A Thousand Years of Separation~ Today, I Shall be the Villainess~ Translation

2. A Thousand Years of Memories (2)

I felt guilty for burdening father, but this was a whole different story—the relationship Father was trying to ensure was unacceptable for me.

Truly, it would be better if I just die now.

“Amelia, you are eighteen already. You have to find a suitor—whether you like it or not.” Father casted his eyes down. To be honest, I didn’t want to reject it. The marriage proposal. Especially when the other party was the Marquis’ son—there’s no way I’m unhappy with that.

But this was utterly wrong. I cursed my series of actions that lead to this…

Even though I avoided those social events like the plague…

The reason for that was perhaps, because I was aware of how unpleasant my existence was—

—it could be said that my being itself was an object of fear.

I felt that I was only capable of harm.

Also, he was an Earl. My presence would only add to the number of threats he was facing.

Thus, I made no friends, no lover, and lived modestly. I also ignored greetings and was cold to whoever approached me.

So he wouldn’t…—so no one would be close to me.

But I was sorely mistaken.

If I knew this would happen, I would’ve made a friend or a lover.

That way, I could either cheat with them, or plot something that could lead to an annulment.

Now, the only option I had left was to refuse the proposal directly.

After some thinking, I came up with a good idea;

“—that’s right.”

My refusal was unneeded. I didn’t need to refuse …If I could make the other party drop the offer first.

Only now did I realize that possibility. The realization put a smile on my face.

“Father, after some thought, I think that I should at least try meeting him. Please hold a simple banquet for me …no, a tea ceremony will suffice. I shall prepare immediately. I’m sure meeting him eye to eye will be an eye opener for both of us.”

“Amelia …what are you planning to do?”

Father’s complexion turned a little ashen.

Well, what do you think?

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to drag our family’s name through the mud, if that’s what you are concerned about. Now, I’ll excuse myself. I have a letter to write—to the Earl.

Lifting the hem of my dress, I bowed to Father.

Father had a very uneasy look on his face, but I only gave him a thin smile as I dismissed myself from the study.

As soon as I returned to my room, I heard a knock. When I gave my permission, Hannah came in. She always sported a cheerful look. She was a year older than me. Vibrant red hair tied up in a bun, her almond eyes shone with a lively gleam.

To me, she was like a real sister, one whose smile was like a fresh sunflower.

“Miss, I heard you accepted the Earl of Falmouth’s proposal! As expected of my amazing Miss!”

As she prepared my tea, Hannah looked very happy.

oh, no …her peacefulness has affected me already…

I sat on a chair, reflecting. These 18 years, I had lived quietly …now, the situation had become troublesome. I let out a sigh.

Hannah covered her mouth as she laughed, it seemed that she had misunderstood my initial reaction.

“Earl of Falmouth—William, as to say, is no less noble than King Arthur himself. Of course, in terms of popularity amongst the ladies, he isn’t that far off either. Born to a Marquis family before rising into earldom. He is a man of fine character whom never discriminates and is also a hard worker—so no wonder even our Miss’ famous poker face crumbles off!”


It would be a waste of effort to correct her. Hence, I let her words enter my ears from the right and exit the left, while slowly sipping the tea she prepared for me.

warm. It could be said that this was my only source of peace. Only at this moment my mind could rest.

“Earl Falmouth, huh…”

I placed the teacup on the side table while I tried to recall how he looked—tall, maroon hair, jade eyes …if he was an animal, then no doubt he’d be a dog.

At the same time, I remembered the him from a thousand years ago. My heart leaped—how can you only realize it now?!

His current appearance was the closest to him, from my first memory! He whom I first met!

Anxiety was brewing inside my heart.

“…I, it couldn’t be.”

I turned towards the dresser placed against the wall of my room—no way …even my face, too…

Reflected upon the mirror was an image of an 18 years old maiden; same golden hair as my father, azure eyes, and pure white skin—that, of my mother.

It was very identical with me from a thousand years ago.


I never wanted to remember it again.

The memories I had been sealing tight in the bottom of my heart…

Yet, I couldn’t deny it—I had the exact same appearance as her.

No way. In the circle of my reincarnations that spanned for a millennium, there had never been such a thing. Never had there been any advances from him either. This couldn’t be a mere coincident.

Could it be …something was happening, or going to happen?

But there was no way to confirm it.

Since I had already decided.

If I wanted him to stay alive, then I should never get close to him.


From the mirror, I could also see Hannah peering from behind me, looking very concerned.

Don’t show that kind of face…

I stifled my expression, and hid it under the calm façade I usually wore.

Yes, Amelia didn’t show emotions. Otherwise…


“Y, yes?”

“Are you ready to beat someone?”

“Eh, huh—!?”

How to ensure a total annulment? I already had a plan in mind. The corners of my mouth raised to form a grin.

With this, Earl Falmouth will definitely detest me.

On the other hand, it might harm my reputation, denounce me, or even lead as far as disownment …but that was fine. Undesirable outcomes might be in store for Hannah as well, but I was sure it’ll be alright in the end—she was just doing her job, after all.

…Fu, fufufufufu…”


From the bottom of my heart, I laughed.

If he whom I loved once—whom once loved me—hated me with that appearance and utterly despised me …

then finally, I might be able to move on.

This way, the curse might end.

This way, I’ll be able to hate him for good.

Thinking of such a thing, the mirror showed me my twisted, wicked expression; reflecting my heart which was as vile—like evil witch in fairy tale.

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