The Day I Found Her Translation

10.2 The Day to Ponder about the Future~

“Oh, hey, isn’t that Anne Marie~?” Spica suddenly remarked.


The distance was far, but that was indeed Anne Marie—standing beside a man.

Her gaze found Spica first and she smiled cheerfully as she approached—

“A-Anne…” I couldn’t help but utter her name.

“What are you? A doofus? You ain’t supposed to meet her ever again, remember? Hide.” Spica pulled me and I was hidden behind her shadow.

The noise told me they were getting closer.

They conversed using pseudonyms;

Margaret, between blue and red, which color is currently preferred by the noble ladies of this kingdom?”

“Fufu, Albert-sama, since right now I’m only ‘Margaret’, forgive my informal language. Well, the red color trend started after the Royal Wedding. During that time, the entire capital was blooming red due to the amount of red roses used as decorations. So, it’s red …I think.”

“I see …what about you? Which color do you like best?”

“Hmm, I personally liked the color blue more… But, if we’re talking about these designs, I prefer the red one.”

When I heard her expressing her opinion so freely like that, I was about to cry.

“Hmm~ I heard it from Maria herself that this is part of her big plan. But hey, the outcome sure is a lot nicer than I thought~…”

She, who stood beside a man I didn’t know, was about to change—

so am I, who stood beside Spica.

However, I still found it hard to believe that everyone was going to change.

Marie Brent,

Today, I happen to see you in the market. 

Everything was quite lively.


Gilbert Westin.

Duke Gilbert Westin,

Since you were also exploring the city, I thought we would cross each other’s path someday, but it happened faster than I thought!

Then I take it that you have also seen him. The man accompanying me is Luke. He is an affiliate of the Zeitz Company.

Just like you, he’s very knowledgeable! Whenever I’m with him, I always learn about new things.

I used to stress about being called ‘Maria’ to him before, but he only laughed. He explained to me that in different countries, you can have different names. If in some country ‘Luke’ is hard to pronounce, he’ll switch to another name.

Since I wanted to know how that feels like, Luke suggested that whenever we visit the city, to go by the name Margaret.

He also told me a story—once, during one of his many visits, he met an old woman who had lost her only son. She then called Luke by the name of her son.

It might be unpleasant, but Luke said he couldn’t help but sympathize with her—as anyone would, considering her pitiful situation.

I wonder, is that why you keep calling me ‘Anne Marie’? Now that I think about it, I never understood your reason.


Marie Brent.

Marie Brent,

I called you that on a whim.

There are no underlying circumstances behind it.

Hence, there’s no reason for you to feel sympathy or blame yourself for it.


Gilbert Westin.

Duke Gilbert Westin,

I think it’s about time for me to change.

As a noble lady, accepting everything with a smile and bottling up my true feelings might have been the right thing to do.

But now, I’m a noble lady no longer. I’ll no longer able to become one.

That’s why, I want to change. I have to change.

We’ve promised to never meet again, but can I meet you once more?

Ever since that day, I think we’ve undergone many changes.

I want to talk with the current you—not about the past, but about the new things we’ve acquired.


Marie Brent.

I wanted to pursue knowledge.

I wanted to continue my research, not only to help my beloved brother, but also to make Anne happy.

This was the only way left since I could no longer do it by her side.

No, not just for Anne Marie, but also Maria who made me realize my mistake, and then, the Knight Captain whose words gave me hope. Lastly, for Spica who didn’t forsake me.

I wanted the market to stay as lively as it is, for as long as it could.

It would be nice if loved ones didn’t get separated by diseases.

Heeeeh~ could you be more vague than that?”

“The reason I wanted to change isn’t to satisfy my own desire. I feel like there’s a lot I can do to change—I just haven’t narrowed them down, yet.”

“Well, well~ I think this is good enough~

“Human beings are greedy, so you can aim for lots of things at once,

“Humans beings are flawed, since everything they do is driven by their own desires.

“However, said desires can result in other’s happiness—

—in addition, you’re a noble man, and royalty. You’re in the position to lead the people.”

“I finally realized that.”

“Hohoho~ the only proof that your mistake is dire—that you’re at the point of no return, is when people join hands to execute you.” Spica’s smile was familiar. “But here you are, in pristine condition. Hence, it’s not too late—let’s start over again, and maybe, you can talk with Anne Marie again and apologize in a different way.”

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