Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely Translation

Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely [Allen’s POV]

【A story told from Allen’s point of view from around the time he met Roselia.】

Today I’ll be going to the ducal house that my family has been serving for generations.

While I have a bit of confidence because I’ve been studying to become the perfect butler, I don’t know if the me who is why around strangers will be able to get along with Duke Winsely’s daughter.

“Allen from today onward, you are Roselia-sama’s exclusive butler. I will be in the house with Lord Clifford, so please rely on me if you need to, but try to do what you are supposed to by yourself first. The most important thing is getting along with Roselia-sama.”

My father said, as he stroked my head. He seemed pleased that I would be Roselia-sama’s personal butler from now on.

Father took me to the duke’s estate, where we gave our greetings to the head of the house—Lord Clifford—and his wife, Lady Yumelia.

“Allen, you’ve come, welcome. My daughter Rose is a very good girl; therefore, I’ll be counting on you from now on.”

“Before this, she had a fever which changed her a little, but she’s a very genuine child. Allen-kun, our regards.”

While I thought that the daughter of such kind people would surely also be a wonderful person, I had previously heard that the daughter was selfish and arrogant with only a beautiful face going for her. Was that Roselia-sama? While I was looking forward to it, I was also overwhelmed by anxiousness.

I waited by the door as instructed by Lord Clifford and Lady Yumelia as these anguished thoughts washed over me.

After a little while, Lord Clifford called me into a room where he was with Lady Yumelia.

“This is Allen. He’ll be your personal butler starting today.”

“He’s the same age as Rose.”

“I-I’m Allen. Roselia-sama, thank you for having me.”

I thought I ought to properly introduce myself after they finished speaking and made a polite greeting and bowed.

“Allen, I’m Roselia. It’s nice to meet you, please call me Rose.”

I could hear Roselia-sama’s pleasant and lovely voice and raised my head to her lovely smiling face. Her hand was held out to me.

Was this a princess from a fairy tale in front of me? I wondered, thinking what a beautiful girl she was.


In front of the lovely Rose-sama, the me who could not properly speak her name felt embarrassed and I lowered by gaze.

Arara, Allen-kun, are you feeling shy?”

At Lady Yumelia’s words I felt even more embarrassed and could not raise my head. I’m surely turning even more red than before.

“That’s right! Mother, Father, can I give Allen a tour of the house?”

Saying that, Rose-sama took me by the hand and we began to walk.

I thought that I never wanted to let go of this small and pretty hand. The princess-like Rose-sama explained each room, one by one, in an easy to understand way and I felt that I wanted to stay by her side and serve her forever.

Maybe this is what they call a ‘first love’…

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