The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

17.1 Dwelling Within the Fist of the Overlord is a Blade Formed from Incantations

[Bastarrrrrrd!][Don’t look down on me, “Black Knight”!]

There’s no time to stop them. The 2 Oni villagers are already swinging down their konbou[1]. However—

“Foolish, lowly, Ajin[2].”

The “Black Knight” stops the two konbou with his two shields. The chime of iron being struck rings out. My strengthening of the “konbou” makes distorting their shapes difficult. They won’t break either. Regardless, the “Black Knight” stopped them head on. This is playing out just like a joke. The 2 Oni are utterly baffled.

“Did you think 2 little Oni would be enough to defeat this Black Knight Mestrat!?”

The Black Knight strikes them with the spears in his remaining arms.


I stopped the spear with my konbou.

[…..Please get back.]

While I suppress his spear with my “Orga Force”, the two Oni do as I request without complaint. Although I really want to defeat the Black Knight as easily and reliably as possible, it can’t be helped.

“Come! The “nemesis of the 8th goddess residing within the heavens”, Aberrant Overlord!”

The “Black Knight’s” eyes flicker from deep inside his helmet. He seems to be laughing.

[I’ll speak well of you in my memories, Black Knight.]

While maintaining “Orga Force”, I adjust my position and make it so that the forest’s trees are behind him.
Good, something like this.

“Seems like you’re an opponent I need to exterminate. Those Oni can fight against me equally!”

[You seem to be misunderstanding something.]

I speak while checking my “Oni” magic gauge.

[What I fear is you running away, nothing more.]
[Don’t you agree that bustling about in search of your fleeing figure would be too troublesome? Hence, I considered surrounding you for the sake of your assured defeat. Had I but a bit more time, I would have achieved such. Such a shame.]

The “Black Knight’s” remaining two arms move.

“So, what are you planning!? The Oni can’t possibly stop me.”

He raises his shield and aims for my head.

[Inject magic power—–]

I raise the mana expenditure of “Oni Awakening”. While it shortens the time I can maintain this form, my physical abilities swell for those remaining minutes. Originally, “Oni Awakening” was a skill which by best performance could be a achieved with a roar of fight spirit. In my former world, my strength correlated with emotions.

In this world, I can double my strength by using mana.

[Mana consumption increase three-fold, “Orga Force, Drei!!”]

I swing my konbou. A konbou possessing the same strength as metal—“iron konbou” crashes its tip against the Black Knight’s” shield—drives into it—smashes it.


With the strength of “Oni Force” x3, my “konbou” is unstoppable.

The swing continues and the Black Knight’s gauntlet is crushed along with the shield. He raises his second shield, but the power of my strike has yet to diminish. The second shield too is crushed. Just like that, two of his arms are crushed— torn off.

I keep that momentum and raise my konbou overhead only to smash it down on his horse’s head— I pierce it.

The horse cries out as it falls.  “Guaaaaaaaaaa!!”

At the same time, I heard the cracking of metal ringing from my hand.


The enchanted konbou broke. Guess it reached its limit.

“Giiizaaaaaaaa!! Why, What issss this!!”
[Is there a need for me to tell you?]

“Orga Force” from “Oni Awakening” raises power, but shortens my time transformed. If I use “Drei”, then it’s by one third; if “Vier,” then by one fourth[3]. My strike just now significantly reduced my “Oni” strength. Also, no matter how I strengthen my body with mana, there will undoubtable be heaps of muscle pain.

[What……. You’re still alive? How troublesome.]

I’m just an amateur in combat. That’s why I just wanted an easy task, one I could reliably complete. I’m neither an eiyuu[4] nor a yuusha. I’m just a guy with a “high reality processing abilities, Chuunibyo”. That’s why I choose simple tasks I know I can accomplish.


The “Black Knight” still have 2 arms left. On top of that, he’s mumbling something. Is he… chanting?

[Release “Oni Awakening”.]

I immediately return to normal. Then, [“In the name of Aberrant Overlord—” “Dragon Awakening”!!]

“….Unforgivable, “nemesis of the 8th goddess residing within the heavens —””

[Burn through my enemy, dragon breath! “Breath”!!] I concentrate my mana into my hand and blow it out all at once.


Flames ignite on the “Black Knight’s” fingertips as he looks at me.  Regardless, I’m faster.


A blaze erupts from my mouth and swallows his body.

It’s the secret technique of “Dragon Awakening”, “Breath.” I might be counterattacked afterwards, so I reduced 50% of its power. This leaves me enough mana for “Dragon Scale”.

“…..Basderd… Who the hell are you!?”

Although, the power seems to have been enough.

In the left half of the “Black Knight’s” body is a hole. His left arm is also gone. Still, he is alive. I guess this should be expected from a high-class monster. He’s a completely different creature from us.

He’s coming towards me. Although another blast of “Dragon Breath” would annihilate him, I might leave me unable to use “Dragon Awakening” afterwards. I’d rather come up with a simple method like—

[Activate, “Naming Bless”.]

I’ll use the power of words—the third slot of “Naming Bless”. As for what to “Enchant,” that’s already been decided upon. I clench a fist and hold it before my chest.

[“I tell my fist, your name is SeiKen (Truth Fist).”—“Accept the power of words”—“I shall grant you an attribute”.]

I take a deep breath and make the announcement.

[“SeiKen (Truth Fist) “ —-transform to “SeiKen (Holy Sword), accept the King’s christening!!]

My fist shines. Golden magical power then reaches forward to create a sword less than 1 meter long.

The “Black Knight” shouts, “The world of people is already over!”

He descended from the dead horse and runs towards me. “Our king shall destroy the humans and Ajin to create a new world! One just how the great “Black Flame Emperor” expected—“

[Oh, something like that, that’s fine.]

I raise the “Holy Sword” overhead and swing it down. The mana forged sword touches the “Black Knight’s” spear and cuts through it just like that.

“—Impossible, wha!?”

[I’m sorry, but I’ve outgrown such. Therefore, I’ll deal with your situation realistically.]

The “Holy Sword” continues forward and erodes into the “Black Knight’s” armour, shoulder, chest, and even his body. In exchange, my “King’s” mana is drastically decreasing by the instant. I need to completely slice the “Black Knight” in two and defeat him before my mana runs out.

[–I just, want to protect my place and my family. That’s all I wish for, as a 30 years old man.]


The “Black Knight’s” body crumbles. His body and armour transform into a sort of dust that gets blown away by the wind. What remains afterwards is a black crystal about the size of a human head.

….Is this what happens to high-class monster when they die?


[1] Something like a club
[2] Demi-human will now be referred to as Ajin.
[3] German numbers for 3 and 4
[4] An Eiyuu is a yuusha that completes the mission

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