Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

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Saliroza Senette, 19 years old, no longer a virgin.

yes, I am not a virgin anymore!

As you saw, it hurts. Certainly, it’s very painful.

But well, that’s not all—my memory is blurry, but I remember how good it felt; I was in pure ecstasy. In the end, I felt so satisfied—I finally did it! And then, well, how to say this…

You see, I’m still embarrassed from last night. From laying down, to me facing down, being lifted up, being on top, from behind—all sorts of position, we’ve completed them!!

I’m very happy! Even now, I’m bursting with joy! So happy!

Back when I was still a virgin, I firmly believed they would only ever happen in a dream.

After finishing, I was drenched with tears of joy—and other things—I’m also very tired. I’m so weak, I can’t move a muscle (as a former virgin, I have to emphasize this.)

Although I know where the luxury bath is, I guess I’ll shower in my usual place, after all…

I soak in lukewarm water as I wipe my body with a damp towel. After that, I sit pondering on the bed, hugging my knees. The place where Judius entered me is still tender, but I’m happy, nonetheless.

By the way, I get some water to drink, but all thing I can find in his room are portable rations—that dry bread stuff you usually bring to the battlefield—what’s this about? I get that it’s full of nutrition, but still—

—why does he have to stand here in the room? 

Also, more importantly;

why’s he naked?

Right now, I need some peace with my own thoughts. Can’t he hang out somewhere else?

…’Hang’. Hanging …huh?

C-c-c-calm down! I can already feel my face heating up! Cover your face, Saliroza! Ugh! I want to roll on the floor in embarrassment!

As of now, I’m lying on the bed—also naked. My back is pressed to Judius’ chest as he embraces me. His rough arm serves as a pillow, while the other circles my waist.

It-it’s so heavy! And my neck feels stiff because of his arm!

He only adds to the pain I’m feeling! My whole body feels stiff now! At least my neck pain subsides…

Oh no, I’m starting to get warm as well. As in, too warm for comfort, not to mention that our bodies are pressed like this—I feel stiff and I feel sore—bastard, are you a rock!?

Yes, yes, to some people this might be a luxury, I know—but can you please let go of me?!

I can’t sleep at all. I glance over my shoulder—he’s sleeping. Although I can’t see too well due to my position, but his deep breathing, and also his feathers which are fluttering gently—yep, totally asleep.

Okay, my body still hurts, nonetheless—but I am glad to be served with this close-up view of his sleeping face! A total privilege, only for me! Judius Ellara, etc. —and also his feathers—are mine! Well, I’m also his, but the point is, I have everything now! Plus Inki! Hence, everything is fine!

I’m satisfied! Aah, I’m so happy!


***T/N: It’s not the end yet, as this story has 2 interludes and like, 20 extras starring her sister; Merrilond. I’ll be translating them, but at a slower rate for now.

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