Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

3. Confirming Abilities

After a while, we confirmed no more monsters were coming as reinforcements, so we decided to have a meeting. Hours had passed and it was nearly nighttime.

Taniizumi and others, who were able to move, went to the forest to gather firewood. They placed it in the middle of the clearing and made a bonfire. I guess it was to also scare away the monsters?

“Alright, let’s confirm the current situation, first!”
Taniizumi said immediately. His excitement had yet to die down and he seemed to be having a lot of fun.

“I don’t know why or how it happened, but it seems that we’ve been sent to a different world and awakened to new powers! That’s something that should be clear to anyone!”

Those who were accustomed to this concept from games began to nod.
I felt the same. Shigenobu as well.
Some of the girls also seemed to understand it.

“But really, is this situation…possible?”
“It’s happening right now in front of us! Stop running away from reality and accept it!’
“How can I accept it! I want to go home!”

The representative…of the girls was shouting hysterically.
Taniizumi looked at her with a bored expression.
That being said, her reaction was much more normal than his. I understood how she felt. I was closer to her in opinion.

“I don’t know how we can get back. But first, you have to accept your reality. And if you can’t, just shut up and run away from it!”
“What! You, you’re enjoying this…

Right then, the girl was held back by her friends.

“So? Taniizumi. How did you make those balls of fire?”
The class representative and the teacher asked him.

“It’s very easy.”
“Just think of it like how you withdraw money at the bank. You click the ability in your mind and set it on the right target. And activate…right?”

My answer was met with an exaggerated applause from Taniizumi. Really, what was with that reaction? As a delinquent, he could fight, but could rarely read the atmosphere in the room.
Look around yourself. Most of the people here are annoyed with your behavior.

“Correct! There seems to be a cool-down time, but it looks like these abilities have many uses.”

Taniizumi said as he created a flame on the palm of his hand. Towards the end of the fight, he had been hitting the horned rats with his fists.

“Application and the control of power is all up to inspiration. And if we kill the creatures…the monsters, with it, we get experience points! I already reached Lv 2.”

Hmm… So you really do get experience points for killing things. It really is like a game.

“There’s some points I don’t really understand, but we can figure it out later.”

The teacher and class representative began to activate and look through their abilities as they were instructed.

“This, this is amazing… But on what principle does this work?”
“Math…science…What is it? Supernatural power or something affecting our brains and…”
“Ah… Nevermind that. Just think of these abilities as you being able to use magic now!”

Taniizumi explained. It was as if the worst delinquent in the class had suddenly become our leader in one day. He just wanted to explain everything away as ‘magic.’

“Well…that’s probably true.”
“Ah, I might as well try it then.”

Like that, most of the boys accepted the idea and started to test their abilities. The girls were hesitant, but also understood that there was no escaping it and started to look as well.

“This stuff written on the slab is probably your abilities. We should check it first to see what we can do!”
Under Taniizumi’s guidance, we decided to look through the list of abilities from the top.

Hmm… Taniizumi’s ability was called Pyromancer. Aside from that, there was the rather predictable, Cryomancer.
We went down the list until it was Shigenobu’s turn.

“Shigenobu, your ability says blacksmith. What can you do?”
“Huh? Hmmm…my ability…hmm. It says that I don’t have enough points.”
“What? Points? It seems that you can give them away… Here, take mine!”
“…Alright. I’ll try it then.”

Shigenobu stood in front of the bonfire and held a piece of firewood towards the flames. The firewood began to float up into the air before being enveloped by the fire as it transformed into something.

It was a magical sight indeed, though it did seem to take quite a while. For about five minutes, the firewood and flames were circling the air above, until finally, the flames disappeared and…the firewood turned into a single club.

A club?

“After using it, I think it would be good if I had a hammer or something to hit it with. But this is the most I can do with just fire and wood.”
“It’s a club! Oh? It affects my status when I hold it! This is a very useful skill.”

Taniizumi said happily.

“So you can make more if you just have the materials?”
“Looks like it.”
“Well then, we’ll have you make more stuff tomorrow!”

Just then…there was a rumbling sound.

“I’m so hungry…”
“Be patient. Tomorrow, we’ll search the forest for something to eat. Hey, wait. There’s someone whose ability is cooking!”

Taniizumi looked towards the student who had the cooking ability.

He wasn’t possibly considering that we could eat the rats, right?

“If it comes down to it, you can cook these rats with your ability!”

It seems that was exactly what he was suggesting.
Well, he said at worst, although that was looking pretty likely now.


But even he must have disliked the idea as he looked rather disgusted.
That being said, it was definitely a useful ability to be able to turn monsters into food.

“It will cost points or magic energy anyway, so tonight we should all just eat our lunches that we brought!”

And so everyone ate their lunch boxes to ward off hunger. As Taniizumi had shown his strength to us all, I thought he would soon declare himself our leader, but he turned out to have a little restraint.

“Now, next.”

And like that, we continued to go through each student’s abilities.
And then it was my turn.

“Yukinari Hanebashi. Your ability…is teleportation. What kind of ability is that? Surely it doesn’t mean you can freely teleport anywhere?”
“I’m still checking it. Why are you interrogating me?”

I activated the ability and selected teleportation.
A cursor appeared.

“Teleportation? Can we return to Japan?!”

The girl who had been screaming now scrambled towards me.

“Uh…I’ll have to try it out first.”

I didn’t understand what my own abilities were. I tried to use it and then the cursor turned into an hourglass. I was also able to cancel.

“Take me! I want to go back to Japan!”

The hysterical girl was clutching at my collar and choking me!
This was annoying…

“Calm down!”

The others managed to make her relax a little and she stopped choking me
Tsk…why was this happening to me?

“It seems to take a while for it to activate.”
“Well, keep trying.”

I selected the firewood and imagined that it was being teleported.
It wasn’t as if pictures of the location appeared in my head, but I felt as if I could vaguely see it moving. Did imagination affect the ability?
In any case, I then selected a place away from the firewood.

…The sand began to fall again.

“I only just started. It takes time, just like Shigenobu.”
“I guess you won’t be able to use it in combat then.”

Tsk… Taniizumi was now looking at me as if I were an idiot.

Finally, all of the sand had fallen, and in a flash, the firewood disappeared and reappeared in the place I had selected.

“Ah, that’s kind of drab.”

Shut up!
I thought to myself, but held back the emotion.

“Alright, now let’s test to see if we can use it to return to Japan. Since there’s someone who really wants to go back.”
“Taniizumi! You’re suggesting that we experiment on people!?”
“Huh? Why not? Otsuka really wants to return, after all.”

Otsuka was the hysterical girl. And no, it wasn’t right. Who would be responsible if we failed?

“I’ll do anything if it means I won’t have to stay in this place a second longer!”

Uh…she wanted to do it too.
How confused was she? She could think of nothing besides going back.

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