Only Sense Online WN 118

With Takumi accompanying me, I head on to get changed.  Along the way, he says, “Shun?  How do I say this?  Why are you dressed like this and wearing makeup?”

“Well, actually—”

I give Takumi a summary of everything.  He seems to understand what happened, but his expression remains unsatisfied.  He says, “Say, did you properly resist?”

Ah, resisting wasn’t exactly on my mind.  I was completely swept away by the circumstances.”

I give a wry laugh, but Takumi’s expression doesn’t clear up. 

I say, “Usually, I’d give a firm refusal, but no matter what, I’ll never let Miu-chan get involved in my mess… I guess you could call this growth?”

Takumi is staring off somewhere into the distance before saying, “Haa?  What was that?”


I can tell with a glance that he’s faking it, hence I give him sharp look.  He says, “By bringing yourself to forgive others… you emotionally become an adult.”

“Don’t talk in a way that invites misunderstandings!  I haven’t forgiving anyone, don’t say something so irresponsible!”

“Or, is the cause of all this Cloude’s clothes!?  Is wearing that guy’s clothes better than hanging out with me?!?”

“Why are you being so misleading!?  Why are you talking about clothes!?  Fix your ways right now!”

Takumi acts just like he always has, eliciting my habitual response despite my better judgement.  He wears a refreshed smile at having toyed with me to his heart’s content.  As for me, I release a long, drawn out, sigh.

I say, “Seriously, you’re always like this.  Besides, other than my game clothes, there’s nothing strange about a man dressing like this.”

Fu-n, then at the core of that thought process, girls are who normally dress like that.”


Now what’s he trying to say?  No, before that, my clothes in game are also being worn by a man.  What am I trying to say again?

“Well, Shun, seems like you’ve gotten switching over into your game character down.”

“Wh- what?  Where’d that come from?”

“No, just, back when you started, you were playing as yourself.  Since you’ve been interacting with other players, aren’t you now unconsciously projecting the persona of Yun?  That’s what today seemed like to me.” 

“There’s no split between myself and Yun.  Yun is me, and I am me.”

This sounds philosophical, but there’s no deeper meaning to it.  My sense of self isn’t something malleable.  Yun is the character of me from the real.  The only difference between us is that Yun is a character with a woman’s body.

“Listen carefully.  Suppose Yun is a persona you unconsciously created due to being influenced by the expectations of others, your feelings of envy, and the abilities and position of your character.  Little by little, those stimuluses pulled you away from the you of when you first started.  These changes are both subtle and gradual, hence you didn’t notice yourself undergoing them.”

“…Really?  I don’t like it, but that’s a pretty interesting theory.”

I had my doubts at first, but his argument is pretty solid.  Before I realized it, Yun went from, [it’s just a game], [this is different from real], [going with the flow is more fun], to [she has a woman’s body, so this is fine].  This is something I can’t say I wasn’t aware of until now.  I should have noticed it, even if just a bit.

This isn’t an exaggeration, but switching over to Yun isn’t something I can just do.  What happened today is the opposite.  The school festival’s atmosphere was just so similar to the virtual world’s that Yun was brought out.

I say, “Haa~, I don’t get myself at all.  Is that it?  Takumi, do you want to say that I’m turning more into a girl like Yun?”

“Sorry, I let something strange slip out…  That wasn’t what I meant to say and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you, just…”

“Just… what?”

“Shun, you look great like that.  Heck, if someone said you were given the wrong sex at birth, I’d believe it.”

“You, focus a lot on physical appearances… haa~.  Well, okay, then.  You’re gonna be treating me today.”

“Hey!  You don’t mean…”

“Takoyaki, yakisoba, Chinese dumplings, churros, yakitori, shaved ice, candy coated strawberries on a stick, and what was that cart we stopped at before?  Oh right, the crepe stand being run by Miu’s class.”

“My wallet!”

Did you figure it out?  This is my modest revenge.  However, I can’t eat everything I listed.  I’ll only be able to get down half, no, more like a third of all that.  I’ll give the rest to Miu and Endo-san who are waiting at the café.  This is such a good idea, it makes me smile.

“Right, we can get them on the way.”

A hand grabs my shoulder and I’m pushed into a corridor.  Takumi then whispers, “— —tsu.  Shun, over here,” into my ear.  Judging from the seriousness of the tone, I obey without complaints. 

Immediately after that, a person dashes down the hallway.  Several students chase after that person, darting around the other students and various guests walking about.  One person passes so close by me that the wind he generates lifts my bangs. 

Once I judge the situation safe, I take a look.  Unfolding is the secret battle between a literary club member from this morning and the executive committee members trying to preform an arrest.

Takumi says, “Fuu, that was close.  Good thing we got into this corridor in time.”

“Tha- thanks.  So, should I be grateful at being able to have lasted without my secret getting exposed, or does this just prove how girlish my face is?”

“Well, should you really care about something like that?”

Now I see the executive committee members capture the literary club member and escort said person away.  What a relief.

“Alright, now to change my clothes.”

Ahh, hold on.”

“What n— —!?”

 I turn around and Takumi takes my picture with his phone’s camera.  My mind blanks as I realize what just happened. 

Takumi’s words soon bring me back to attention.  “Alright, I got a good picture.  I’ll show it to Miu-chan later.”

“This…  I’ll remember this!  Takumi you fool!1

With that parting threat, I enter the classroom.  I take off both the wig and wafuku and put my uniform back on.  Then, with the pre-prepared makeup remover, I thoroughly clean every last trace of makeup off my face. 

Once I’m ready, I execute the penalty.  I wring Takumi’s wallet and have him buy me snacks and souvenirs for Miu and Endo-san from various stalls.

How much this all costs is of no concern to me.  Instead, this is a pretty cheap photo fee, so stop your whining.

It’s the end of the school festival.  Being angry right now is just silly. 

I instead hang out with Miu and Takumi.  I’d say the three of us really enjoy the festival. 

Even the café flourishes.  I wonder if it’s because of the [mysterious bishoujo] effect?  Either way, today’s sales are much higher than yesterday’s.  It makes tidying up afterwards that much easier.

And so, the foolish, yet delightful, school festival comes to a close.

T/N: Finally, I’m finally finished.  I wanted to get all of these translated and up during April, but looks like I fell short by about 10 days.  Work really delayed me.  It drained all my energy.  I hope you all enjoyed this April fool’s prank.

Now to get back to isekai mahout.

~Gandire Alea

P.S. Translating this arc, Takumi x Miu got quite a bit of attention.  Takumi x Shun did too, but I still prefer Endo x Shun~

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  1. Shun says Aho instead of baka.  Hence, I’m using fool instead of idiot.