The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

11. The Oath of Becoming Brother and Sister from Three Different Races

[Good afternoon, we’d like to welcome Shoma-sama—]

Lizette is returning home from collecting water when Lizette runs into women from the village.  Horns are growing from the sides of everyone’s heads.
They’re the mothers of the children Shoma saved.

[Shoma-sama is sleeping at the moment.]

Lizette places a finger over her lips while telling everyone.
Shoma-sama seemed very tired.

Just earlier, Lizette knocked on the door, but he didn’t reply so Lizette peeked into the room and found him deep asleep. Lizette doesn’t want to disturb him. Shoma-sama just arrived to this world yesterday, fought with monsters, and then succeeded in opening the door of the “Dragon Temple”.  A feat like that can be called the achievement of an overlord.
Although, Lizette only wanted to know what foods he likes and dislikes.

[Everyone came at a good time. There is something Lizette wants to discuss with all of you. It’s about Shoma-sama.]
[Oh yeah, about Shoma-sama, right.]

The women from the village have gentle smiles on their faces.

[We understand, that’s why you don’t need to say anything.]
[He helped the children, right? How could we not welcome him?]
[That’s right, we came here for that purpose.]

……That’s strange.
Lizette still hasn’t say anything about that yet, but everyone seems to have already accepted Shoma-sama.

[Opps, I made too much food. If it’s fine with you, please help me finish it.]

One of the women presents a bowl of meat balls. It was made from wild boar meat. Shoma-sama, do you like this?

[Me too. Although they’re just handmade rice balls, they’re delicious.]
[Here, have these tea leaves. They were harvested just yesterday, so they’re still fresh.]
[Oh, okay. Thank you very much.]

Sha, sasasasa
Lizette invites everyone inside and they place their dishes down on the table.
How quick. Even a teapot is prepared.
[[[Well then, give our regards to Shoma-sama.]]]

Then they bow and leave.

[…..The king, even without saying anything, can still move others.]
[I’m sorry, Lizu-nee.]

After the neighbours left, Haruka makes a troubled expression.  A breeze blows through her red hair as she scratches her face.

[The children…..they told everyone of Shoma-dono’s power.]
[….How can that be….]

Lizette’s mind goes blank for a moment.
Lizette already made a promise with Shoma-sama……how can that be….

[….. Lizette needs to apologize to Shoma-sama immediately.]
[I’ll apologize too. How should I put it, since there’s a possibility that Shoma-dono is the heir of the Dragon Emperor.]

The return of the Dragon Emperor.
The true king who treats everyone equally and will protect Lizette and all the aijin. That’s why everyone came to welcome Shoma-sama.

[But that should have been Lizette’s responsibility in the first place.]
[You’re being too arrogant, Lizu-nee.]

Pon pon, Haruka pats Lizette’s back.

[Lizu-nee is part of the village, you’re like my big sister. I don’t care about dragon blood nor you being the descendants of the Dragon Emperor.]

Haruka always says this to Lizette.
Lizette had been wandering around with mother, but ever since the village accepted us, we have been staying here. This village won’t force Lizette to do things. It’s because everyone in this village is kind.

[But…..what about the people from outside this village?]
[The merchants were just taking this as a joke.]
[…. “Someone claiming to be the heir of the Dragon Emperor from the aijin village. He hasn’t done anything, but the Dragon Emperor’s blood inside his body”…..]

The continuation of that sentence……Lizette doesn’t need to say it.
It’s “The Dragon Emperor’s blood inside his body will be useful.”

Far away from here, there’s a guy in the centre city called “Hō ryūtei”. He came out from nowhere because he was upset with the Emperor and the sage around him.

[Well, if that’s being said, then I’m also a useless chief. This “future village chief” is from the direct line of the ancestor who developed this village, after all.
[Really, Haruka you…..]

Looking at the smiling Haruka, Lizette’s troubles feel stupid.
Haruka and Lizette have been together ever since Haruka’s birth. We grew up together like real sisters. To Lizette who doesn’t have any family left, Haruka is Lizette’s important little sister. Lizette’s real family died immediately after entering this village, therefore Lizette will do anything to protect her.

[I’ve come up something good!]

Haruka suddenly claps her hands in front of Lizette.

