Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

49.1 Beast Master

Now then, what to do about this? I place my hand on my forehead and think about the situation unfolding before me.


Priscilla-chan buries herself in the giant rabbit demon beast’s soft side, brimming with satisfaction. The rabbit demon beast remains sprawled on the ground without a care to her while the great wolf demon beasts grooms itself from nearby.

A young girl from Long-Eared Tribe who plays with demon beasts. Thinking about the Long-Eared tribe, do their members have the beast master attribute?

No, no, I never heard such a thing before. Priscilla-chan is just special.

I wonder if Priscilla-chan is not scared of them? It’s true that the rabbit demon beast is just big, and it looks like a cute fluffy rabbit, but it’s still a demon beast. Usually, people keep in mind the possibility of being attacked. Even if I know one isn’t hostile, I still be too scared to approach it.

“Nnmtto, big rabbit-san is cute. Big wanko is also cute.”

Th- This is just a possibility, but…

Maybe Priscilla-chan doesn’t recognize them as demon beasts? She genuinely might see them as a rabbit and dog.

…It’s possible. 

After all, until recently, she has never stepped out of her village. Perhaps she sees them as a rabbit and dog from her basic knowledge and doesn’t recognize them as demon beasts. Mumumu, doesn’t she need to be educated a bit about this? I need to Mistral consult about this with later.

“Priscilla-chan, Mistral and Ruiseine will worry if we keep playing until it’s late. Let’s go back now.”

When needed, Mistral can use the dragon vein to find my position. Somehow, she can also tell my state of being. Still, I don’t want to give her needless worry. We traveled a pretty long distance, so we should start heading back.

Nnmtto, I will bring with me.”

By “bring with,” does she mean the giant rabbit demon beast?

“I will ride this rabbit home!”

Priscilla-san, with those words, moves onto the back of the rabbit demon beast. Apparently, the demon beast is also eager for this. Once I confirm she is properly on its back, it immediately gets up.

When I’m wonder about what to do next, the great wolf demon beast grabs me by the nape of my neck and flings me onto its back. The next moment, the great wolf demon beast and giant rabbit demon beast are carrying us through the forest.

While the great wolf demon beast moves without making a sound, the giant rabbit demon beast’s advances are accompanied with tremors.

Ohhh, what amazing strength.

Each time the rabbit demon beast jumps, bits of dirt and sand get pulled along with it. When it lands, the surrounding trees shake while the ground rumbles a loud sound. It also skillfully avoids the closely packed trees despite its fast speed. How incredible.

Priscilla-chan moves to the rabbit demon beast’s head and joyfully takes hold of its long large ears.

Our speed is much slower than when we are going here, but we’re still fast enough. In a blink of eye, Mistral and Ruiseine come into view ahead of us. Their expressions, however, fill with worry and turn vigilant.

“We’re back.”

Priscilla-chan greets them with a loud voice from the top of the rabbit demon beast, but the rumbling of the ground most certainly keeps them from hearing it.

I wave my hands as hard as I can from the back of the great wolf demon beast to let them know it’s us.

“Both of you, what is the meaning of this…”

Once the great wolf demon beast reaches a good spot, I get off its back and Mistral approaches me.

Eetto, this is…”

With a strained laugh, I explain what happened during the walk to Mistral and Ruiseine.

“My, my, well well…”

Ruiseine is surprised, but she approaches the rabbit demon beast with interest.

“It truly is.”

Then, Ruiseine strokes the rabbit demon beast.

Isn’t she scared?

“Rabbit-san is quite cute.”
Ruiseine, you unexpectedly have a lot of guts.

As Mistral’s expression clouds with worry, I make a wry smile.

“We will go back together with rabbit and wanko!”
“That is…”

I start to speak, but Mistral stops me.

“Let’s do it until Priscilla is satisfied. They don’t seem dangerous and we also have time.”
Mistral softly says to me.

“If Mistral is okay with it then.”
I nod.

Actually, we absolutely won’t be transported the moss-covered square if we are together with demon beasts. As such, I want to reject her request.

It doesn’t seem like there are any other people around and the demon beasts are not hostile. We can reach home from the moss-covered square in an instant, so we have plenty time.

Also, since we left the vice capital in the morning, we need to kill time so that we can return to the capital in three days. If not, our timing will be off, and everyone will be suspicious of us. As such, there’s no point in my shaving off Priscilla-chan’s bonding time with the demon beast.

“Don’t hurt the trees in the forest. Don’t act violent. If there are signs of people, immediately disappear.”

Mistral jabs the demon beasts with her finger as she warns them. Only then does she allow them to accompany us.

Priscilla-chan rejoices from a top of the rabbit demon beast. Ruiseine also sits on the top of the rabbit demon beast since who knows when.

Ruiseine, you’re too proactive.

“The view is terrific. Ernea-kun, Mist, won’t you come up as well?”

Mistral and I make strained smiles at Ruiseine’s invitation.

“I’m good with the great wolf demon beast’s back. It’s pretty comfortable after all.”
“In that case, me too.”
“Ah, how unfair!”

I don’t understand what’s unfair about that, but Mistral and I get onto the back of the great wolf demon beast together. I’m in the front, Mistral behind me.

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