The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

16.2 The Aberrant Overlord Intimidates a Monster With Words

–Shoma viewpoint—


I thrust out my konbou and clash against a black blade. He’s strong… I’m being pushed back. not good….

[Activate! “Oni force” !]

With the strength from “Orga Force,” I thrust out my konbou. The guy trying to cut me down pulls back his sword and leaps back. How swift.

[…You’re riding a horse through a forest?]

Mounted on a horse before me is a knight fully clad in black armour. Furthermore, he has 4 arms. In them, he holds 2 spears and 2 shields. I don’t intend to comment on other’s preferences, but that’s just weird.

I’m guarding the back of the villagers. Past me is the village.  I’m here because enemies will not come this way—or pretend that they won’t. I took guard here just in case, and I seem to have made the correct decision.

“Did you think you won?”

The creature speaks to me.

“I don’t know how you did it, but coming around to back here was a magnificent idea.”
[…Is that so?]
“However, it’s the same for us. “Black monsters” are born from the distortions of this world. The fight of humans, black magic, they become our power. That’s why… even if you defeat us, more monster will come forth and continue to threaten the world.”
[Ah, I think I’ve got the gist of it. You were all created by things like this world’s distortions. 

That “Dark Flame Emperor” guy developed black magic from which he brought forth monsters like the black goblin. You’re the same.  You were either created from that or transformed from another monster. It’s just, you bunch went and established “Abandoned Castle” as your base. If we continue to ride this momentum, we’ll most likely invade the “Abandoned Castle.” Therefore, you came here to stop us, right?]
[Oh, you’re shaken. Was it?]
“What are you? An Oni…..human? Bastard, what do you know?”

I don’t actually know anything. To be honest, this was 100% bullshitting.

This guy looks like the boss. He’s also quite powerful. I’d rather avoid facing him head on, but I don’t want the villagers to fight him either. Therefore, the best option is for Haruka and Lizette to finish defeating the other monsters and then face him together.

However, right now, I can’t let him get past me. Behind me, the villagers are fighting against the monsters. Concentrate, if he gets past here, the villagers will panic at being attacked from behind. I’m also part of the village defence. I’ll buy as much time as I can using whatever hand I can.

……This hand though, I don’t really want to use it.

[Get back, you imbecile!]

I strike the ground with my konbou[1].

[How dare a mere monster atop of a horse look down on me! Is this the proper attitude to take against the Aberrant Overlord!?]
“The Aberrant….. Overlord?!”

Red light flickers from within the helmet of the black knight.

“The only ruler of this world is the Dragon Emperor or his descendants. Are you one of those false kings?”
[Fuu, your talk is lacking. Is that the level of your knowledge!?]
[Such a person stands before the Aberrant Overlord, Kiryouou Shouma, how hilarious!!]

I make my declaration with my chest held high. The black knight stops moving. He continues to hold his spears with his left and right hands as he stares at me.

[With that narrow vision, you won’t see this world’s abyss.]

I’ll just keep pushing through like this!

“You’re an idiot!”

The knight raises a spear.

“Do you even understand what you’re saying?! The Dragon Emperor was revered by the humans and aijin is already dead! We who are born from the “Distortion” are the new ruling race of this world!”
[I don’t know about that!]

—Here it comes!
The black knight swing a spear. I clutch my konbou and matched the timing. The distance is enough. This’ll work. I’ll force him back with “Oni Force”.


“Impossible!? You repelled my spear with a konbou!?”

Even though my opponent is riding a horse,
[….fuu, like I thought.  That’s all you’re worth.]

Once again, I ridicule him.


The black knight becomes cautious and doesn’t approach me.

I raise my head and look up a bit. The harpy up in the air are making an “O”. Those fighting behind me, Lizette, Haruka, and the villagers, have almost finished defeating all the monsters.

Like I thought, my job is to stall for time.

“We are the superior race whom shall succeed the humans and aijin. We will create a new country here on this land. You filthy aijin are—“
[How impertinent.]

Just, how do I buy more time? The black knight is raising his spear as he looks at me.

My advantage is he doesn’t know anything about me. From that guy’s perspective, I came to this battle field through an unknown method and handed over an impossible number of weapons. Since he doesn’t know, he’s remaining cautious over coming closer. If that’s the case, I’ll throw in another bluff…..

[If you want to die, then go ahead.]

In my original world, I’d just be bullshitting…. spouting nothing more than delusions. But in this world where magic and monsters exist, how will he react?

[This Aberrant Overlord, Kiryouou Shouma, is even feared by the eighth goddess sitting at the top of the Heaven. So much so that she sealed me within this body. A pathetic fool such as yourself would serve as nothing more than amusement against such a divine nemesis. Turn back or become my nourishment, monster!]

That guy advances on me, so I continue my fast talk.

“The eighth goddess!? A divine nemesis!?”

The black knight’s eyes widen from deep within his helmet. This is one of the settings I created for “Kiryouou Shouma” long ago. Using it now is really painful though.

[Hailing from high in heavens and reigning over all. Such is incompatible with me, the Aberrant Overlord. While the central gods abhor chaos, I relish it. Such a hobby, however, will never be tolerated….]

…..I didn’t expect to still remember this old setting. Not just that, it’s surprisingly convincing. The black knight stopped. His spears he carries are trembling within his hands.

[As for why I rule over the aijin, I pity their Chaos. If you’re a true “Distortion”, then I’ll show you my benevolence. Now, what did you do? While your subordinate fight, you sneak around to stab your enemy in the back… utterly foolish. Does your king appreciate the results from such?]
“You, like you should talk!  You attacked my subordinates from behind!”
[Yes, it is just as you say. My hands are already stained with blood. Anything for the race not loved by the gods.]
“You…What? Just who are you!?”

I’m just a thirty some year old guy who got caught up in a summoning. While I might have skills, I don’t have any fighting experience or confidence. For now, I just need to wait a little more. Until Haruka and Lizette come…..I need to maintain at this stalemate.

[–Black Knight?!]

While I was thinking about that, a pair of voices come out from behind me.

[The Onii-chan that bought the weapon is being attacked!]
[Hold on, we’re coming!!]

–Ah, wait, stop. You don’t need to come here!!  I put a lot of effort into stalling—

Before I can shout out anything, the two oni villagers rush the “Black Knight”—

[1] a club/rod of sorts

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