Isekai Mahou ha Okureteru! Translation

57. Suimei Yakagi’s House within the Empire

Suimei Yakagi rests inside of the Yakagi Household located within Filas Filia, the Imperial Capital.  He sits on a bed in the living room and stares at his bandaged left hand with a vacant gaze.


A few days have passed since the evening when he tried to persuade Liliana to stop using dark magic.  Her rash use of dark magic summoned a manifestation of sin.  Suimei’s astral body was corroded during the ensuing battle, restricting his ability to move as he wants.  The tall shadow appeared at the end, caused a panic, and had Liliana escape.  He has been forced to stay home since then in order to recuperate.

Elliot’s party confronted the tall shadow at that time, but it, despite being severely outnumbered, eluded them.  Suimei managed to avoid being questioned by Elliot and returned home.  Lefille, upon seeing Suimei, was filled with questions and worry, but her first action was nurse him.  I’ve created a lot of trouble for everyone.  This is wrong, we should be looking for Liliana instead. 

Right now, Felmenia, having come from Aster to cooperate with Suimei, fidgets as she enters the living room to refill his pitcher with water.

Suimei sits on a bed with his body half raised.  He both thanks and apologizes to her.  “Sorry, you didn’t come all this way just to do this.”

“This development was quite unexpected for me as well.  Regardless, not only did His Majesty ordered me to support you, Suimei-dono, this is a responsibility that have I also accepted.  Furthermore, I am learning magic underneath you.”  Her resolute expression crumbles as she averts her gaze and mumbles, “If anything, I am the one imposing on you…”

Is she ashamed about that?

Felmenia refills Suimei’s pitcher and then uses magic she learned from him.  “—parts with warmth.  As is my will.”

While the appearance remains the same, Suimei can sense a change to the contents.  He says, “You’ve improved.”

“…The water should be cooler now.  Although, that was not something worth praising.”

Suimei shakes his head at Felmenia’s tactful rejection.  “The magic you just preformed was very delicate.  It’s better to praise that delicate and well controlled spell craft than its magnitude.”

“I- I see.”

Even though Felmenia accepts Suimei’s praise with some difficulty, it still makes her a bit happy.  She grows bashful upon realizing that he might notice and redirects his attention.  “A- Anyway, please rest easily until your body heals.”

Suimei replies with a relaxed tone.  “No, I can’t do that either.”

“You are unable to…. Ah.”

Did my tone give it away?  The reason for Suimei’s concern is obvious.  Elliot and his party saw Liliana’s face that night.  Furthermore, she ran away at the tall shadow’s command.  Although her connection to the tall shadow is unclear, there’s no doubt that she’s in a precarious situation.  There’s no evidence, but everything that’s happened is enough to make her suspicious.

Suimei has often been worrying about Liliana.  Just what is she doing?  I would have heard if she was arrest. 

Felmenia discerns his thoughts and narrows her eyes as she purses her lips.

Suimei notices her discontent and says, “I get it.  I’ll diligently wait for my body to heal.”

“Please understand, Suimei-dono.  There are people who worry about you the same way you worry about Liliana Zandyke.”

“Like Lefille, my bad.”[1]

Felmenia nods at Suimei’s words.  She then releases a sigh and says, “…I was led to believe you were a cautious person back at the royal castle, but you’re actually quite reckless.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot.”

Felmenia frowns as she rebukes him.  “Is this really something to laugh about…?  Lefille will lecture you again if you continue like this.”

Suimei, however, maintains his wry smile.  Once his condition from his battle with Liliana stabilized, waiting for him was a lecture from the infuriated small, onee-san, Lefille.  Her words, “Do you know how worried I was!” and “Stop being so reckless!” are still fresh in his mind.

Except, she’s right.  Suimei got caught up in such a mess because he wasn’t careful.  The same happened when he helped Lefille.  It’s taking me longer to heal than I thought it would.

Lefille enters the living room with a stacked load just as Felmenia finishes speaking.  She walks with a thick voice that resounds with all of her effort, “Unsho unsho.”  What she carries isn’t heavy, so it’s probably a warning because her view is blocked.  Regardless, that’s dangerous.

Felmenia speaks with a gentle tone.  “Lefille, carrying that much is dangerous.  Would not taking a bit at a time be safer?”

“There’s nothing to worry about, Felmenia-dono.  This load only reaches a bit higher than me.  I used to swing around a sword much larger than me in my original form…  Unsho unsho.”

Suimei says, “Lefille, be careful.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Felmenia gives Suimei a puzzled expression.  His composure is different from how he usually acts.  She says, “…..Suimei-dono, about those words you just spoke.”

