The Witch Who Once Was Called A Saint Translation

Chapter 2: A Meeting Brought About by a Natural Disaster (2)

Chapter 2: A meeting brought by a natural disaster (2)

Astraea’s house was similar to a log cabin. Inside were nothing more than a bed and table. Purification magic served to remove the dirt from her body. As for food, to begin with, she wouldn’t die from not eating. Hence, she never thought her situation inconvenient, or didn’t up until then— This was the first time she found her lifestyle troublesome.

Astraea’s first issue was with the horse. It carried the unconscious young man to her home, but due to the rain, she had no idea where she could leave it afterwards. Her house did not have any eaves for it to take shelter under. Naturally, she didn’t have a stable either.

She had never thought she’d bring an animal into her house, but since she had nowhere else to keep it, she had no choice but to invite it inside. The idea made her somewhat uneasy, but the horse did obediently carry the young man all the way there. She trusted it wouldn’t rampage once inside.

“So… You won’t go crazy in here, right?”

The horse replied with a huff that cut away Astraea’s worry. Okay, let’s believe in it.

What followed after was something even more troublesome.

“I only have one bed…”

If she were to lay the young man on the bed, she would have to sleep on the floor. That was still fine by her, but the act of placing the young man on top of her bed was very embarrassing. Inviting a young man into the bedroom is unthinkable— knowledge from four hundred years ago echoed within her head.

Then again, inviting a horse into my house is already weird enough, much less a man. There’s really nothing I can do about this… !

Astraea persuaded herself with those words and as she laid the young man on her bed— His clothes are extremely wet. Her sudden discovery let her realize that not only might he stain her bed, but he could also catch a cold.

“…But I have no men’s clothes here… Wait a minute, I can’t do something so improper as taking off his clothes…!”

Astraea’s face turned red as she talked to herself and flailed her head left and right. No, I have nothing to be ashamed about. There’s no need to be embarrassed. I have to treat him—

That’s right, I’m treating him!

Removing his coat is necessary for examining his injuries. I’m doing nothing wrong–

Astraea laid the young man down on her bed with those thoughts in mind. Her fingers shook as she undid the buttons to his coat one by one… I knew it, this is embarrassing.

Once all the buttons were unfastened, Astraea forcefully, and skillfully, opened his shirt where she directly touched his skin with her hand.

I was worried he’d be bleeding from more areas, but he doesn’t seem to have any more wounds. Not from the looks of it. Or maybe they’ve already healed?

She felt relief that the young man’s face was free from pain as she hung to dry the clothes, she had stripped from him. Although she could have dried them with magic, she was completely exhausted and didn’t want to use any. To begin with, using hot wind to dry clothes was utterly reckless. Therefore, unless something unexpected happened, she’d dry them the normal method.

It was a habit of hers from before she became immortal and one that helped her from having to visit town more often than she would have liked. Clothes required a certain temperature for drying with magic. If wrong, they could accidentally get damaged.  That extensive care towards clothes allowed them last longer.

“Uhm… I should probably cover him up with a duvet so that he doesn’t catch a cold… right?”

Let’s see, how long does it take for humans to catch a cold… Her memory was foggy, but then she thought that if he by chance did catch a cold, she could just heal him. As such, she decided not to think too much more about it. What I should be worrying about is that I have nothing that will fit him. Should he look cold with just the duvet, she’d have to take out blankets.

But before that, she worried about the blood that still ran down his body. On his forehead was a wound she failed to heal. Furthermore, since her magic had limits, she didn’t want to use recovery magic. The intensity from using it would exhaust her magical power to a point that it couldn’t be considered normal.


She had already used that recovery magic once, what remained was that wound.

How dare you not have immediately died.

Not even Astraea could revive the dead.

“…But it can heal on its own if it’s this much. Even if I don’t cure him myself, it’s plenty enough.”

Although if he were to turn in his sleep and chafed the bleeding… That’d be bad. She didn’t have any bandages, but she might be able to wrap it with some torn cloth.

But speaking of cloth, she had nothing else save for her sheets. Astraea thought that even if she tore it from his clothes, using it would be difficult. As such, she ripped a piece off from the edge of a sheet.

“…I have to go buy another one, huh?”

She knew that, I tore it myself, but she was angered that she now needed to do something as troublesome as shopping. As she thought that, Astraea severely, and tightly, tied the bandage around the young man’s head. It was far from being nicely done.


By chance, if the way I wrapped the bandage worsens his injury— Despite her thoughts, but she didn’t undo the bandage. She already went through great pains wrapping it around him. If she had one thing to complaint about, it would be that he would wake up on his own.

She doubted his injury was severe enough to kill him, but not doing that much would have been too mean.

“Besides, you should be happy at merely having your injury taken care of.”

Haven spoken those words, the young man’s calm, sleeping face, started to appear somewhat irritating. Worse, those parting words were drowned out by the horse’s cry. She doubts the young man even heard them.

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