[Me, Lizu-nee, and Shoma-dono should become brother and sisters.]

Lizette doesn’t get what you’re trying to say. Sometimes, Haruka will say something Lizette can’t imagine.

[It’s the oath of making him our brother-in-law!]
[Yes. In this world, neither Lizu-nee, Shoma-dono, and I have blood connections to any family, right? In that case, the three of us can swear the oath for becoming brother-and-sisters-in-law. If I do so, I can serve Shoma-dono as his sister-in-law, right? And also, about the children exposing his secret, we can do this as our apology. In this village, we will be his sworn companions and keep supporting Shoma-dono, right?]

Haruka smiles all the while she explains.

[Moreover, if we become family, Shoma-dono will be together with us forever. Like this, Lizu-nee will also become the family of the person who succeeded the “Dragon’s Blood”, right?]
[….Haruka…’re really…..]

Lizette reaches out while lost in though and ruffles Haruka’s hair. In fact, Lizette was also considering ways to help Shoma-sama blend into the village by making him family. Still, Lizette hadn’t thought of that idea.

[As expected from the chief of the village. You’re amazing, Haruka.]

Haruka laughs while saying “Stop it”.
Haruka’s slightly wavy hair is soft and comfortable to touch. It feels exactly the same as when we were young. That’s right. Haruka and Lizette have such memories, but Shoma-sama doesn’t have any memories about this world.

If that’s the case, then Lizette and Haruka shall become his family and make new memories with him about this world.

[Sometimes, Haruka will come out with something completely unexpected.]
[I usually doesn’t think about anything.]

Haruka’s large breasts shake as she says, “hehe”.
Usually, Lizette will respond with, “Let’s give it a bit more thought before taking action, okay?” Not this time, though.

[Since everyone bought us the food, let’s have a banquet here.]
[Yeah, as a celebration for becoming brother-and-sisters-in-law. The Touka flowers bloom next month, so having a banquet now is just perfect.]

Haruka points at the garden. The Touka tree was being planted by Lizette’s mother. the Emperor’s palace is said to also have the same kind of tree there. Still, Lizette can’t wait for next month to come. Lizette has always wanted a kind family.

[……If Shoma-sama doesn’t agree of our plan, then there’s nothing about it.]
[You’re being too negative, Lizu-nee!]
[You’re just being too positive, Haruka.]
[Think about the happy things, such as, what name should we receive from Shoma-dono.]
[You’re right. The “Dragon Emperor-sama” has that power.]
[Let’s wait until Shoma-dono wakes up and discuss this with him.]

Lizette and Haruka hold hands and walk back home.[1] And just like that, until Shoma-sama wakes up, we waited for him excitedly.

—Shoma viewpoint—

After I woke up, I walk out of the room. In the adjoined room are various dishes lined up on the table. Lizette and Haruka stand beside the table.

[Everyone from the village shared a different dish with us.]
[Since you’re here, Shoma-dono, we decided to have a welcome party for you.]

While saying that, both of them wave their hands to me. I then sit down in front of Lizette and Haruka as they continue to speak.

[But, do you want to sleep a little bit longer, Shoma-sama?]
[No, if I continue to sleep then I won’t be able to sleep at night. Besides that, you guys specifically prepared this for me.]

Lizette laughs as she pours me some tea.
She and Haruka then match eyes and nod.

[[First of all, please let us apologize.]]

Both of them bow their heads so deep, their heads almost touch the table.  It’s then they begin to explain. Seems like the children told their families about my “Dragon’s Power”. Seems like I was warmly welcomed by the villagers. Their mothers even gave us food.

[Lizette even told them to seriously keep the secret. Lizette’s really sorry about this.]
[Never mind about that…..]

In the first place, this wasn’t any absolute secret anyway. I was trying to keep this secret because I didn’t want the villagers to panic when they realised a person with the “Dragon’s Power” appeared in their village.

[Relax, you don’t have to show such desperate face. Yep! Thanks to that, I was warmly welcomed by the villagers. So, I don’t really mind.]
[……I’m so glad.]

Lizette relaxes and collapses in a chair.
Do you have to be so serious, Lizette?
Haruka teases by saying, “See?”
Her easy going attitude isn’t too bad. Then again, she is attending me.

