.hack//C.S. Translation

.hack//C.S. Character Introduction

Online Name / Class (Real Name and Age)

  • Ikaruga / Blade Brandier (Shirakawa Junya 18>19) :  Our protagonist.  He has no real memories of how he got where he is.  Appears to be knowledgeable about the gods.
  • Divine / Shadow Warlock (Ito 29) :  Former C.C. employee.  Although this person was involved with the RA project, a certain incident led to this person resigning.  Called out to Ikaruga due to currently being interested in him.
  • ★ (Kira) / Harvest Cleric (Saiki 26) :  Ito’s junior.  Although this person wasn’t involved in the RA project, this person learned the truth about C.C. and resigned alongside Ito.  Currently parties with Song Huang.
  • Reality / Harvest Cleric (Kotori Shin 18) :  A female friend who went to the same vocational school as Shirakawa.  After seeing a C.C. part-time job advertisement, she invited Shirakawa to accompany her to apply.  Is currently someone who got swallowed up in the accident.
  • Al / Steam Gunner :  A random player character who happened to be in the area.  Appears to be familiar with Ikaruga and is cooperating with him.  Weakness, an uncontrollable sharp tongue.
  • Folke / Shadow Warlock :  Al’s companion.  Also cooperating with Ikaruga and G.U.


  • Shiro :  The top administrator.  Worships the creator, Harold.  Because this administrator has the same appearance as the others, this one can’t be distinguished from the others.
  • Second Conspiracy[1] :  An administrator.  Holds doubts towards Shiro’s administrative policies.
  • Ichigo 5 :  Second Conspiracy’s junior.  Only recently became an administrator.


T/N:  Yes, a new mini project to work alongside the others.  Yes, I am taking on a lot of different translations.  I even want to take on two more.  Those will have to wait until I make a bit more progress on my current projects.  But no worries!  This project and one of the future ones are pretty short so they won’t be that time consuming.  I hope you all like this one~.

-Gandire Alea

1  弐拾参  If you have a better name for this guy, I’m all ears.

2 Al’s class doesn’t say Steam Gunner, it just says bayonet. I’ve called him Steam Gunner since they can uses bayonets.

2. The Water Capital, Mac Anu>