I was Killed by my Classmates and Became God’s Gofer Translation

Preface: 1

During the break, while my classmates are making noise, I take out a book and read. Though I told my classmates that I do read serious novels, honestly, all I read are regular isekai novels. I like games and anime, and if possible, I would spend my whole day playing.

Although I’m tall and have a lean body, I am not particularly good at sports nor am I particularly good looking. Overall, I’m just an ordinary high school student.

Today, I am just spacing out as usual. I glance downward and, in that instance, blue light starts to come out from the floor. My classmates start to get rowdy.
‘This situation is!!’
While I was thinking of something unnecessary, my vision turns white.

I open my eyes and find myself in an unfamiliar place. I’m still wearing my uniform. I look around and discover my classmates sleeping around me. Men and women sleeping together… somehow that sounds weird.

Just what the hell happ….

And I suddenly realize.

Ah, it was an isekai transfer.

Let’s think about the current situation first. My classmates still haven’t woken up. Moreover, the people who summoned us are also present.

That said, I still can’t confirm whether we really got summoned or not. Regardless, it’s a fact that the whole class was brought to this place.

I still can’t believe that I’d be involved in a class transfer.

Just what can I do while waiting for everyone else to wake up?

There are several patterns in isekai transfers, but in most cases, we should be treated well.

But… what if that’s not the case?

I’m trying to keep calm, but I’m afraid I will start to panic if I stop thinking even for a second.

First of all, what can I do?

I still don’t understand the situation. There is only 25 of us here. We won’t be able to do much.

Are we gonna be slaves, or maybe pets? But then, what would have been the point of summoning us?

In that case, it’s possible we received some kind of special power when we were summoned. I have a bad habit where I curl my body whenever I feel stressed.


‘status open’

Suddenly, a semi-transparent window appears right before my eyes. I can move it around. It shouldn’t be visible to other people.

Tsuyama Makoto

Age       :16   Gender:male
HP        :10
MP       :30(300)
STR       :10
DUR      :15
INT      :53
RES       :17
GI       :15
Title      : Traveler from another world
Skill      : Translation, Contract

Hmm let’s see here.

Age and gender are fine, but as for the other 7 stats, I don’t know what to compare them to.

Therefore, I still don’t know whether they’re good or not. Especially this Magic Power, what does it mean by 30 (300).

According to the title, it seems like this really is another world. Though, I should have realized this is another world when the status window appeared.

Lastly are the skills. It seems like that by focusing on it, we can summon an iron plate that gives an explanation to each skill. First for the “translate” skill. It is a wonderful skill that can remove the language barrier of this world. If I have this in the modern society, I’m sure it can give me a huge advantage in job hunting.

However, everyone else should have also received this skill. If not, all the negotiations in this world will have to depend on me.

The other skill I received is “Contract.” It is a skill that forces preestablished promises. In the situation where the promise is broken, the worst case punishment is death for the offending party. Heavenly retribution. The promise can also be made orally. As long as both sides agree and understand the terms and conditions, it will be good enough.

In other words, something along the lines of,

“If you lose give, me 1 million yen.”

“Yeah, sure.”

will still establish a contract.

“I didn’t mean to make a promise with you,” is not acceptable after a contract has been made.

The contract skill is not limited to just 1 on 1 situations. It can be established with one-to-many and many-to-many. In the case of making a contract with multiple people, the contract only needs to be made with the leader of the group. In other words, to make a contract with a whole country, running around and talking with every single citizen isn’t required.

For the many-to-many contract, if I am not recognized as a leader it will only be a one-to-many contract for me and the opposing parties.

Depending on how the skill is used, it can pretty much be a cheat ability. I don’t know whether it’s because the skill is too strong or what, but just using this skill already drains most of my MP.

I guess 30 (300) means that my original MP was 300, but it is now 30 because the rest was used up by my skills.[1]

Doesn’t this mean… I am actually in a very bad position? First is my ability. My original MP was 300 and my second highest stat is my INT at 53. If these are not considered high, then isn’t something like 10 too low?

If this was a story, I would definitely be dropped to the lowest floor of a dungeon.

I was thinking of just living quietly, though I doubt I can do that with the existence of this contract skill. In this world where I still don’t know anything, I probably shouldn’t show this skill too early. In order to catch them off guard, I will only have 1 chance to use it. Since the other party is the top of the country, they might enter into any agreements before checking our status. That means the result must be decided before then.

Though I was thinking very hard, I notice that most of my classmates have woken up. If possible, I wanted to wake them up, but I’m not close enough to anyone where I can just casually do so. It also seems like that everyone is too confused to care for anyone else right now.

“Huh? What is this place?”

I pretend to be confused in order to confirm our current situation.

The marble like floor is covered by soft carpet and the walls are luxuriously decorated. It’s like the picture of a room from a castle. I have seen this setting many times in my games, but this is the first time seeing it with my own eyes.

We are gathered in the middle of a room.  Surrounding us are 10 people resembling knights surrounding and 10 people hiding their faces under their robes who could be magicians.

Those magicians all appear out of breath and are about to fall over. Are they the one who summoned us? Are they tired as a result of summoning us? No doubt about it.

While I was observing my surroundings, it seems all my classmates have woken up. Not long after that, the only entrance to the room opened. Appearing was a beautiful blond woman along with 5 knights wearing armor matching the 10 knights around us.

She has beautiful proportions and was wearing a luxurious black and white dress. She gives off a dignified vibe, one that fits her sharp eyes. She looks about the same age as us, maybe just a bit older. She has the kind of beauty that can’t be found in japan.

Out of 10 points she’s definitely an 8 or 9. Not only me, but the other boys and girls are also stunned by her beauty. What’s most surprising is the fact that our class monitor, Ichinari Takatoshi, is still staring at her. Our class monitor is said to have already met with a lot of beauties and to have even dated various kinds of girls. However, his reaction… Is this love at first sight?

The beautiful woman suddenly bowed her head.

“I deeply apologized for suddenly calling you to my country.”

From from my classmates arise multiple complaints can be heard. Something like,

“In that case, why did you even do it?” or “If you want to apologize then send us back!”.

Although Ichinari tries to calm everyone, what they are saying is still reasonable. Rather, those who are happy at this time are strange.

The beautiful woman controls the knights with her hand and once again lower her head with an apologetic expression. One of the knights calls her, “Hime-sama”, seems like she has a high status.

“Our country has called you, because we want you to fight the Demon King that threatens our kingdom. As you can see, this is a different world that different from your previous world. Moving between different worlds requires a lot of power and although we have a spell able to call you here, we currently do not have a spell for sending you back. However, we believe that within the Demon King’s castle is a magic circle that can return you to your previous world.”

“In other words, if we can defeat the demon king, we will be able to return to Earth.”

“That summarizes it.”

Ichinari repeats the message from the princess, and she nods her head.

This kind of story usually ends with the defeat of the Demon King.  I’m also pretty sure everyone our age is familiar with games or stories with the objective of defeating the Demon King. Our goal is easy to understand, and with just the word, “Demon King,” it’s like we entered a story.

My classmates who were complaining before are starting to calm down. This situation lets them become the main characters of this story. No matter what, as high school students, being given a chance to become the main character in this kind of story will at the very least make them feel excited. In addition to that, this world also has “status.” That will undoubtedly excite them even further. My stats are weak though, so they doesn’t excite me as much.

“Let’s talk in another room, will you please come with me?”

Although it’s a question, there’s no way we can refuse it. Even if we walked away, just what could we do?

[1] Note: it was 魔力, so I’ll put it as MP for now.

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