Only Sense Online WN 114

“And with this, we’re done.”

We’re preparing cookies for tomorrow, the second day of the school festival.  The cookies were intended to be souvenirs, but since the cake sold well and they functioned as a good companion for tea, we started selling them as snacks to eat at rest areas sooner than planned.

My first task was setting up a lookout within the classroom.  Only the bare minimal number of students needed for that task were used.  The rest helped with making the cookies.  We finish wrapping the last batch of cookies sometime after the general public returns home.

Endo-san says, “Thanks for your help.  Sorry for making you help out.”

I say, “Don’t worry about it.  Whatever I didn’t get to see today, I can just do tomorrow.  If anything, it’s much worse for you, Endo-san.”

This is just putting the right person in the right place.  Truthfully, that’s beyond what I can handle.  I’m the type who just does as he’s told.1

“That’s right, there were a few places I didn’t get to visit, but… fufufu.  If those guys were this terrifying on the first day…”2

I say something a bit scary, but end up not being heard.

She says, “Although, I didn’t think I’d be helping until the end.  Once it’s time, I always return home saying I need to prepare dinner.”

“Since my parents are on vacation, I sent them an email asking them to prepare dinner in my place.”

“Ah, I also got to see your parents.  They were lovely.”

“…Well, tou-san usually looks like that.  Kaa-san, however, makes herself look younger.  Don’t be tricked.”

An emerging headache makes me hold my temple.

I say, “What can I say, she’s quite difficult.”

“You know, that’s a really harsh thing to say about your actual parents.”

“In all honesty, kaa-san and Miu are really similar.  For them, there’s nothing more important than having fun.”

I narrow my eyes and make a wry smile as I relive something that happened long ago.

We both then begin cleaning up so that we can return home.

Endo-san says, “Are there bad memories?”

“Too many.  I was able to forget about them, but then Takumi and Miu…”

“You’ve got it rough.  I’ll at least say that much.”

“Yeah, anyway, see you tomorrow.”

“Right, till then, bye.”

I part with Endo-san and continue home.  Since it’s already dark, I hurry.  Upon returning, I discover that everyone has already finished eating.  They’re currently in their rooms preparing for the next day. 

I eat, clean up after myself, and also head to my room.  I put on my V.R. gear and log on. 

Lately, everyone is hurrying to gathering spots so that they can practice P.V.P.  Even this place has already become a battle field.

“Hyaa——[Fist of the Thunder God]!”

“——[Sonic Impact]!”

A fist and sword clash.  It isn’t a high speed battle where the two sides aim for the other’s openings, but a direct confrontation of strength and ability. 

The arts collide and repel the two users.  The confrontation only shaved off a bit of their HP.  Then, the second the rigidness from using their arts wear off, they dash into position.  They leave a distance between themselves, prepare for the next attack, and then leap towards each other. 

“——[Asuka • Triple Prong]!”

The three consecutive kicks form crescent shaped, afterimage, shock waves as they flood towards Taku.  He avoids the first two with quick footwork and lets his armor handle the third blow. 

Taku staggers a bit, but with his sword held high, takes a step and swings it down after muttering, “[Sonic Edge].”  The shockwave he unleashes is much bigger than the previous three. 

“Hol— I can’t move!  Ack!”

Even though they both used long ranged arts, the differences in their timing and technique greatly influenced the outcome.  Information was critical for this victory, a victory that was decided in a single blow.

“Heartless!  Taku, you’re heartless!  What is it with you and that art!”

“I didn’t think it’d reach you, Gantz.  It obviously should have fallen short, meaning we’d have had to start over.”

While wondering where Gantz was blown away to, I look for the others who aren’t part of Taku’s party.  Claude is having some drinks while Magi-san is admiring weapons and armor at the armory.  I also find Myu and Sei-anee having a pleasant conversation with one another.

I say, “Yo, thanks, Taku.”

“Yun, you finally home?  How was it?”

“We finished preparing, but well, tomorrow is the last day and all I want to do is look around3.”

To begin with, P.V.P. doesn’t have that strong of a sway over me.  I enjoy watching others battle more than taking part myself.

That’s when I notice Myu and Sei-anee drawing closer to me. 

Myu says, “Thanks for stopping by, Onee-chan!  I’ll make sure to stop by your café during my free time.”

Sei-anee says, “So today was the school festival.  Yun-chan, Myu-chan, I wanted to see the two of you working.”