[Let’s show our gratitude to the villagers for the food.]
[I think we should do that after the banquet.]
[Yes, Lizette and Haruka would like to take this opportunity and hold a banquet to welcome Shoma-sama to this village.]

Lizette and Haruka bow to me after saying that.

[Welcome to Hazama village, Shoma-sama.]
[Once more, nice to meet you, Shoma-dono.]

What? Why are they looking at me with that shine in their eyes?

[Let us introduce ourselves first.]
[…You’re right.]

Certainly, that may be necessary. We were very busy earlier and didn’t have time to get to know each other.

[Well then, let’s start with Lizette.]
[Understood, Shoma-sama.]

Lizette keeps looking at me and says,

[Lizette’s name is Lizette Ryuje. Lizette is 15 years old. As the offspring to a distant relative of the “Dragon Emperor-sama”, Lizette was sent here to help defend this village. Lizette is very confident with Lizette’s swordsmanship.]

[My name is Haruka Carmilia. I’m also 15 years old. I’m the trainee chief of Hazama village. My duties involve looking after the children and helping Lizu-nee with defending the village. Lizu-nee is my childhood friend and we grew up together like real sisters. Nice to meet you, Shoma-dono.]

So the next is me?

[My name is Shoma Kiryuu. If it’s in this world language, it’s Shoma Kiryouou. You can call me Shoma. I came from the other world. In that world, my job was computer….No, I think it should be called book keeping. I’m 28 years old. Until I find a place to live, I’ll be in your care. ]


Lizette and Haruka tilt their heads with expressions of incredibility.

[Won’t Shoma-sama remain here?]
[Lizette is fine with it.]

Lizette says despite her embarrassment.

[No, isn’t that bad? If possible, could you give me an empty house?]
[This is a small village. We don’t have any empty houses. The only place that you can live without any hesitation is here.]

Lizette finishes speaking and sips her tea.

[More than that, I don’t consider Shoma-sama as an outsider. Lizette keeps feeling as though we’re kin who’ve inherited the same blood. This is the first time Lizette has this kind of feeling. That’s why if it’s Shoma-sama, Lizette is fine with it.]
[That’s probably…..]

That’s probably because I used “Awakening of the Dragon’s Kin” in front of Lizette. Activating that skill allows me to temporarily use the power of dragons. Lizette reaction towards me is because she thinks I’m her relative.

[How about now?]
[Lizette still feels the same.]

—I haven’t activate the skill, though.

[When Lizette is together with Shoma-sama, Lizette feels very comfortable. That’s why, if you decided to stay with Lizette………. Lizette would be very happy.]

Lizette, unable to endure it anymore, looks down with a bright red face.

[I think it would be better for you to give up that idea, Shoma-dono.]

Haruka smiles while holding a cup of tea.

[As far as I know, this is the first time Lizu-nee has come to trust someone so deeply. Moreover, Lizu-nee is someone who takes “Moral” very seriously.]
[To put it easier to understand, Lizu-nee is someone who won’t forget those who’ve helped her. If Shoma-dono is troubled with anything, Lizu-nee will help you without hesitation.]
[….I see…]

To be honest, I’m very grateful towards Lizette’s invitation. I still don’t know anything about this world. Although I can use the power of “Oni Dragon King Sky Demon” to fight, this is still surprisingly refreshing.

Where can I get food and clean water? Where can I wash my clothes? What can I eat? Where can I get new clothes? What places are safe or dangerous—– I utterly oblivious to all of that However, if I live with Lizette, I can ask her. I don’t want to trouble her, but I can still ask her.

[In this world, is a 30 year old stranger living with a beautiful girl acceptable….?]
[…Beautiful girl!? Lizette is ……..beautiful….?]
[I’d hate for anyone to talk bad about Lizette. I’d feel terrible if your relation with the villagers sours and you end up banished from the village.]
[….Shoma-sama…..looking at me like that…..even though….Lizette can’t do anything with her dragon blood…]
[Hello, Lizu-nee, stop spacing out.]

Haruka taps Lizette’s shoulder and she lifts her head up. Lizette then shakes her head as though to drive away her current thoughts.

[That’s why Lizette and Haruka have a suggestion.]

