Translation Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De

1.8 Romance and Sora

Sora thrusts his left hand into Elias’s abdomen and yanks out her mana stone.  Feeling its pulse within his grip assures him of his victory.  He took a gamble and succeeded… so why hasn’t Elias vanished?

Elias laughs while Sora wonders about the strange development.  “Ahahahahahahahahaa!!”

“Wh- what…?”

Sora’s surprise is to be expected.  Elias is of the demon race.  Akuma, just like monsters, vanish upon having their mana stone stolen from their bodies.  Sora is holding Elias’s mana stone, yet not only is she not disappearing, she’s laughing.

Impossible, I’ll never be able to win like this

Elias says, “No way~, I never thought you’d take my mana stone~.  I messed up~.  Looks like I lost~.”

Sora says, “Eh, I won?”

“That’s right~.”

I claimed a victory against Dai Maou Elias, but it comes with a bitter aftertaste.  How is Elias still alive after having her mana stone stolen?  That doubt overshadows any happiness he might feel.

Sora says, “Elias, can I ask you something?”


“How are you still alive after having your mana stone taken?”

“Yeah~, it’s a long story that should be within my memories~.”

“Got it.”

Sora searches Elias’s memories and discovers that she possesses three mana stones.  Furthermore, if one is lost, it’ll immediately be restored.  How is anyone supposed to defeat that! 

Sora, with his question settled, rejoices at his victory.

–Cute Star ★ wants Brother Moon to visit–

With the battle over, everyone is returned to the room with the round table.  Sora turns to Elias and says, “What effects does the Dai Maou’s divine protection grant?”

“Hmm~, to be honest, I don’t really know~.  This is my first time granting it, so I’ll look into it~.”  She then approaches Sora and spins him around.

“What are you doing?”

Elias looks him over while saying, “Mm~, I’m investigating the ability of your evil eye~.”

Elias, unlike Sora, possess 5 evil eye skills.  Her first evil eye allows her to hijack her target’s body.  Her second evil eye lets her kill her target on sight.  Her third evil eye lets her see the skills of her target.  Her forth evil eye allows her to see very far away.  In other words, it grants her clairvoyance.  Her final eye allows her to tempt her target.

Elias’s eyes flutter, chira chira, towards his face a few times.  Is she using her third evil eye to see my skills?  Sora is reluctant, but still asks, “Did you learn something?”

“Fuufuufu~, I heard something good~.  I know exactly what the Dai Maou’s divine protection grants~.”

Elias gives a long, detailed, explanation about her divine protection.  Simply stated, people who receive her divine protection don’t die easily, have an irregular stat growth, and acquire powerful max Lv. skills.  More than all of that, the level limit is removed.

She says, “Well~, isn’t it amazing~?”

“It’s incredibly awesome.  Cerberus would have killed me without your divine protection…”

“Yep, yep, it’s all thanks to me~.”

That comment is a bit annoying, but she totally right.  I wouldn’t be here if Elias hadn’t rescued me and without her divine protection, right now I’d be in Cerberus’s stomach.  Everything really is all thanks to her.

Sora says, “Thank you,” and then moves to his final perplexity.  “There have been some discrepancies with your memories, like, Cerberus.”

“Mm~, you’re right~, that surprised me too~.  Things have most likely~ changed while I was away.”

“Ah, I see.”  Elias was sealed in the void for centuries.  Monster will naturally have migrated during those hundreds of years.

Sora, satisfied with having his questions answered, turns towards Yami and Sura— Elias grabs his shoulder.  She says, “Where are you going~?”

“Where?  Now that we’re finished, I was going to leave.”

Elias’s eyes flicker, chira chira, with light as she says, “Fuu~n, won’t you play with me~?”

Is she really the Dai Maou? 

Sora decides that visiting and leaving after only taking out one of Elias’s mana stones would be rude and agrees to stay longer.  In return, Elias frolics like a child.  Sora wants to tell Yami and Sura of his decision, but stops upon seeing them surrounded by the various other akuma.  That’s right!  Sora searches Elias’s memories to investigate the five akuma.