I say, “Really?  What we did was nothing more than work student food stands, you know.  Anyway, tomorrow we’re bringing out different cakes, so it would be great if people would visit again.  More than that, Sei-anee, your university has school festivals too, right?  I bet it’s much grander than one by a combined middle and high school.  I definitely want to see it.”

Sei-anee, Myu, and I meet each other in game quite a lot, but they’re usually one on one conversations.  It’s rare for all three of us gather together like this.

Sei-anee says, “I saw your picture.  That was a wonderful apron.”

I say, “That, my classmates made it entirely of their own accord.  I had no say in that matter.”

Myu says, “But Onee-chan, it fit you perfectly.”

Our sibling talk moves from the school festival to the V.R. game, P.D. (Psychic Dragon Arms).  We speculate about the games future and the expectations we have for it.  Surprisingly, I keep pace with the conversation with my rambling for quite a while.  That said, Myu and Sei-anee are have a second, silent, conversation with their eyes.

Apparently, other people are looking for the timing to join our conversation.  I’m completely oblivious, but Sei-anee picks up on it.  A large number of parties are around, so that makes for a massive number of people who want to join us.

I say, “Then, tou-san and kaa-san… (Hey, hey, what’s with that crowd?  They’re all staring at my back.)”  

Myu says, “That happened?  They came to our place too… (Just ignore them.  Should we go someplace else instead?  More importantly, why do you think that is?)”

Sei-anee says, “Fufufu, otou-san and okaa-san are the same as ever.  Oh, I almost forgot, I might be able to return home for the New Year’s break.  (Yeah.  I wonder what guilds those people over there are from?  Do you have any ideas, Yun-chan?)”

We use the friend messenger voice assist to have a second conversation on the side.  Although, I don’t think it will remain all that effective for long.

I say, “You will, Sei-anee?  Then, should I motivate myself into making something tasty?  (Guilds?  Where?)”

Myu says, “Then, then, cake please! (I know them.  They’re the guilds [Force Hound] and [Flame Prison].)”

Sei-anee says, “In that case, I’ll look forward to your cake, Yun-chan.  (Oh, recently, they’ve been making grey solicitations all over…)”

A certain event comes to mind.  I’ve been getting a lot of guild invitations, but since their methods felt too much like harassment, I banned them from [Atelier] on the spot.  Other troubled crafters did the same.  As a result of that ostracism, guild solicitations died down.

A lot of people ran away to lessen the damage they’d take, but one guy stayed behind.  He’s a guy with atrocious morals and also gives the feeling of being quite egotistical…  He’s a famous player in a bad way.

I say, “Sei-anee, you’ll be training for P.V.P. today. (Let’s make up proper excuses so we can leave.)”

Sei-anee says, “Yes, I made plans for it.  Afterwards, I’m going to explore a dungeon. (I can probably hide out in a dungeon, but… Myu-chan?)”

Myu says, “As for me, I’m just gonna start getting ready for bed.  Tomorrow’s the second day of the festival.  I’m looking forward to it so much, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep. (Onii-chan and I will log out.)”

I say, “Yeah, even though I just got here, I’ll be logging out.”


Just as Myu and I are leaving the V.R. world, I notice the parties getting flustered.  Geez, is that the party that was watching us?  With a sigh, I slip off my V.R. gear.

“Damn, did I get the attention of some troublesome people?”

“Onii-chan, I’m coming in.”

Miu knocks on my bedroom door and enters to check on me.  My expression shows a bit of my worry, but I’m fine so I give her a faint smile.

Onii-chan, Onee-chan sent me a mail afterwards and told me about the situation… those people have become the enemies of the crafters.  Also, I’ve been hearing dirty things around me lately.”

“Don’t worry too much about it.  Everything will work out if I lay low.  This sort of thing just needs to be left alone, and after a bit, it should stop.  For now, I’ll just avoid going to places people gather for P.V.P.”

“Ye- yeah, but if anything happens, make sure to tell me, Onee-chan, or Takumi-san.”

“Yeah, if I get stuck, I’ll depend on all of you.”

I stroke Miu’s head and smooth down her hair while telling her of the plans my class has for tomorrow.  She still has a long face when I see her off.

Afterwards, I collapse on my bed and sigh.  Making others uncomfortable in a fun game…  Keep your vanity to yourselves.  Same thing to all you solicitors from before. 

I close my eyes while exaggerating my circumstances.  Regardless, that guy’s ruining my reputation by spreading rumors among my friends.  It’s a horrible feeling.

With those nauseating thoughts in mind, I fall in and out of a light sleep until morning.

T/N: I don’t know about all of you, but I totally ship Endo x Yun.

~Gandire Alea

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