Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

15.2 I Want You to Do it

ah! Ahh… yes!!”

Saliroza Senette—currently panting as I lie on the right side of the bed.

Damn (excuse me)!! Half of my body is being crushed by a solid and heavy man’s body—b-but, how can it feel so good? I can’t believe I’m feeling this amazing in this kind of situation!

Judius, whom is sandwiched between my spread legs, doesn’t take long to undress. He takes off his tunic, and then his pants, before becoming fully naked—Kyaaa!! Oh my god!!

Just having our bodies simply overlapped like this, I’m already about to burst!!


His swift removal of his tunic undoes his ponytail—locks of blond flow over his broad shoulders and against my chest, tickling it. Who would’ve guessed my skin is this sensitive?

When he was licking and nibbling on my ears and neck before, those feathers certainly played their part. They felt amazing! I don’t know if it was on purpose or not—but their strokes—either way, how convenient! Those are some handy feathers!

“The increase of fingers …does it hurt, Saliroza?”

Uhh …ahn, nnh, ah…!!”

The place he is referring to is in a simmering heat. I don’t know how many fingers are there, nor the answer, or even Judius’ recent question—I’m melting down. Every inch of me is. Perhaps there was some pain, but it also feels good. It’s overwhelming inside, but for most part, it’s good, it feels so good…!!

My eyes, wet with tears, meet Judius’ beautiful, blue ones.

With persistence, Judius thoroughly explored me, inside out. But the same thing couldn’t be said for me.

Because you’re a virgin, duh!

I’m sorry! Everyone is allowed to be bold, even virgins, I know! But I just can’t do it! I lose the chance when I choose to indulge in my own delusions instead!

Ugh, I should’ve done this, or that…!!

My whole body became so hot it feels like steams will erupt from my head in the next moment, but I have nothing but depressing thoughts in my head.

That single moment of eye contact, as if he understands my pain, Judius continues to make me feel good.

And sometimes, that part of Judius brushes against me. It presses against my thighs and buttocks. It’s hot, and yes, it’s huge …I can feel it.

Before, that thing entering me kinda bothered me, but now, that’s not the case anymore.

When all is said and done, I think he deserves his turn now—


I frantically say with a rough breathing. Huff, huff.

“P-p-please!! Enter!!”

Like, at this point, before anything can happen, I’ll literally lose my virginity to your fingers.

Judius ceases his movements. The contours of his plumes, which are spreading aflutter on each side of his face are dimly lit. A single lock of hair is entwined there like a gold thread. It truly looks like he just came out of a painting.

Now that I look closely, his blue eyes are narrowed. The color is more akin to dark purple than blue. Mhm, this shade is beautiful too…


His lips plant a single kiss on my cheek, making it ablaze. He whispers as if he’s about to devour me whole:

“It must’ve hurt still, let me prepare you some more, I promise you it won’t take long.”

“No, no! I don’t need that, so you can skip it, please! Just do it!”

To say those words, I have to force my voice out. It’s really a breathtaking labor, because right after that, my chest feels squeezed and throat stuffed. I put my hand on my neck and take a breather.

“Please… hurry up… I want it…!”

Oh, I finally said it! Wait… some words are missing. Not like it matters anymore, I thought, as Judius’ lips close on mine. He’s suddenly caught in a rush.

Our tongues entangle almost immediately, him sucking mine. Obscene noises leaking out.

Then, he pulls his fingers out—

ouch, ouch …Ouch!!

Whelp, who I am kidding!? That hurts like hell!!

***T/N : And we all thought it gonna happen in this part–

Whelp, who I am kidding!? That hurts like hell!!

to F_J : Maybe it’ll happen on the next chapter? Don’t lose faith.

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