“Ahh, that?  Right now I’m focusing all of my attention into healing myself, so my mind isn’t fully here.”

Although Suimei looks fine laying on the bed, a closer look reveals a blank gaze in his eyes.  That state is the inevitable result of him focusing all of his attention into wielding his magic into healing his astral body.

Felmenia gives him a stern expression.  “I am unable to tell from your appearance, but is your condition very severe?”

“I can easily heal normal injuries to my body with magic.  Damage to my astral body like this isn’t as simple.”

“….So the body is easier to heal.”

Suimei replies with an idiotic tone.  “Pretty much.”

Lefille, having finished carrying the load, returns.  She sits down near his pillow with a stunned expression.  She says, “So physical injuries aren’t a problem?  You sure casually say some amazing things….   Hmm, but your astral body?  I remember you talking about it before.  Didn’t you prepare anything to defend yourself?”

“Dark magic is a special case.  None of the magicians of my world, not even devil worshipers, would use such dangerous curses.  Assuming no one would use an attack like that is normal.  Well, either way, you could say I was negligent, that I didn’t make proper preparations, that ah—”  Suimei’s words jumble within his mouth.  His language facilities have dulled with his mind.

Felmenia says, “…Perhaps we should refrain from asking too many questions.”

Lefille says, “You’re right, we’ll have to save the difficult ones for later.”

Suimei thanks the two for taking his circumstances into consideration, “Sorry, but please do so.”

Felmenia stands from her chair and heads for the kitchen while saying, “Suimei-dono, I cooked a meal earlier, please have some.”  She soon returns with a wooden bowl of soup along with a spoon.  Scattered within the steamy, white soup are round white beans.

Lefille stares wide eyed at Felmenia’s dish.  The children of nobles are usually assigned personal chefs and therefore do not know how to cook.  “You can cook, Felmenia-dono?”

Pride elates Felmenia’s expression and voice as she says, “I can.  It is one of many skills I learned when I was young.  Before being sent off to learn magic with my teacher, I was told back then that I would need to be able to do take care of myself.”

“That’s amazing.  I’d like to learn from your example.”

“You already are very capable for your age, Lefille.  The amount you have accomplished is incredible.”

Lefille is unable to take pride in Felmenia’s heartfelt admiration.  “……”  Those words imply that she’s a small child.  She says, “Like I’ve been…”

Felmenia’s attention, however, is on the dish she brought Suimei.  She passes him the bowl and spoon while saying, “Well then, Suimei-dono, please have some pearl bean pottage.  It is very nutritious.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Lefille says, “Pearl bean pottage?”  Her eyes shine as she stares at the dish.  Not only are pearl beans tasty, everyone knows that they’re packed with nutrients.  It’s said that sick people will become energetic immediately after eating a bowl.  The beans are tough to chew at first, but become tender after boiling.  Afterwards, one bite is enough for them to burst with flavor.

Suimei accepts the pure white pottage soup, but whether it registers within him is questionable.  Even though his eyes are narrowed as he slowly scoops up a spoonful, his concentration is focused on recovery.  Therefore, the path his arm takes is worrisome.

Lefille says, “Suimei-kun, that’s dangerous.”

“My bad.”

Lefille claps her fist into her palm at Suimei’s dazed response.  She says, “….That’s it.”

Felmenia says, “What is it, Lefille?”

“I just had a great idea.”

“A great idea?”

“Suimei-kun, pass me the bowl and spoon.”

He passes them to her without a moment’s doubt.  “Sure.”

Lefille raises a spoonful of the pottage with a smile and says, “Here, Suimei-kun.  Say, ah—n.”

Felmenia says, “Haa?  Le- Lefille, even like this, Suimei-dono wouldn— huh!?”

Suimei opens his mouth without any hesitation and says, “Ah—n.

Felmenia is left speechless as Suimei accepts the food and swallows it with a gulp.  Lefille lifts another spoonful of the pottage towards Suimei’s mouth.  This time, she ensures that pearl beans are include.

A low mumble comes from Suimei in return, “…delicious.”

Felmenia’s mouth hangs open.  Suimei’s current behavior would never happen on an ordinary day.  “…Unbelievable, for that Suimei-dono to be this defenseless…”  The usual Suimei would be too embarrassed to accept such treatment.  Right now, with his current attention elsewhere, he’s much more receptive.  She says, “N-gu n-gu…. Lefille, this is inexcusable.”

Lefille speaks with a gentle expression.  Her affectionate gaze is like one of an older sister’s.  “No, Suimei-kun is great like this.  Seeing him this docile makes me happy.”

