The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

10. His Name is [The Aberrant Overlord, Kiryouou Shouma]

When I was in my junior high school, my family passed away and I was taken in by my grandfather.  The sudden change in environment made me mentally unstable, pushing me into my chūnibyō phase.

Since my real name is “Kiryu Shouma”, I changed the Kanji of my name into, “Dragon Oni Demon”  I then rearranged it to write, “Dragon Oni King Sky Demon”.

Every night, I would put on a black coat and ride my bicycle around town in search of the enemy conspiring against the world.  I didn’t wear an eyepatch, though.

Since I was mentally unstable in those days…..
I thought the death of my family was caused by an unknown evil force of the world.  Hence, I kept searching for an enemy that didn’t even exist.

“Dragon Oni King Sky Demon” can use the power of 4 different tribes. That was my setting.

The power of Oni.
The power of Dragons.
The ability to fly.
The power of Demons over chaos.

Finally, I placed the word, “King” into my name.  A king is the centre of everything, meaning I was going to become a very important person.  The “King’s Vessel” accepts everything, hence the character “King” is placed in between the other four characters.  It supports everything.

That’s why I, “Dragon Oni King Sky Demon”, can wield the power of those four tribes ….AAaaaaaaaahh.

[It hurts, ouchhhhhhhhhh]

I hold my throbbing head.
No, please forgive me. Even for this 30 year old me, that memory is still fresh.

I named my pencil, “Flaming Pencil” and drew a magic circle in attempts to summon the “Flame Spirit”.

In order to awaken my ability, I read suspicious QiGong books and practiced day and night. Sometimes, I would even meditate in order to open my chakra gates——-
In the back of an abandoned house, I drew an original magic circle.  It’s function was to draw chakra from the atmosphere.

After waking up and before sleeping, I would perform a ritual.   [Become engraved within my soul, my true name is, “Dragon Oni King Sky Demon”!]…….It was that kind of declaration.


F—O—R—G—E—T   IT!!!!

Why couldn’t that memory have stayed buried?
I even remember why I forgot it.  It was a promise to my adoptive grandfather.

Not long after entering high school, Tatsugorou ji-chan was hospitalized by an accident.

[In the name of my true name “Dragonic Awakening Wolf”, I seal your ability.  Your power no longer exists in this world. Your mission is over. Have a normal life and live what your parents couldn’t either.]

—–With those words, he sealed away my Chūnibyō.

Of course, “Dragonic Awakening Wolf” is the true name I derived from “Tatsugorou” ji-chan’s real name.

My grandpa was the only family I had left.  He was also the one who kindly treated my Chūnibyō with patience.

That’s why, I followed his words sealed away my ability.

I was also on the brink of giving up. During those years, I searched out ways to develop my ability, but nothing worked.  I couldn’t find the enemy of the world either.

Completely recovered from my Chunibyo illness, I enrolled into a high school very far from my hometown.  I graduated and entered the workforce in order to care for my grandfather.  When his funeral came, I applied for funeral leave.  It was rejected, hence I resigned and started looking for new employment.

The memories of my Chunibyo phase should have been completely forgotten.
No, actually, did I really forget everything?

I thought I had, but did I keep it deep within my heart?
Could that be why I ran from that unreasonable job?

But…..I still don’t understand anything….
Why can I now use the power of the King, Dragon, and Oni?
In my former world, no matter how much I trained, I never discovered a single ability.


[…..I can only ask the goddess then…..?]

I took out a pen from the “King’s Vessel”.  In the letter of the goddess, below, “will answer your questions once,” is a long column.
I should probably write my question here.
Let’s try.

I take a deep breath and write my question into the empty column.

[Here is my question, goddess-sama. Are my abilities related to the Chinubyo phase I underwent in my former world?]

Well, now to wait.

A few seconds later, words start to appear under my question.

[Yes, I’ll answer your question, Kiryouou Shouma-sama.]

Thank you.
But please don’t call me by that name….

[Answer: Chunibyo? What’s that? Your power has been with you since before your summoning.  However, since the mana in your former world was very weak, even though you awakened it, it would not activate.]

[Question: Awakened? I don’t have any memory of using my power in my former world.]

[Answer: That’s why I said mana in your world is very thin. No matter how awakened are you, if there’s insufficient mana, you won’t be able to use it. You probably didn’t even sense the existence of your ability. I was extremely impressed that you were able to awake your power in that mana deficient world.]

[Question: Then, it’s weird. My Chunibyo phase was over 10 years ago. That was very long ago….]

[Answer: Ha? It just happened recently.]

…….Looks like the time scale to the goddess is different.

