Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely Translation

Given That I’ve Become a Villainess, I’d Like to Live Freely [Chapter 11]

“Rose-sama, good morn-ahh! El-sama is here too.”

In the morning, the always energetic Mary roused me back to reality.

How is Mary always so energetic in the morning? I’m jealous…

“…Nn, good morning Mary.”

I greeted Mary, rubbing my eyes.

“My lady, why is El-sama here?”

“…Oh, that’s right. El had a scary dream last night and came to my room. I thought he might be lonely since he just arrived so we slept together.”

“Is that right. My lady is very kind.”

“Do you think so? I thought it was natural. El? Time to wake up, it’s morning.”

Hearing my voice, El slowly opened his eyes and awoke.

“Were there any nightmares after that?”


“Is that so, that’s great. I’m going to get ready now so why don’t you return to your room and change. From today onward, let’s take classes together.

El returned to his room to get ready.

After my regular lessons end, I should go to the estate library to learn about beastmen. I’ve only been studying animals because I thought that my present would be one…I don’t know anything about beastmen because I haven’t learned about them.

Together with El, I finished my regular lessons in the morning. Afterwards, I invited Allen to accompany us to the library.

“I wonder if there are books concerning beastmen here.”

“…Yes. Are these two easy to read?”

“Thank you Allen. You’re a great help.”

I took the books from Allen and opened them on a desk.

“…There are more beastmen in the neighboring country than in ours.”

“That’s right. It appears that the neighboring country is led by a beastman.”

“Is that so? The king is a beastman. A country of beastmen must surely be amazing. If possible, I’d like to marry into the neighboring country in the future.”

If exiled I can flee to the neighboring country. That would be lucky. But, if I’m executed then I’d like to study abroad there and enjoy the time I have left. For the time being, I’ll enjoy myself!

“…That’s right. Rose-sama is a Duke’s daughter so you might marry into our royal family or a ducal house of a neighboring kingdom. It wouldn’t be impossible to marry into the royal family of the neighboring country too…I hate the idea of Rose-sama marrying some unknown person, though…

The last part was said too softly to hear, but Allen seems to believe that Roselia will marry into a good house because naturally he doesn’t know about the game. That being said, Roselia herself is ignorant about the details of said game.

“Marriage, I wonder about that.”

I stared into the distance mumbling these words, when El pulled at my clothes so I turned to him.

“Nn? What’s wrong El? …Perhaps, are you thinking that you don’t want me to marry?”

Nod nod.

“Fufu, El is so cute. Well, if El asks me to then I won’t marry and stay with you forever instead…Well, someday El will take a cute bride and then I’ll just be in the way.”

I don’t want to die until a cute bride worthy of El comes along, but it’s impossible because I’m a year older. I’ll be convicted on graduation day after all. Eeh, it’s too sad!!

“I want to be with Allen and El forever.”

“I also want to be by Rose-sama’s side forever…even if you get married!”

“Ma! Really? Thank you.”

When I said I wanted to stay together I meant that I didn’t want to die, but Allen had no way of knowing that so it can’t be helped. But, if I’m exiled would Allen come with me? I’m suddenly struck by that thought.

El nodded in response to Allen’s words as if to say “I’ll go too!”

“Ara, El too? Fufu, I’m so happy. Thank you, you two.”

I accepted their kind feelings and vowed to create wonderful memories with these two until judgement day came.