Lizette lifts up a finger and says,

[Lizette, Haruka and Shoma-sama should “Sworn-Brother-and-Sisters”. How about it?]
[Hey, that’s not fair. This was my idea!]

Haruka nods at Lizette’s suggestion.

[In this world, the “Oath of Sworn Brother and Sister” creates a family of divided blood. If Shoma-sama becomes Lizette and Harukas’ sworn brother, there won’t be any problem living together. The villagers will also cherish Shoma-sama.]

[…..Sworn Brother?]

I’ve read about this in my home world. But can such a system work in this world? Although, if I take this oath, the people here would treat me like their real family….

[To be honest……this helps a lot.]

If I’m their brother, then there will be no problem living together.  And if I become a brother to Lizette and Haruka, the villager will accept me more easily. I would also be able to use my skills to defend this village without any hesitation. It’s a really good give and take situation.

[But is that really okay? As your brother, our age gap seems to be a bit big…..]
[Lizette is happy when she is together with her family.]
[I’m also very happy with the increase of a family member.]

Everyone is in agreement.

[Is it because Shoma-sama doesn’t like the idea of Lizette becoming your sworn sister?]
[There’s no such thing.]

To me, Lizette is the first person I met in this world. She taught me a lot of things and I also know that she’s troubled by her “Dragon’s Blood”. That’s why I want to help and trust her.

I still don’t know much about Haruka, but I do know she’s a straightforward person. She’s also well liked. No one is more suitable than these two to guide me around this world. Or I should say…..these two are the most suitable for me.

[Thanks, Lizette, Haruka.]

With those words, I bowed my head deep enough to touch the table.

[Let me know the words I need to speak.]
[[Yes, we will!]]

Pan, Lizette and Haruka then clap their hands together.

[So in practice, what should we do?]
[The ritual starts with drinking the tea from the same cup. Then, we cut our fingers, mix the blood in the cup, and recite the oath.]
[Okay, understood Lizette-nee-san.]
[We still haven’t started the ritual yet.]

She glares at angry me.

[And why is Lizette “nee-san”? No matter what I think, Shoma-sama is the elder one here.]
[Because if you call me “nii”, that would imply I’m knowledgeable about this world.]

And if Lizette manages to change the world and becomes a great person, my rank being higher than hers would be troublesome. Therefore, in order to let everyone know I’m her follower, I should remain as her younger-brother-in-law.

[In this world, being brother-and-sister-in-law is the same as being real siblings. Therefore, being the elder sibling is the better option, right?]
[Yes, but…..]

Muu,” Lizette puffs her cheeks.

[I can’t accept this, Lizette always, al-ways, wanted a cool onii-san.]
[I doubt a cool onii-san exists.]
[It’s fine, isn’t it, Lizu-nee?]

I don’t know why, but Haruka looks over us with a warm smile.

[I think calling you onee-san is also good.]
[That’s right!]

Totally not the case.

[Besides, if you become Shoma-dono’s elder sister, he’ll need to treat with the respect of a senior, right? That means Shoma-dono won’t be able to disobey your commands. You could ask for him to spoil you afterwards.]
[I’m sorry, let me be the elder brother.]

I give a quick reply.
Thinking about it, I can’t come up with a reason for Lizette to be the older sibling.

[I take back my words. I’m sorry, but let’s go according to our ages. Is that fine?]
[Yes, I understand.]
[I don’t have any problems.]

Lizette and Haruka nod their heads.
As I thought, these two are really straight forward.

[Then, let us begin the ritual.]

Lizette takes a deep breath and starts to make the tea. It’s different from the previous one. This time she pours it into a larger wooden vessel with sakura coloured leaves floating in it. They seem to be medicinal herbs meant for purification and are used during the ceremony of this oath.

Once the tea is finished, she takes a sip and then passes it to me. I just need to drink this, right?

I then also take a sip of the tea. It’s really good and has a refreshing taste. All the tea I drank in my home world came from plastic bottles. It’s been a long time since I last drank fresh tea.

Haruka is next and she does the same thing. Afterwards, Lizette holds her finger over the teacup and makes a thin cut with a small knife.

