughter, you were doing incognito—”

“—then let me address you casually, too! Now, we are even! So call me ‘Sharina’ again, Riol!”

My special someone called my name for the first time—!!

Hence, she wasn’t going to tarnish this memorable day by fussing about that Cookie Thief’s deed.

“Ah, well…”

“It’s ‘Sharina’, Riol! Come on, once more, say it, ‘Sharina~’—!”

Just this once, I’ll put up with you and not go through with reporting you to the teacher, Cookie Thief.



Her heart, which was once cursing the Cookie Thief, was immediately filled with joy and excitement as she took her crush’ hand in hers. Her smile went wide.

“Blond hair and blue eyes, was able to manipulate wind without chanting—that should be Leonardo, the first prince of our kingdom.”

“Oooh… certainly, the name fits—uh, what was it? Right—His Highness Leonardo Randall Ulyssia Elgacia—I learned that in fourth grade.”

“Well, it’s also possible that he was giving you a false name. Can you confirm if he was indeed the prince?”

“…I’ve seen my sister’s pictures. To be honest, it’s hard for me to tell someone apart when we’re all wearing the same uniform like this…”

“Including this kingdom’s First Prince—!?”

“Well… it has been a month and a half since school has started. I never had any chance to interact with seniors, much else a prince.”

After school, Sharina headed back to the girl’s dormitory with Riol. Although the collateral was only some cookies, the fact still didn’t change that someone had harassed her. Because she felt wary, Riol accompanied her back.

As for the currently living-the-dream Sharina, her mind had transformed the previous Cookie Thief into Cupid Cookie Thief that blessed Sharina’s love.

“Besides… all the royalty and nobility have similar features, I think.”

For Sharina, handsome men generally had similar faces, thus, becoming a common sight to her. It was only her opinion, though, she knew she was entitled to it.

“When you’re a noble, blond hair and blue eyes are some of the most common sights—I have them too, see?”

“…Don’t paint them all with the same brush, oi. On the other hand, your hair is a strawberry blonde—which is unique among blondes. Your eyes are also a lighter blue compared to them. You’re not the same at all.”

“Eh? Thank you—!!! I was praised by Riol—!!!”

“Ah, no, I was just pointing out the facts—“

it’s the best day ever—!

It’s such a shame that my cookies were robbed. But, thanks to that, I could spend some more time with Riol!

Right now, she could as well reward the thief with ten gold bars.

“…what time do you leave the dormitory tomorrow morning?”

“Eh? I usually go thirty minutes before the class starts.”

“Well then, I’ll wait for you in front of your dormitory. It’ll be better if you don’t walk alone for a while.”


Going to school together, not only today, but tomorrow also—…

“I’m so glad! I love you, Riol!”

“Y, you shouldn’t be saying those kind of thing so casually!”

Thus, the Cupid Cookie Thief transformed yet again—becoming the Love Archangel Cookie Thief.


Meanwhile, at the same time, on the top floor of the men’s dormitory—…

“…Your Highness. Ever since you left the cafeteria at lunch break, where have you been?”

“Nowhere, just wandering around. Does it matter?”

“…No. But, couldn’t you at least be considerate of me? It’s tough dealing with that swarm of noble girls whom were chasing you…”

“Come on, do you think I enjoy being chased around?”

In a spacious room, about three times larger than those of the average students’, sat a blond man. Next to him was his attendant, whom enrolled in the same year.

“It’s a first for you to not return right away after lunch break is concluded—did you have something to do?”

“Obviously, yes. After all, I spotted a cat with rare colored fur.”

“A cat…? But…”

The blond man—the First Prince, Leonardo Randall Ulyssia Elgacia, laughed and took a small bag out of his pocket.

“Here, a consolation price to make up for your trouble.”

“Wha-? Cookies…? —wait—! Why are they green—!? Are these cookies alright—!?”

“Yep, they’re edible and also delicious. Turns out the thing the fluffy cat made was as interesting as herself.”

“…Huh??? Hey, wait a minute! You’re saying, you went out of your way to eat such a thing!? Without testing whether or not it was poisoned!? Your Highness—!!!!!

—when Sharina found out about this particular exchange, she started throwing a farce—jumping up and down, kicking, and also fussing, “I didn’t want them to be eaten by you—!!!”

***T/N : I thought the story’s main focus would be about that bad boy junk  prince up there, however, Riol doesn’t sound bad. Is this officially a triangle love?

P.S : Title is thereby revised into “The Noble Girl Who Find a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way”–man, I sure find some troubles with the title.

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