Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

16.1 Everything


Between my legs, Judius pushes his body forward until our waists touch—

it’s thick and hot—…and it hurts—!!

I’ve never experienced such pain before, like I’m being torn apart.

Judius, who’s on top of me, supports his weight with an elbow. His other hand grips mine firmly, but I feel like I’m being held down instead! It hurts—!

Judius starts moving. His gentle movement only makes it more intense.

I’m losing my breath. When I close my eyes, I can feel tears sliding down from each corner.

“Issh… ith… finish, ed?”

“Not yet.”

—not yet?!

Although Judius seems demanding, in the next moment, his lips land on my temple. His tongue then licks my spilled tears. At the same time, his fluffy feathers caress the tip of my nose—as if comforting me.

…H-hum, I wonder, what’s this smell? It reminds me of little flowers… Sweet and sour, a gentle fragrant.

A moment later, I realize: the smell is caused by magic.

It helps diminish my pain, and also eases my breath. But… to lose my pain this way, I just don’t like it.

I don’t want to lose to the pain!

“I’m fine as I am.”

I embrace him, both my hands reaching across his broad back. It’s warm and sweaty.

I’m the one who wants to immediately bask in pleasure, and he puts up with me. I’m now aware of how much he has been taking care of me.

“Judius…! Please, let’s do it… together—!”


Judius groans as he let go of my hand, and hold my waist with it. As soon as he hoists it up, loud noise can be heard as he penetrates me, deeper than before.


My breath almost stops entirely as I cling to Judius’ shoulder. My arm encircles his neck tightly as if to twist it—sorry, so sorry! I did say ‘Let’s do our best’! But now I regret it, greatly!!

The penetration comes to a halt. Our bodies are in close contact.

—I, it’s in? All of it?

I ponder that heavily, for a moment, I worry I might have voiced that out loud.

Judius releases a long sigh from his chest. He then laughs and whispers into my ear,

“Saliroza Senette, you are mine.”

It still hurts, but I laugh anyway and put my hand on top of his. He quickly grips my hand back.

“And so are you, Judius.”

“Be it my body, or my heart—everything is yours.”


“Indeed, everything.”

In the end, not only Inki or just merely pleasure—I receive everything.

My hunger hasn’t been satiated, but my body, my heart—they feel full.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

I smile again.

“I belong to Judius, and Judius belong to me.”

“That’s correct.”

Judius lifts his lip and proceeds to cover mine.

Then, he starts rocking his body, slowly to savor every moment.


Steadily, pull your waist—ah! I’m in pure bliss.

In response, my insides contract. His thick tip stimulates it even more—by moving as if scraping my inner part, making it wetter.

I don’t know whether I’m feeling pain or pleasure! The sensation spreads across my entire body, making me scream in pure ecstasy as I twist and curl.

Judius’ hand slids from my bottom, traces my back, and grips my chest—sorry they’re small—the moment he rubs the pointed tip, my thoughts fly out with a gasp.


Probably thinking that rubbing isn’t enough, Judius sandwiches the tip between his fingers and them together—…oh, oh, oh! There, feels good, ah, don’t squeeze, ah, aaahn…!

While I am distracted by my racing heart, and the obscene noise, Judius starts pounding me again. Hurt—! But not only that, I also feel sore.



Feeling that he’s about to stop, I shake my head. My sight is still blurred with tears, but I force a smile as I meet Judius’ beautiful, blue eyes.

“I, it feels good…?”

Hell, why does it sounds like I’m asking question instead?

Fortunately, Judius understands what I mean. I can see the luster of his blue eyes—they are smiling.

“I see.”

“Yes—! Mm, ah…!”

Guchu, guchu—our bodies, now one, resume their motion. Slow at first and steadily begin to pick up the paces—faster, faster.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh, yeah! Judiu, …us! Aaahn—!”

Each time he rams into me, I twist and turn. My voice leaks out, each gasp louder than the previous. My body, glistening with sweat, shakes with joy.

As I feel his hardness plunges deep into me in rapid succession, my tears spill—not with pain, but pleasure.

Our breath are rough, mixed with hoarse voices. Pleasure—and also Inki—engulf me, the true meaning of soaking in joy.

But me in particular, not so much. I literally can’t inhale too much—

the Inki, it’s too much…!!!!!


…and now Im ashamed of myself.

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