Only Sense Online WN 113

Takumi says, “I’m pretty sure Miu’s class has a stand around here.  I think it was a crepe shop.”

“Yeah, it’s something like French Maids serving crepes.  Wanna stop by?”

We leave the athletics department’s area and check the pamphlet as we walk past various stands.  The aromas of yakisoba sauce and Frankfurt along with the sounds of yakitori being roasted and Chinese dumplings being steamed in reed baskets fill the air.   One area in particular is bustling with visitors. 

“…That the stall being run by Miu-chan’s class?  She looks cute.”

“Yeah, Miu’s… cute.”

Miu holds a flashy signboard and calls out to those passing by.  This task keeps her from cooking.  In my opinion, this is the right choice.  Her dishes leave a lot to be desired.

I say, “Yo, business thriving?”

“Ah!  Onii-chan, you and Takumi-san came!  We’ve been doing great.  But more than that, look!  Isn’t this dress cute?”

Then, with an expression full of triumph and a “fufufuun,” she pinches the hems of her skirt and twirls on the spot.  Everyone surrounding her sighs. 

As for me, seeing my younger sister in strange clothes here, I can’t voice such an intricate reaction.  Actually, her armor in the game is also pretty peculiar now that I think about it.

“Yeah, it looks good.  Anyway, I’d like a strawberry cream crepe.”

Muu!  That’s such a halfhearted response!  Even though Onii-chan has an adorable little sister!  Say you’re enamored and make me your favorite, you jerk!”

“Fine, fine, by the way, did anyone say that to you?  Those words.”

More importantly, those aren’t something you say to people who are family.  Well, if I find out some guy said them to Miu, I’ll smash his face in.  I’ll thrash any brute who dares lay a hand on her.

Ueeh, Takumi-san, tell me you understand!” 

Miu sheds crocodile tears as she throws herself at Takumi.

Hey, hey, are you ignoring my strawberry cream crepe?

Takumi says, “Right, right, you’ve transformed into a splendid maid.  Compared to you, Shun…”

“Right, right, I’ve transformed into a splendid maid.  Compared to me, Onii-chan…”

What the?  What’s with those flagrant stares of pity?  Hurry up and sell me my crepe!

““No idea.””

“No, what are you two even saying?  You’ve completely lost me.”

Just like always, a sigh escapes me.  To me, it looks like those two are saying, ‘what is this guy going on about?’.  Not good, it feels like I’m making the mistake. 

Takumi says, “After great pains, your mother and father finally bore beautiful children.  Miu-chan fulfilled her filial obligations by becoming a lovely maid, yet you…”

“He speaks truth.  For our burning rivalry, just like myself, walk the path of maidho…”


Where did she even pull that out from?  With frown, I watch as Miu shoves the maid equipment into her apron pocket.

Che, Takumi-san, even though we tried getting Onii-chan into the mood by appealing to his fighting spirit…”

“It can’t be helped.  We’ll just have to give up on plan A.  From now on, we’ll have to improvise with plan B…”

“I can hear you.  Your conspiracy is completely exposed.”

Good grief.  While our extremely pointless exchange went on, the crepe stall’s line made considerable progress.  It’s now our turn.

I say, “Excuse me, I’ll have a strawberry cream and… Umm, Takumi?”

He’s still deep in a conversation with Miu, utterly ignoring his turn to place his order.

I say, “…a chocolate banana.  Also, excuse my younger sister…”

Se- senpai!  You’ve nothing to worry about!  She’s a beloved school character.”

“Really?  Then, for all those times she’s slacked off in the past.”

“That hasn’t happened!  She’s only like this when Shun-senpai and Takumi-senpai arrive.”

First time hearing that.  She always acts with this sort of tension when we’re together, but I guess things are different when we’re apart.

“Here you are, one strawberry cream and one chocolate banana.”

“Great, thanks.  By the way, if you have any free time, please come to the café in my class.”

“O- of course!  I’ll absolutely go!  I’ll intrude upon your class, itadakimasu!”

The younger school boy stands straight as he answers.  Is he a member of an athletic department club where the ridged importance of hierarchy was beat into him?  A wry smile crosses my face.  There’s no compromise even to someone who’s just an upper classman like me.

“Anyway, Miu, we’ll be moving on to the next place.  Make sure to work hard.”

“Will do.  Quit worrying so much, Onii-chan.  Takumi-san!  Tomorrow, I’ll be depending on you to show me around the high school!”

“In that case, until then, Miu-chan.  Also, give it your best with the crepe stand!”

Takumi receives his chocolate banana crepe from me and relishes a mouthful of it.  I do the same as we walk.  I savor the sour and sweetness of my strawberry cream crepe.

“Hey, Takumi?  When did you promise Miu to show her around the school?”

“Since earlier.  Today I’ll be going around with my friends.  Tomorrow, I’ll be acting as a host and escort Miu-chan.”

