Translation Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De

1.9 First Kiss and Sora

Sora’s party leaves Maou’s Castle to return to the Nelga Kingdom.  The trip back is delayed due to a short stop in the Bollgoa Kingdom.  Sora’s clothes are in tatters due to the journey and need to be replaced.  He lets Yami choose his new outfit because I have no sense for style.

Regardless, his new outfit is in bad taste.  It’s pitch black from top to bottom and not only does it come with chains dangling this way and that, it includes an ash grey, hooded, robe with matching gloves.

Why’s the whole thing black!  Is the tsukkomi Sora stops himself from saying.  Since Yami took the effort to select the outfit for him, he buys it.  Thinking about it, the glove can hide my new arm.  Its black color and crimson lines stand out too much.

Sura, however, finds riding in the robe’s hood pleasing as they resume their journey.

As for food, before leaving Maou’s Castle, Sora swiped some from the food storehouse.  A lot of it looks really tasty.


They reach the Nelga Kingdom after about 10 days.  As they get closer to the entrance, Sora wonders, How do I explain Yami to the gate guard?

An idea comes to his mind after a bit and he pulls Yami aside.  He says, “Hey, Yami, you’re my imoto[1] as of today.  Alright?”

“Imoto?  ….I’m fine with anything as long as I’m with Masta.”

“…I see.”

Bashfulness overcomes Sora as the gate comes into view.  I’m finally back!  His pace quickens and he spots a familiar gate guard.

The guard says, “Well, what do you know?  I was just thinking about you and here you are!  It’s been a while, Sora.  Hmm, who’s she?”

Yami hides behind Sora and grips his clothes as the guard stares at her.

Sora smiles at the scene, that’s gotta be an act, and explains.  “She’s my imoto, Yami.”

“Hoho~!  Your imoto?  She’s quite cute.  Anyway, if she’s your imoto, then there’s no problem.  Go on in.  Just remember to get her some I.D.”

Sora gives a light nod as he says, “Got it~,” and then passes through the gate with Yami.  Since evening has already fallen, he decides to leave stopping by the adventurer’s guild for later and enters the inn next door.

The energetic ossan greets him as he enters the stone building.  He requests a room for three nights.  He leaves his bags in the room he’s guided to and then leaves for the adventurer’s guild.

Welcome!  The word is written in lovely letters on the door.  The sight makes Sora realize, I missed this sign.  That’s when he hears someone scream inside.

He opens the door and sees 3 brutish men getting beat up by a boy and girl.

Hey, hey, what’s going on here? 

A woman stands up for the men only for the girl punch her, pan, in the stomach and force her to kneel over.  Hold on, Rieza!?  The boy then grinds his foot, guri guri, against Rieza’s head.

Sora can’t standby just watching.  He invokes the skill, madness [Insanity Mode], that he acquired during his journey.  It’sperfect for this situation.  The skill temporarily alters his personality, but it boosts his base stats by 10x.  He says, “Hey, you bastard, take your disgusting foot off of her right now.”

“Haa?  What do you want, onii-san?  You wanna end up like her?”

Sora laughs though his nose and says, “Fuu, fine.  Let’s see if you can.”

The young boy moves his foot from Rieza’s head and joins the girl.  The two stare at Sora and grin, nyari, as they get ready to attack.

Sora says, “Bow down— gravity manipulation [Gravity Control].

The boy and girl slam down against the ground.  The boy glares at Sora while saying, “Kuu!  What is this!”

Sora laughs through his nose again, “Fuu,” and grins his foot on his head, guri guri.  “Ahh, ahh, looks like you’re the one who got stepped on.”

“You bastard!  I’m an A ranked adventurer!  Something like this—”

“Really?  How’s getting stepped on by a G rank feel, A rank-san?”

“—Argh, argh!”

Sora steps harder in order to make the boy scream even louder— Yami grabs his hand.  She says, “Masta, any more would be too much.”

Yami!  Her voice returns Sora to his senses and he releases madness [Insanity Mode].  He then removes his foot from the boy’s head and says, “Thanks, Yami.  I’m going to have to seal madness [Insanity Mode] for a while.”


He strokes Yami’s head and releases gravity manipulation [Gravity Control] from the boy and girl.  The two bolt out of the adventure’s guild while saying, “We’ll remember this!”

Once they’re gone, everyone else in the guild cheers.  “Great job!”, “He’s so cute~”, Fuu~”.  Apparently, the boy and girl appeared the day after Sora left for Maou’s Castle.  They took advantage of their high ranks to bully everyone else and live like kings.

Rieza calls out to Sora while he’s busy feeling embarrassed from all the praise.  Even though she’s holding her stomach, she smiles while saying, “Thank you very much for just now!  Also, welcome back!”

Sora says, “I’m back.”

The 3 ossan from earlier are tended to and the scattered chairs are picked up.  Once the adventure’s guild is returned to normal, Rieza returns to continue speaking with Sora.  She says, “Once more, welcome ba—”  She grabs Sora by his collar and says, “Who’s thaat child!”  She shakes him back and forth with a vigor that makes her earlier injury seem like a lie.

“Ho- hold on!”  Sora tries to explain himself, but her violent shaking prevents him.

Rieza notices and stops.  “Well then, who is this girl?”

“Ye- yeah…  She’s my imoto, Yami.  Say “hello,” Yami.”