Felmenia becomes interested upon hearing Lefille confirm she isn’t doing anything wrong.  She says, “Lefille, may I also have a turn?”

Lefille passes her the bowl and spoon while saying, “Yeah, no problem.”

“Well then, Suimei-dono, say, ‘Ah-n.’”

Suimei once more opens his mouth, this time to accept Felmenia’s serving.  “Ah-n.”  His lack of resistance is very likable to both girls.  They watch his passive chewing without blinking and with growing excitement.

Felmenia’s dark thoughts slip out as she says, “…How amusing.  Suimei-dono, despite having defeated me, is currently following my hand…. Fufufu.”

Lefille’s overwhelming emotion causes her to say, “Yeah, Suimei-kun is cute like this.  This is a really rare situation.”

The two girls pass the pottage back and forth, feeding Suimei until the bowl is empty.

–Cute Star ★ has a message for all of you–

Sitting in the southern area of the Imperial Capital, Filas Filia, is its tallest structure, the great castle, Groschler.  More than being just the emperor’s home, it is also the central political building and the heart of the Empire’s political affairs.  There is where the emperor governs through the advice of the nobility.

Since the Imperial Capital was originally a fortress town, it was built strong and has a long history of enduring various emergencies that threatened to topple its sovereignty.  The magnificent reputation it received as a result is renown even beyond its borders.

The extravagant administration chamber hosts a flag with a crest.  Spread over its floor is a deep crimson carpet.  The chamber can be said to be a symbol of the emperor’s authority.  It is a place where people gather in order to use their authority into pressuring others into action.

Right now, a strained atmosphere has befallen the chamber.  Despicable, lowly, emotions radiate all throughout.  Rouge Zandyke, having been summoned to the castle, kneels before the throne.  Despite feeling the turbulent atmosphere within the chamber, he maintains his stoic expression and follows the appropriate protocol of keeping his head down as he introduces himself.  “Intelligence division, Colonel Rogue Zandyke, reports to your summons.”

A genro[2] says, “Raise your head.”

Rogue lifts his head.  Seated on the throne before him is a young man clothed in elegant attire, the first imperial prince of the Nelferian Empire, Reanat Filas Rieseld.  He is a talented man able to carry out governmental affairs during the emperor’s absence even with the rampant greed prevalent within Groschler.  His cool appearance is one followed by strict judgments.

Rouge once more bows to Reanat.  “You appear to be in high spirits, your Highness, the Imperial Prince, Reanat.  This is a trifling question, but was not His Highness, the Emperor, responsible for overseeing the court’s governmental affairs today?”

Within the current administration, Emperor Nelferia is well into his years.  In order to solidify the political experience of his heir, the imperial prince, Reanat, the two switch turns in overseeing the governmental court.

Reanat gives a faint smile to Rouge’s question and glances towards the emperor’s usual place.  “It was.  His Majesty is at the Ruby Palace.  He didn’t feel like coming today, leaving me to come in his stead.  His Majesty truly is unmanageable when the mood strikes.”

Rouge lowers his head as Reanat releases a strained laugh, “Kukuku.”  With the Emperor off fraternizing with women at the Ruby Palace villa, the Imperial Prince must be sighing in his mind. 

The prince’s chuckles cease.  The quieting echoes of his laugh bring a change to the air.  Rouge tightens his vigilance upon realizing they are about to begin.

Reanat props his elbow on his extravagant chair’s armrest and rests his chin on his hand.  He says, “Well then, Rouge, I assume you know why you’ve been summoned here today?”

“…While this may be presumptuous of me, I believe it is about Liliana.”

“Correct, this conversation is a continuation of the one about whether or not your daughter is responsible for the coma incidents.  She was spotted fleeing from the crime scene the other night.  Have you been able to locate her?”

“No, I have devoted myself into searching for her, but have yet to determine her location.”

“She hasn’t returned to your estate?”

When Rouge says, “It’s as I’ve stated,” a short tempered genro raises his voice.  “Or maybe you’re sheltering her!  Isn’t she your daughter?”

“No, I would never do as such….”

Hou?  According to the military police, the recent target was a high ranking aristocrat.  Isn’t it possible that an upstart like yourself could have manipulating his daughter into preforming such actions?”

The genro uses a euphemism to imply that Rouge is improving his social position by eliminating opposing aristocrats.  Rouge, however, rejects the claim by saying, “I’ve heard that not all the victims where high ranking aristocrats.”

“How shameless!  Of course you’d eliminate those low ranking aristocrats!  The majority of them were suspicious of you!”

