Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely Translation

Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely [Chapter 12]

“Let’s see, beastmen, beastmen…their tails are a weak point. I’ll make sure that El’s tail isn’t touched! …Come to think of it, I wonder if El is originally from the neighboring country?”

As I was researching beastmen, this thought suddenly occurred to me.

“I think that might be the case. There are a few beastmen in this country, but significantly more in the neighboring one. If we’re talking about a black market auction, it might be easier to catch a beastmen there and try to sell them on this side.”

“That’s right. If that’s the case, then El must have parents. It’s father so he must have searched for them but not have been able to find anything…” [1]

“It’s probable. We can’t act without hearing from El-sama himself. Or has this matter been reported to El-sama’s parents already and the Duke is providing protection for some reason…that’s probably not the case though, is it?”

“Well, the black market auction itself seems to have been cleaned up, but the mastermind hasn’t been found. Because of this, El might be targeted again and so investigating his parents before his voice returns might be dangerous…but one day, when El’s voice returns, let’s go see your parents together.”

El grabbed the hem of my dress and looked at me firmly, nodding.

“You don’t have to force yourself to speak. It’s fine to go slowly…but, what does your voice sound like, I wonder? I’m looking forward to hearing you call me elder sister!”

Just imagining it makes me so happy that my expression surely softened.

“…Nee, El…w-would it be alright if I stroked your head? …You don’t have to if it’s scary!”

I peered at El’s face nervously and he nodded, turning his head towards me in order to allow me to more easily touch him.

“N-no way! Really? Thank you, El!”

I slowly, slowly brought my hand near El’s head. At once, a soft feeling spread out across my hand.

“W-wah…it’s as I thought, El’s hair is so soft. Fluffy hair the color of chestnuts and black ears! Truly lovely! I’m really envious! The color of your eyes is the same blue as Allen’s. Meanwhile, I have harsh looking green eyes and platinum hair that makes me look all the more severe.”

“That’s not true! Rose-sama does not look harsh. Your glittering platinum hair and emerald-like eyes, when I gaze at you…my heart…”

“You won’t get anything from flattering me so!”

“It is enough for me to just stay by Rose-sama’s side.”

I’m grateful for his words, but Allen is probably evaluating me like a family member would. I lightly fixed my clothes and turned towards El.

[“I like it too.”]

Soundlessly, his lips mouthed those words, conveying them to me.

“Maa! E-El’s lips moved! And then, about liking no less.”

Overcome with emotion, I hugged El and pushed my cheek against his. The El who typically hated such things but quietly allowed me to do so now was adorable. I continued until Allen stopped me.

[1]: Here when she says “must have parents” it’s more with a “his parents must be alive” type of feeling.

Note: Holy shit Allen is so smooth! Holy shit Rose is so oblivious! 。゚(TヮT)゚。 We finally find out what Rose looks like!