Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely Translation

Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely [Chapter 13]

A few days after meeting El.

He has become completely attached to Roselia and is always holding her hand. Little by little, he was also getting used to her butler, Allen.

However, he is still afraid of adult men and doesn’t go near Roselia’s father, Clifford, at all.

While Clifford understood the circumstances, he received quite a psychological shock from being so blatantly feared and had to be comforted by his wife and daughter.

“It can’t be helped, Father. El’s fears from that time still haven’t disappeared. It’s actually a miracle that he’s gotten so attached to me in such a short time.”

She said, stroking her father’s head.

“Dear, this kind of thing needs time. He doesn’t approach me either. I’m being patient, though I’m lonely as well.”

“Aaah, I took him in knowing the circumstances…I really can’t forgive those who hurt El. It wasn’t enough to just crush them.” [1]

“There’s still the mastermind left. It’ll feel good to make the one who was behind all this pay.”

“Aah, that’s true.”

…Father and mother are kind of black-hearted. But, an idiot who thinks up a black market auction is better off in hell!

Their conversation continued to take even darker turns as Allen entered the room, so I escaped to the garden with him and El.

“El, Allen.”

“Rose-sama, did you finish your conversation?”

“Yeah, let’s leave the rest to the adults.”

El leapt towards me and I immediately patted his head. I asked Allen to prepare some tea.

These days, El doesn’t refuse to let Roselia touch him. Rather, he seems to like having his head rubbed.

It’s so cute that I feel a little superior at being the only one allowed to do so.

“El, are you getting along with Allen?”


“Is that so, that’s great.”

“He has been eagerly waiting for Rose-sama.”

“Fufu, is that right.”

Happy to hear that, I immediately patted El’s head. We sat at a table in the garden and drank the tea Allen had prepared.

[1] Here “crush them” can also mean “putting them out of business”.

Note: Roselia…I think you’re plenty dark-hearted too. You’re not wrong though.