Yami gives a light bow to Rieza.

Rieza releases Sora’s collar at the sight and hugs Yami with both arms.  She holds her for a while.  “You’re Yami-chan~?  How cute.”

Sora digs out Sura from his hood and pokes her to kill time.  Looks like I got the tsun tsun[2].

–Team Cute Star ★ is blasting off at the speed of light—

Once Rieza releases Yami, she and Sora return to the inn for the night.  Sora’s first action upon returning to the room is to enter the bath.  Naturally, he takes Sura in with him.  He then jams the door with a nail to keep Yami from following.

Sora releases his breath, “Fuu~” as he submerges himself into the hot water.  I sound just like a boke[3]That’s when he remembers his about his evil eye.  That’s right, I fought Elias.  Was that battle enough?

Sora invokes his evil eye within his heart and looks towards a cloudy mirror.  He says, “Do you acknowledge me?”

—Sora-sama challenged Elias-sama and obtained a magnificent victory.  You are more powerful than I originally believe.

“I won, but Elias didn’t go full out.”

—That may be true, but a win is a win.

“Haa, well alright.  So does that mean I’ll be able to see everything from now on?”

—Yes, please look at that slime as a test.

Sora directs his evil eye towards Sura and:


Original Slime





-Language Comprehension: Lv. MAX  (Can understand other languages)

-Fire: Lv. Max (Consumes 50 units of magical power to create fire.  Weak, but strength grows with use.)


One of the rare appearing neutral monsters.  Was born with a high amount of magic power.  Currently Sora’s pet with the name Sura.  Sura likes her name, a lot.  Loves riding on Sora’s shoulder.  Is happy that the number of her companions has increased.


“What’s anthropomorphication?”

—That… is a skill I’ll be investigating.

“I see.”  Small shivers, waku waku, of excitement pass through Sora upon seeing the skill, but he keeps it secret.  He says, “This is everything?”

—No, please focus your attention a bit long.

Sora concentrates on Sura as instructed and her body becomes translucent.  He can see her mana stone.  He can also see her next action.  “This is… amazing.”

—This is my true value.

Sora, satisfied with what his evil eye can do, dismisses it.  He once more eases his body into the hot water and then checks his own stats:


Name: Sora=Basard

Age: 15

Race: Human

Level: 52

Physical Strength: 1300

Magical Power: 1700

Attack Power: 180

Defense Power: 1000

Agility: 326

Luck: 30


-Evil Eye: Lv. MAX

-Physical Strengthening: Lv. MAX

-Dark Magic: Lv. MAX

-Gravity Manipulation: Lv. MAX

-Madness: Lv. MAX

-Collaboration Lv. MAX

-Metastasis Lv. MAX




-Protection of the Dai Maou Lv. MAX


-Disciple of the Dai Maou

-One who has exceeded the Dai Maou


Sora rises from the bath and dries himself with a warm breeze.  I wonder if there’s any sort of significance behind the title, ‘One who has exceeded the Dai Maou’?

Yami waits for him atop of the bed.  She sits there without making a sound.  How diligent.

Sora says, “Yami, go take a bath.  I’m a bit tired so I’m going to lie down.

Yami enters the bathroom while saying, “Understood.”

Sora lays on the bed with Sura.  Then, after leaving a space open for Yami, drifts to sleep.

–Cute Star ★ says surrender now or prepare to fight—

Not much time passes when an itchy, muzu muzu, feeling rouses Sora.  He’s doubtful of what he sees, but hugging him is a dripping wet, naked, Yami.  Thank you, darkness.  The lack of light obscures her important areas.

Sora says, “Wh- what’s going on?”

“Masta, you promised to play with me.  You still haven’t played with me.”

“Eeh?”  Sora thinks back— That’s right!  “Yami!  I’ll play with you tomorrow night so let’s stop for today!  I order, no, please stop.”  He adds, “…Sorry, I forgot.”

“There will be a punishment.”

“Haa?  A punishment?  What do—”

Yami grabs Sora’s face,


Yami moves away from his mouth.

The kiss throws his mind into chaos.

Yami says, “If you break your promise again, an even harsher punishment will await.”  She then shuts her eyes.

My first kiss…  The chaos rampaging within Sora’s head dispels his sleepiness.  My first kiss…  Sora continues to repeat the phrase as he stares at Sura.  The sight helps his mind settles and he somehow drifts to sleep.

He awakens around noon the next day.  He says, “Fuaaah, morning.”

“Masta, good morning.”

Sora’s face turns red the moment he sees Yami.  He averts his eyes towards Sura in an attempt to calm down.  The previous night’s event is fresh in his mind.

Once they finish preparing, they leave for the adventure’s guild.


T/N:  And he sleeps through breakfast, again.  Anyway with this chapter, I have finished volume one!  To be honest, this story has some major issues.  The biggest one, as a lot of you have mentioned, is the pacing.  There really isn’t much that can be done about that except hope that the author improves.  I’m really looking forward to author-san’s overall improvement.  Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but I get the feeling it probably will.

So, looks like Sora has finally caught up to his classmates in terms of stats.  I hope well get to see more of them next volume.  Speaking of which, should I continue to the next volume??  You guys can tell me.  Should I continue, drop, or do another volume and then ask again??


1 Imoto = younger sister

2  Tsun as in tsundere

3 The jokester from a comedy routine


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