“You, get along really well with Miu.”

“I get along really well with everyone.”

“What a stupid remark.”

I might be saying that, but this guy’s circle stretches far in both the game and in real.  Is it because of his charisma?  Takumi does carry this extraordinary soothing presence.  You can run into him, start talking, and before you know it, you’re already friends.  He won’t refuse those who come, but won’t chase after anyone either.  As such, he gives the feeling of being both wide encompassing and superficial.  Yet despite all that, he sticks his neck into a bit of everything.

For example—

“Shun, Shun!  I’ll see you in a bit!”

“He- hey!”

A stage was purposefully setup within the school.  Commencing before the back drop is a participatory event.  Off in the corner are the various prizes donated by various shops from the neighborhood.  The participants, watchers, and stage hands: everyone stares at the fun prizes.  Even I’m staring at them. 

The school festival’s executive committee members start the participants by having them wear balloon hats with instructions to pop the balloons with chanbara1 props.  In order to ensure safety, the tools being used are made of soft materials. 

When the game starts, Takumi overwhelms everyone with his presence by landing a swift strike against a nearby person.  He then moves on to eliminate those who are either shocked by his display or neglecting to protect themselves one after the other.

“Hahahahaa!  Come pop my balloon if you can!”

“Shit!  Try ganging up on him with three people!”

“Oh?  Sounds like one of those three should be you.  Well?  Are you doing it or not!?”


Takumi readies his two chanbara and then points one at other person.  He’s acting exactly like a villain.  That said, the prize of this event is at stake.  Not losing is absolutely critical.  As such, I find this sort of psychological warfare pretty interesting.

 The participants getting crushed by Takumi, however, remain silent.2  They focus on him, but are being retired one by one.  Some charge at him in their impatience and swing at the balloon on his head.  Two of them attack with a timing that’s difficult to overcome, but Takumi avoids the first swing by swaying to the side with a sliding back step and then closing in on the second person.  The second person’s strike is deflected before any power can be put behind the swing.  Takumi then pops the balloon of the third person with a counter as they pass by one another.

Just like in a novel, the scene where he uses tai sabaki3 to gain the advantage repeats itself many times after that.  The numbers attacking him continues to increase until he’s encircled by ten others.  It can hardly get worse.

Nuoooh!  I’m taking you down first!”

Kuuh!  Persistent bastard!  Aim for the legs!  Stop him from moving!”

“Don’t give up!  Tackle his body!”

Pipipiii!  You there!  Foul!  Anything other than with a chanbara is a foul!  Also, win or lose, you’ll all still get a prize!”

“““This, is a fight between men!”””

How stupid.  I watch the whole thing and laugh… Ah, Takumi slipped.

The executive committee members probably didn’t think the chanbara competition would heat up so much, but it became really exciting to watch as a result. 

Takumi’s hard work was all in vain.  Despite all the participants he crushed, he was defeated at ninth place.  Although, if preference is given towards the number eliminated, then ninth place is magnificent.  Not many people care all that much about that sort of thing though. 

The two in first and second place have grand smiles plastered over their faces.  Other than Takumi, a lot of people are fighting off their tears.  This side of him is quite impressive.4

In the end, Takumi is given a voucher redeemable for two thousand yen5in the shopping district.

“Why did you get so worked up?”

“The electronics shop and game store donated Epson V.R. sets as prizes.”

“Wait, wait, can they put that into circulation?”

“To be precise, they donated vouchers for V.R. gear.  They can be exchanged on the release date.”

That’s a good business practice.

I say, “Ah, it’s time to head back…”

My cellphone rings.  It’s the short default ringtone.  I seem to have received mail.  I check the contents and sigh.

“Since there won’t be enough cookies for tomorrow, they’re gathering us back up.”

“Really?  I’ll be heading back to the classroom after this, but will everything be okay?”

“I’m not sure.  This will depend on the available materials and ovens, so I’m going to have to assign the personal based on that… but there probably won’t be enough time to enjoy the festival afterwards.”

“So that’s how it is.  Well, don’t worry about it, there’s still tomorrow.  Will you be logging on tonight?”

“Huh?  Well, we won’t be working that late.  My parents are also out on vacation so I should be able to skip out on doing my chores.”

“Great, then, I’ll see you later.”

We separate there and head to where we need to go.  Thus is the first day of the school festival.  It was a booming success.

T/N: So, the first day was just a date between Shun and Takumi? 

~Gandire Alea

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  2. 他の参加者が潰し合いをする傍らでは巧を中心とする一角では、無言の駆け引きが行われる。
  3. Tai sabaki is usually used to avoid an attack, such that the receiver of the attack ends up in an advantageous position and it is often wrongly referred to as evasion.
  4. 巧以外のそれ以下は涙を堪える姿は、一段と印象深い一面だった。
  5. Roughly $20 USD