Sore, Itadakimasu Translation

14.1 Is This the Right Order?

…Long story short, the disturbing bib now lies at my feet.

Saliroza Senette, now completely naked.


I’m tearing up—wait, why am I so relieved now that I am naked? This isn’t right.

We were about to reach the peak when that abrupt halt happened, but it isn’t my fault! I’m certainly not the one who’s stopping!

One thing for sure …is that I’m the only one who thought about it like this.

Now, emanating from Judius’ gazes isn’t just passion, but frustration.

Both are intense, making me unconsciously hug my body. My arms are crossed before my chest and my legs are pressed together tightly.

I look down to avoid his gaze, making my short bangs curtain my face. Right now I really want Judius’ long locks, because they’ll certainly make this whole hiding-face-thing easier.


“Y, yes?”

“Can I lick it?”




The moment it registers to me—


Whe, whe, where…?! Where do you want to lick…!?

“I take that as a yes.”

…Is my reply even needed? Oh, well! It’s decided, then!

Again, he hugs me and firmly holds me within his arms.

Then, switch, he sits me at the end of the bed.


This side of the bed is higher since there’s a drawer attached to it. It’s so high that my toes fail to touch the floor. The area of the sheet I’m now sitting comfily on still has his warmth.

Huh…? Shouldn’t I lie down first…?

My confusion only grows when he suddenly kneels in front of me.

…To be exact, in front of that place, down there.

He then puts his hands on my knees—

—and spread them open.

The unexpected movement causes me to twist my body—


With distance as close as this, Judius doesn’t seem as slender anymore because now I can see his thick, muscular body!

Moreover, it’s between my spread legs…!

The top of his blond head, along with his ornamental feathers, are now at the same height with my jaw. Looking at it makes my lips quiver with hunger.

W-wait a sec…!! What’s the meaning of this…?! Why don’t you let me lie down…?!

…Wait, is that it?!

Because if you position your viewing angle like this, it’ll make even my almost-nonexistent chest look bigger…?!

Is that it—?!?!


Gentleness can be found in both his light blue eyes, and also the smile adorning his face. However, without hesitation, he suddenly snatches my hand—which is covering my chest—away.

“It’s in the way.”


My arms are getting the same treatment as the sleepwear!!!

Judius brings his body to my exposed chest, and reaches a hand between my bottom and my back to prop me up.


I’m getting hot all over again—!!

Judius laughs at my reaction. The heat from his breathing makes the tips of my breasts hard again.

“Judi—uhn …ah~! …nhnn~!”

The pointed tip disappears into his mouth.

He sucks, and I wriggle—to no avail because of his steady grip on my body.

I let out a voice that keep rising, higher and higher—uttering not a complaint, not a question, but sweet, passionate moans.

And then, inside his warm mouth, he licks it.

Slowly at first, and then stirring it.

His hot, moist tongue moves like a living being with the same persistency as his grip over my body.

“Ahhhn—!! Nnh, ahhh…!!”

My nails dig into his shoulders as both of my legs tighten around his body.

Good …it feels too good—!!

His free hand rises and teases my other breast with movements as gentle as the swirling of his tongue.


The sensation only strengthens the grip of my legs wrapped around his body. It’s to the point that my toes arch forward. This is certainly uncomfortable, and more importantly, painful—but I don’t mind it.

Ahh! It feels good! It feels really good!

“…The pleasure a Succubus feels is greatly amplified to that of an average person’s.”

As his tongue keeps bullying me, Judius explains.

Albeit the feverish heat that runs through my body prevents me from hearing it coherently.

“That way, if you drown yourself in pleasure, you won’t be able to manipulate Inki, won’t you?”

“…Wha…? Ahh, hyaahhn~…”

Suddenly, he pinches the tip and my body shakes like a broken doll. Although, immediately after that, he licks it gently with his tongue.

“However, judging from your sensitivity, you probably couldn’t control Inki in the first place.”

“Ah, …ahn…”

“That’s why, I am happy. Very much so.”

***T/N: Considering the “””abrupt””” “””halt”””” we, readers, have experienced during this whole journey, Judius doesn’t deserve to be mad over silly little thing like that. Man what a rocky journey full of halts.

…And something tells me the author gonna pull some plot twist and force us to brake ,again. RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT. At this point im gonna be a monk, man.

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