Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

1. Class Teleportation

“Ahhhh… I’m sleepy…”

That day, I was yawning as I walked down the now familiar road to school.

How should I put this? My days were going by without any variation.

My days would waste away in simplicity and then I would become an adult… I didn’t hate it. After all, that point in life was full of materialistic junior high school students who wanted nothing more than to be entertained, lead elaborate lives, and search for stimulation.

Of course, I believe most people will experience a time when they recall that distinct mental state and decide to forever lock away those dark memories deep inside their hearts.

My name is Yukinari Hanebashi. I’m a second year at a certain high school.

I am of average weight and height. I even consider my face to be very average.

Sometimes people claim that I come off absentminded, but was that really true?

I wasn’t part of any clubs.

I didn’t feel like there was much point in them and simply didn’t want to join any.

Being part of a club could have been a new page in the story of my youth, but unfortunately, I was just too average when it came athletics or studying. I really didn’t have any unique traits.

However… While I didn’t fully grasp the meaning, a friend once told me that I was quite reliable when he was in need.

I sat down at my chair in the classroom and yawned once again.

“Hey! Morning! You’re always so tired in the morning, Yukinari.”

The guy who spoke to me was my old friend from elementary school…yeah. He was a guy who whenever he called me his friend actually made me a little happy.

His name was Shigenobu Sakaeda.

He was great at sports and had the best grades on top of a pleasant personality and many friends. It was actually hard to find anyone in class who hated him. He was perfect. Tall too. I don’t know, it was like he had been blessed in every category, including his face. At least, by my own standards.

I had joked about it several times before, and he was always gave a modest reply and got a little embarrassed. For as long as I’ve known him, I don’t remember him ever retorting to me in a malicious way.

“I’m so sleepy.”

“Were you playing games again? I understand how you feel, but it’ll affect your test results if you’re not careful, you know?”

“I know that.”

You know…how there can seem to be a mysterious bond between people that causes them to be in the same class repeatedly? He was an old friend who seemed shared such a bond with me.

That was Shigenobu.

I felt that I was blessed.

Shigenobu was often a leader when the class was split into groups, and he would of course, always choose me so I was never isolated. It was thanks to him that I never felt troubled by the different factions that would form after moving up a grade or changing schools. On the other hand, when Shigenobu was not around…my luck with meeting friends through online games was not exactly great…I think.

“Are there any classes that you’re struggling with?”

“Hmmm…not really. I’m just so tired. I think I’ll sleep until the teacher comes.”

“You’re going to take a 10-minute nap here… That’s so like you.”

Like that, we were positive the day would go by just like any other.

I think it happened during second period?

“So because of that, the official…”

As I copied the teacher’s words onto my notebook, what appeared to be a geometric pattern floating over the chalkboard caught my eye.

What was that?


The teacher noticed the floating pattern as well and tried to erase it.

“Wh-what is happening?!”

“Is this a prank?”

“What is that?!”

However, the geometric pattern…it looked like a magic circle, did not disappear… It became even clearer before then flashing with light.


“My-my eyes!”

“Ev-everyone, calm down! I don’t know what’s happening, but we should evacuate just in case…”

Before Shigenobu could finish…my consciousness went blank, it as if a switch flicked off…


The strong smell of flora stimulated my nostrils… Apparently, I had fainted.

I knit my eyebrows together as my eyes opened. Then I sat up.

I wasn’t sure about my situation, but it seemed like I had been casually laid out in some field.

Was this…a campsite?

There were no tents, but it was a wide open space surrounded by trees…They seemed thick enough to be a forest.


I looked in the direction that voice had come from.

That was the moment that all my other classmates got up as well.

“What happened?”

Someone murmured. Similar questions followed.

“Hmm…where are we?”

“Yeah! Where is this place!”

“Everyone, calm down…”

Our teacher said while standing up and looking around.

“How are we supposed to stay calm!”

“We’ve suddenly been sent to some mountain!”

It was true.

How the hell were we brought here?

Still, there was a more important issue at the moment.

“We’ll take roll call just in case! First is…”

And so our teacher started to call our names one by one. We needed to organize ourselves. Our clothes were still the same school uniforms. The bags…mine had my lunch in it. I also still had my wallet, student ID, and a year-old smartphone that my parents had bought for me…

Were we still technically in class?

While imprudent, I looked down at the screen.

…It was out of range. There was no signal.

“He-hey…where is this place?”

Someone else who was looking at their smartphone said.

“Not even the navigator works.”

These days smartphones had GPS features that allowed people to see their present location.

But…as it was not working, we must have been taken someplace very far and deep in the mountains…I suppose?

“Have we all been abducted?!”

One girl cried.

Well, that seemed like the most likely explanation.

However, there was no culprit in sight.

“Everyone, please calm down!”

Our teacher said with a clap once the counting was finished.

“Even I don’t know what happened, but nothing good will come from panicking. We must stay calm and deal with the situation.”

Well, that was true.

After this, my classmates started to regain their composure.

“Hmm? What’s that?”

I turned to see what everyone was looking at. In the center of the field…stood a black slab of stone similar to a monolith.

“Is it some kind of art piece?”

“Ahh…like those outside art museums? Maybe this is a prank show. Like you see on tv.”


They chattered as they stared at the slab.

That was when I noticed letters were carved into it.


This slab…it had the names of my classmates written in order from the top.

I couldn’t really see the ones at the top as it was too high, but I could see the others. Of course, my friends’ names were there too. My own was carved somewhere near the middle.

Yukinari Hanebashi. Ability: Teleportation.

…Teleportation? What?

Everyone was looking at the slab with their heads tilted. That was when I realized what it said at the top.

List of Abilities.

“List of Abilities?”

I turned to Shigenobu.

What abilities?

Just as I thought this, there was a ringing sound in my head and my vision…was filled with a mysterious window.


“What is it?”

“There was a sound and suddenly… You can’t see it, Shigenobu?”

“Huh? Ah, I heard it just now. Woah! What?”

It seemed like it was something that appeared when you thought about it. Others could not see it though… Looks like it appeared privately for each person.

As the rest of the class erupted into waves of shock, I decided to look at the window.

Yukinari Hanebashi. Lv1.

Lv? What is this? It’s like something from a game.

I mean…this window…it has all those status icons that are straight from games.

On further inspection, I discovered detailed stats as well.

Well…I was Lv1, so everything was in the single digits.

“It’s really well made…but how? I don’t get how it works… I don’t see any smoke.1

“Hmm…I don’t think that’s what this is?”

This didn’t seem like it was a scientific phenomenon.

Shigenobu immediately started to think again after hearing this.


“What is this!”

The class representative said in alarm.

I understood how he felt, but that was a bit loud.

“Who knows…?”

I couldn’t explain any of it even if someone asked. I didn’t think anyone here had an explanation for it.

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  1. Smoke for a hologram projection, probably.