The genro’s voice echoes within the administration chamber.  His artificial and accusative tone elicits agreement from several others.  The suspicion on Liliana grow alongside their agitation.  In turn, the nobles supportive of Rouge find voicing their complaints difficult.

Reanat deliberately releases a sigh.  “…Don’t you think that’s enough?  We have yet to decide on whether Liliana is truly guilty or not.”


The loud voices echoing within the chamber quiet at Reanat’s words.  The first to withdraw is the genro who accused Rogue.  The ones who clamored in soon follow.  The resulting silence suggest that no one had been speaking.  One could say they were attempting to sway Reanat’s neutral stance against Rouge.

Rouge senses a stifled laughter from somewhere within the chamber.  No, that’s exactly what they’re trying to do.

Once the surroundings have settled down, Reanat says, “Beginning such a dispute here is pointless.  Our first task is to locate Liliana.  Devote all your effort into finding her.”

A genro quickly agrees with Reanat, “Of course,” but also uses to opportunity to voice his own opinion.  “However, I believe there is something else we must decide first.”

“Something else we must decide…?”

“Yes, who will take responsibility for this?”

Rouge frowns at the genro’s words.

Reanat realizes their true meaning and directs a cold gaze at Rouge.  “We will find your daughter soon.  Should Liliana be the criminal, what will you do?”

Rouge says, “Please wait, we have yet to determine whether or not she is the criminal.”

A genro summaries Reanat’s words.  “—That is true, but right now we’re speaking of a hypothetical.  At this moment, we are determining on how we’ll proceed should it hold true.”

Rouge steals a glance of the genro who spoke and sees that the old man is grinning.  They are trying to determine the punishment much too fast.  Those genro obviously plan to present Reanat with false charges against Liliana.

Reanat, perhaps because he holds Rouge in high regard, adds to the genro’s summery.  “Rouge, you and your daughter are powerful assets to the Empire.  I, too, wish to find her innocent.  However, please understand that our country adheres to strict laws.  Therefore, should the worst be the case, we must decide on how we’ll proceed.”

A genro continues for Reanat.  “Article 12 of the Imperial Military Service Outline, clause 3.  As a colonel, I doubt you’d disrespect our regulations.  Therefore, should the event occur, wouldn’t you also desire suitable punishment?”


Reanat says, “Well then, Rouge, what is your response?”

Rouge says, “…My daughter’s failures are my failures.  I will relinquish my position within the military and step down from the Elite Twelve.”

Reanat’s voice echoes within the chamber.  “Very well.”

The genro who first accused Rouge once more raises his artificial voice.  “Excellent, the colonel himself taking responsibility for his daughter is only proper.”

“However, isn’t this is a bit extreme?”

“This situation only occurred because of his lack of oversight.  It’s perfectly reasonable… don’t you agree, colonel?”

Rouge lowers his head at the genro’s pressure.  “…I do.”

Reanat watches the situation unfold for a moment and then says, “…His Majesty is also concerned about our delay in resolving this case.  The anxiety it brings about cannot be allowed to continue any longer, not in our current situation where a mazoku invasion could happen at any moment.”

The genro voice their agreement.  One says, “You are right.  We must also put our utmost effort in resolving these incidents.  However, the Holy City’s Yuusha-dono also seems to be involved in this investigation.”

“I realize that involving ourselves will be difficult.  Regardless, we cannot allow the current situation to continue.  Therefore, we will be implementing some changes.”

“Some changes?  What do you mean?”

“The military police and intelligence department have both been working together to investigate this case.  As of now, the two units will be integrated under the command of a single person.”  Reanat then says, “Enter.”  The doors open and in walks a person who stands next to Reanat.

T/N:  Does anyone else think that the load Lefille was carrying is actually Felmenia’s luggage?  It kinda makes sense for her to do so while Felmenia looks after Suimei.  Speaking of which, that first section was the complete opposite of the light novel.  Truthfully, I thought that spoon feeding part was something added for the light novel.  Now we know.

Now, why am I updating the main story??  Shameless advertisement!!  Everyone, I am currently translating the Isekai Mahou Gaiden, a side story from before Suimei was summoned to the other world.  If you like Isekai Mahou, than you should check it out!


[1] Yes, he clearly specifies Lefille here.  The sentence is a bit vague, so I may have misread it.  The full line reads,「すまん。レフィールのことだな」

2 The term is an unofficial designation given to certain retired elder Japanese statesmen, considered the “founding fathers” of modern Japan, who served as informal extraconstitutional advisors to the emperor, during the Meiji, Taishō and early Shōwa periods in Japanese history.

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