First, the pale skinned, black haired, akuma Elias grabbed by the head.  His name is Gwain.  He’s the Maou who leads the akuma.

Next is the akuma with gradient cut, blond hair and the somewhat droopy, golden eyes.  Her name is mostly Rose.  She is the Maou who oversees medical treatment.

Third is the akuma with the gradient bowl cut, crimson hair with matching pupils.  Her name is Vera.[1] She is the Maou that directs the development of weapons and defensive armaments.


Fourth is the akuma with a scar over his eye.  He received that after challenging Elias to a battle.  His name is Willia.  He is the Maou who holds the position of chief strategist.

Finally is the blue, short haired, akuma with matching, calm, eyes.  Her name is Melikia.  She is the Maou designated as Elias’s escort. 

Ugee… everyone here is a Maou… that’s scary. 

While Sora is lost in his surprise, Elias says, “Well then, let’s go play~.”

“What are we—”  Elias grabs Sora’s arm before he can finish and teleports.

Once they materialize, she teleports again.  Elias continues to teleport over and over.  Sora can only allow himself to be taken along as they go to seaside mountains, volcanoes, deserts, snowcapped mountains, the sky, and various other place.  After several hours, she ends her game of teleportation by materializing within a pure white room.  Placed within the middle of the room is a chair.

Elias says, “This~ is my room~.”

“Your room!?  But there’s nothing here.”

“The emptiness is quite soothing~.”

Although Sora can understand the logic behind Elias’s words, he himself is unable to settle his nerves.

Elias says, “A long time ago~, there was someone I fell in love with.  I went up to that person and confessed my feelings~.  Then~, since the other also loved me, we entered a relationship~.  We visited many places together~.  That person was very kind~.  Anything that person gave me~ made me feel~ extremely happy.  I thought that happiness~ would continue forever, but then~ my happiness vanished in the blink of an eye~.  The so called Yuusha came out of nowhere and attacked me~.  That person died trying to protect me~.  My head went white and I lost everything…  Yep, exactly like this room~.”

“….That’s, a lie.”

“What~ makes you say that?”

“Obviously, because there’s no such memory.”

“Really~, Sora has no sense for romance~.”

“Romance…  There was once?  I didn’t really get it, but it left scars.”

“Mou~, romance is romance~!”

Sora and Elias continue back and forth for around ten minutes before returning to the room with the round table.  Elias says, “Fuu~, that was fun~.  Let’s do that again~.”

I absolutely don’t want to do it again.  If I have to, then a slower pace would be much better.

Sora then sees Elias smile.  He says, “Ye- yeah.  I’d like to do that again.”

Elias says, “Then~ it’s a promise~.”

He then looks for Yami and Sura.  Both are still surrounded by the Maou and are receiving a barrage of questions.  Sora says, “Hey, Yami, Sura, let’s go back.”

Yami dashes towards Sora while saying, “Ahh, masta!”  The Maou give Sora reproachful stares, but remain silent.  Sora gives them a light bow and leaves.

With the thought, We’ve got a long journey ahead of us, they walk out of Maou’s Castle.


T/N:  This chapter was a very easy one to translate.  That’s the only reason I was able to release it this week.  Isekai Mahou… I’d need 3–5 times more time to translate one.  Not only that, the designated time I set aside to translate it was consumed by the distractions known as people.  Anyway, now that Sora has defeated the Dai Maou, his evil eye should behave just fine.  I wonder what I’ll say if he meets a Yuusha??  More than that, I wonder what his stats are now.  He defeated Cerberus and was able to get a victory over Elias.  His level must have sky rocketed.  Actually, why didn’t he use his evil eye on her?  Sure, it probably wouldn’t have said anything useful, but any little bit helps.


-Gandire Alea


1 Turns out Vera is a woman.  I’ve gone back and made the appropriate changes.


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