[Answer: Moreover, your mental age now should match your early teen years. This means you can use the power from that time. But you’re really amazing. Doing something like awakening your power isn’t possible without dedicated repetition of the same ritual everyday.]

[Question: Be more specific.]

[Answer: In order to use your ability, you need to do daily imagination training.]

Yes I did that every single day.

[Answer: Believing you have the special ability and engraving the name into your soul.]

I did that.

[Question: Is it because I developed a magic circle for drawing in mana from the atmosphere?]

I did that too!!!!

[Answer: No way, there’s no such training that can absorb mana from the atmosphere, right? Your former world with its thin with mana placed enormous stress on your body.  Your situation was similar to training in a place with thin oxygen.  It was the equivalent to a magical version of “Highland training”.  Your sense for mana was strengthened, making your body’s ability to absorb mana more efficient.  The density of mana in this world is overwhelming, hence you began absorbing mana at a terrifying rate the second you were summoned.  This is something not even I as the goddess can’t interfere with.]

……I don’t care about it anymore.

[Question: Which means….. what I had done during my Chunibyo period……]

[Answer: You didn’t do anything wrong. You had already awakened your ability in your former world with the correct steps. The mana in your former world was merely insufficient.]

What a surprising fact.
……Or rather, even now, discussing this topic still troubles me.

[Answer: Is that so……. The name that I wrote in the letter is your true name, but that wasn’t your original name?  Still, I think your true name is very cool, Mr. Kiryouou Shouma, The Aberrant Overlord, Kiryouou Shouma-san.  Even I, a goddess, shiver at this name, Kiryouou Shouma!]

[S-T-O-P IT !!!!]

This is bad, I’ve almost used up all the space in question column.
The question I have left is–

[Question: Which means my abilities won’t disappear or become unusable, right?]

[Answer: The abilities you possess, not even the gods can’t take them away from you.]

…..Because it was engrave into my soul.

[Answer: I didn’t grant you any skills because you already had them to begin with. Extra power would only weaken you.  Also, there’s a reason you were summoned.  The ritual taught to us by the absolute God was one for summoning those with the potential to save this world. You got caught in the summons I oversaw… that means you are suitable to the task…]

The goddess said something nonsensical.

Still, this is better. Thanks to this information, my ability to survive has increased.
[Question: Last question, can the abilities I’ve obtained in this world be given to others?]

[Answer: That is out of my control. But if it’s you, you may be able to discover something like that, eventually.  If it’s Kiryouou Shouma-san, you’ll be able to survive in this chaotic world.  That’s why…..let us meet again.  Take care, Aberrant Overlord, Mr. Kiryouou Shouma.

The goddess, Rukia]

After that, no more word followed.
Since the letter wrote “only once…”, it’s over?

[……With this, I more or less understand most of what I wanted to ask.]

“King’s Vessel”, “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin”, and “Awakening of the Oni’s Kin”, are abilities I obtained due to the various rituals I preformed during my Chunibyo phase.

I also now understand why I had to confirm the existences of both the Dragon and Oni to use their abilities.

My former world didn’t have Oni or Dragon.  People couldn’t fly unaided through the sky either.  During my Chunibyo phase, even though my thoughts were all about, “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” and “Awakening of the Oni’s Kin”, I couldn’t get any results. That’s why, I gave up in the end.

“In this world, there are no Dragon or Oni.  That’s why it’s impossible to use their abilities.”-

Even after arriving in this world, the thought was still in my mind.  That sealed my abilities until I could confirm their existences.  The seal was then removed and my ability activated.

“King’s Vessel” was the first skill that I used…….  “Kings” exist in my world, hence its seal was very weak.

However, “Naming Bless” and “dragon pulse” were given to me by someone in the “Dragon Temple”.  He probably mistook me as the heir to the Dragon Emperor and gave me those abilities.

That’s also why I still don’t know how to use them.

But….the skills from the Dragon Emperor, should I really use them?
Shouldn’t I return them to the real heir of the Dragon Emperor, Lizette?

[……I still don’t know how to do that.]

Until then, it would be better to stay in this village and do something to protect Lizette.

Eventually, if she continues struggling against the door of the “Dragon Temple”, she will probably someday obtain the Dragon Emperor’s skills in the future too.


I can hear Lizette’s voice from outside the window.  She seems to be singing while pumping the water.  Somehow I feel calm…..and very sleepy.

Lizette did said she will wake me up once dinner is ready.
–I feel like something similar happened long ago.  Maybe it was during a summer break of my primary school years?

It’s been like that since then, this nostalgic feeling.

-Lizette…..I must at least show appreciation to the person who took care of me…..right?

I close my eyes and immediately fall asleep.

—-What I see is probably a dream I had during my junior high school years—-

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