A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

31. Lewis’ Confession

oh… is it morning already? It’s bright…

To the light entering the room, I opened my eyes. The ceiling that spread within my field of view was white.

wait, was our ceiling white…?

The sight made me slightly uncomfortable. I slowly woke up to confirm what was wrong.


I was in a large room that I didn’t recognize at all.


I shifted my eyes to the side—and yet, no one was beside me. No, to begin with, this wasn’t even my bed.

—finally, I understood.

…Those were dreams…


At the same time, my head throbbed. The dull pain only got worse within seconds…

I remembered the cause of the pain—

—yes, I fell into the river, and then…

I slowly looked around the room while holding my aching temple.

The bed I slept on was a simple bed with a brown wooden frame and white sheets. The mattress was thin, too. The large room had large windows on the front and left walls, a door on the right, and a round table with two chairs, a simple dresser, and a shelf.

…where am I?

I got off the bed and approached the window to look outside. I was reflected on the window—and yet, at the same time, I saw two people;

The original me and the current me.

I had overcome the fact that I looked precisely like myself one thousand years ago. However, my aura had certainly changed. The current me also had a false smile on her face.

I continued staring at my reflection—of course, I didn’t fail to realize that my outfit was different.

What I was wearing didn’t have the usual frill—or have any, for that matter—and looked very simple. Like outfits commonly worn by city girls. This dress reminded me so much of my past self.

I shifted my focus towards the outside scenery.


This was probably the second floor. Looking at the scenery below, the first thing that I saw was a vast garden with a lush, green lawn and a magnificent gate. Beyond that, however, was unified in white—a beautiful city. Although it did not yet rival the capital city, the prosperity and liveliness of it was amazing on its own.

—I searched through my memories.

Judging from the view, this might be the center of the town. The roofs were towering. I certainly recognized this characteristic blue and silver color scheme…

—indeed, my father had brought me here before, when I was a child.

It was still fresh in my memory. The color scheme was used in the painting of a silver eagle on a blue backdrop—which was also the crest of Duke of Aldebaran.

In other words, I was in Aldebaran.

I was relieved, since it was next to the capital city. In term of distance, it took only two hours by carriage. To me, it wasn’t such a great distance.

While enduring my headache, I tried to reorganize the situation.

—perhaps, after I had fallen into the river, someone helped me. Whom was probably the same person who brought me to this mansion and took care of me.

“…” Reaching that conclusion, I sighed a little.

Arthur’s words reappeared in my mind. Arthur and Lewis possessed powers… and Lewis had been searching for me this entire time…

I was concerned about what would happen from now on…


The dull pain hit me again. My head throbbed, as if something inside had constricted. I couldn’t stand it and sat down on the chair to the side.

At the same time, I heard the knock on the door—

—a young man entered the room.

Still assaulted by headache, I tried to observe the man.

He was a gentle-looking young man with red hair and dark brown eyes. He looked surprised when he noticed I wasn’t in bed. He looked around before finally spotting me near the window.

“…you surprised me. So, you’re awake.”

He approached me with apparent relief. Was he the one who saved me?

“How do you feel? I found you near the riverbank yesterday, it seems that you’ve been washed away. They told me that there were no serious injuries. However, I suggest you do another check-up…”

He stopped right in front of me, asking with a gentle expression.

yep, he’s the one who saved me.

I opened my mouth, intending to thank him, and also reject his suggestion… I didn’t need to see a doctor—




Only now did I notice a very concerning fact—

—there was no voice at all. No matter how hard I tried to talk, only air came out from my mouth. I couldn’t say anything…

I reached for my throat—I wasn’t feverous, there was no pain or swelling beneath my touch, either. Could this be a side effect from fainting? I had seen several people who suffered the same thing as me—it usually happened when you felt a lot of stress. Your voice wouldn’t come out.

but, me…?


I was so shocked by my predicament. I had lived for a thousand years and now I had gone mute? How humiliating was this? How could this happen?

Well, there was no problem with being mute in itself—however, I suddenly lost my voice, just like that.



When I was still stunned, he looked increasingly worried until he finally asked for a doctor—

—I hurriedly grabbed his arm and pulled him back.


He turned around, surprised. I stared at his face while slowly shaking my head.

At the moment, he widened his eyes, understanding something.

“—you lost your voice…?”

He almost whispered it. Towards his words, I looked up at him, and smiled affirmatively.

“…” He became speechless. His gentle face distorted with confusion.

“That sure is troubling. Sorry, but, were you mute from the start?”

He asked me awkwardly. I shook my head this time.

“Huh… so, it happened after you fell into the river and woke up this morning?”

that’s right. I signaled with my eyes. Then, his eyes widened again.

“That’s, that’s a BIG problem, then! I’ll call the doctor at once!”


He, while seemingly in great trouble, was about to start running. Looking at him, I felt a little frustrated.

I grabbed his arm strongly this time.

—I said I don’t need a doctor. I made sure to emphasize that.

“—…but, are you sure?”




There was a short silence.

“—okay, let’s see…” He nodded while slowly settling on the vacant chair. He reached to the back pocket of his slacks—taking out a notebook and a pen.

He then gave it to me with a warm, reassuring smile.

“Here, you can use this. First, why don’t we start by introducing ourselves?”

He continued.

“My name is Lionel McLean. What is your name?”

His smile was carefree and bright, like the sun.

**T/N : FINALLY–!! We (read: I) are released from those riajuus’ torment  the suspense of not knowing Amelia’s benefactor!!! And boi *glance at the title what do you have to confess, Lewis?

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