Pata Pata, blood drips from the wound and into the cup. Her blood is red. The same color as mine. Even though our worlds are different, their blood is also red. They drink and eat the same way as me. Even if they’re aijin, there’s not that different.

[Shoma-sama, please.]

Lizette washes the knife with water from another bowl and passes it to me.
I’m not really used to cutlery……Uto.


I cut my finger as light as possible with the knife…… blood then drips from my fingertip and into the teacup.


Haruka is last to press the knife against her fingertip……


[A-are you all right??]
[Yeah, it will be fine with just a lick.]

Haruka doesn’t seem bothered as she sticks her finger into her mouth.  She takes it out after a while, but blood continues to seep out of it. Oni may have a rapid healing ability, but that was way too reckless. I’m starting to worry for my sister-in-law.

[Finally, Lizette will start saying the oath. Please repeat after Lizette.]

Lizette stands on my right while Haruka stands on my left. We line up our chairs side by side and hold hands. Afterwards, we begin to recite the same phrase……

[Even though we were born in different worlds.]
[We now hereby make the contract of brother and sister.]
[We shall become brother and sisters in soul and help each other.]
[Survive in this chaotic world, saving each other if necessary.]
[Getting along.]
[We will live out our lives and die, probably around the same time.]
[Thinking that, “Living our lives together is a blessing”.]

It feels as though Lizette, Haruka, and I can see each others faces.

[[[We hereby we swear to each other to become sworn-brother-and-sisters.]]]


Haruka, Lizette, and I then put our hands together.  The overlapping hands feel quite soft and momentarily give the sensation that they are glowing.

[…..Th..This means Lizette, Shoma-sama and Haruka are now family.]
[It’s brother-and-sisters-in-law.]
[We are a family now.]

After saying that, Lizette and Haruka for some reason look at their hands.

[….It came….suddenly..]
[Shoma-aniue-sama’s mana is really amazing.]
[Ei? It’s my fault??]

Responding to my question, both of them nod their heads.
Even though I just saw some light……

[About…..that. Shoma-nii-sama.]

Lizette blushes a bit as she looks at me.

[It’s……fine right? Since we are already brother and sister, calling you “Nii-sama” is fine, right? It’s not rude, right? The successor of the Dragon Emperor-sama as my nii-sama…..Opps, I said it again……]
[Sure, Nii-sama is fine.]

Lizette silver hair shakes as she takes a deep breath.

[According to the records, the legendary Dragon Emperor-sama gave his new family and subordinates new names. It was done my using his mana as a medium to complete the ritual.]

Speaking of which, one of the skills I acquired in “The Dragon Temple” was “Naming Bless”. If this was that “Naming” skill, then the Dragon Emperor probably used it.

[Perhaps after Shoma-nii-sama becomes our brother, you can also do the same thing?]
[Sometimes I can feel a shock course throughout my body. Is this because I’m connected to Nii-sama that I can feel this kind of stimulation?]
[You’re right, Haruka. Lizette was also thinking the same thing.]
[I see. As expected from Nii-sama.]

No, I didn’t say anything about that.

In the first place, I don’t even know how to use “Naming Bless”. I think this skill should be returned to Lizette. Therefore, I won’t use it if it’s not necessary.

[Oh my, the food is getting cold.]

[Let’s save the difficult talk for later. This is our first meal as family, Itadakimasu.]

Haruka and I look at each other as we close our hands. Somehow, I’m feeling very shy. It’s been a few years I’ve had a meal together with my family.

Lizette, Haruka, and I share our backgrounds as eating. Not long after that, Lizette guides the topic towards the problems of this chaotic world. Haruka dislikes the troublesome topic and heads out to thank the villagers for the food.
As for me, I’m moved by my first proper meal in this world—-Although it isn’t a meal for two, I decide to work hard for the cost of meal. Regardless, I’m still very tired… halfway through the meal, I excuse myself and go to sleep.

[Good night, Shoma-nii-sama.]
[Have a good rest, nii-sama.]

I wave to Lizette and Haruka as I walk out of the room. Them treating me like their family….. really embarrasses me and tickles my heart……

As a 30 year old former company worker, this is really my limit.
……I guess I’ll get used to it in the future…..

[1] The author seems to have gotten a bit confused as to where they are.

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