Translation Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De

1.4 A Young Woman and Sora

Sora and Sura head for Maou’s castle after parting with Rieza.  According to Elias’s memories, it is located in a place called Di Nodel.  He could get there by cutting straight through a grassy plain, but would then have to deal with powerful monsters such as centaurs, minotaur, and gryphons.  Fighting them with just Sura would be suicide.  As a result, he decides to take another route.

Sora searches Elias’s vast memories for the safest and shortest path available.  The task takes him a while, but he discovers one that cuts through the Helnoria Kingdom.  From his current location, he’ll need to walk for at least 3 days, then take 13 days to reach the Bollgoa Kingdom, stock up on supplies like food, and use the gate to warp[1] to Deekos Volcano, a region neighboring Di Nodel.  From there, he’ll walk for at least another 5 days for a total of at least 3 weeks.

Regardless of the safety, he still needs to be warry of Radon and Ifrit, strong monsters said to appear around Deekos Volcano.  Fortunately, there aren’t very many of them, so he, like all travelers, will be fine as long as he’s careful.

The difficulty of his journey will spike midway through, but that only makes the adventure more thrilling.  Sora trembles with excitement, waku waku, as he begins walking towards the Helnoria Kingdom with Sura.  He mutters, “This, isn’t this the special training given to the chosen one?”

A few hours pass with Sura riding on his shoulder.  A goblin appears midway, and with Sura’s help, Sora defeats it without injury.  He stops to rest during the evening with Sura taking first watch.

Sora reaches the Helnoria Kingdom in 3 days, right on schedule.  His first action is to find lodgings.  Why am I looking for an inn?  Because I’ve been camping out for three days.  I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep or a bath.

The moment Sora acquires a room, he takes a bath.  “Ahh~” he sighs out like an ossan[2] as he soaks himself in hot water.  After three days of not bathing, the act now overwhelms him with bliss.  Sura is naturally in the tub with him.

Sora recalls that he defeated a few monsters during his trip.  He takes out his status plate to confirm any changes.


Name: Sora=Basard

Age: 15

Race: Human

Level: 12

Physical Strength: 250

Magical Power: 260

Attack Power: 42

Defense Power: 200

Agility: 42

Luck: 15


-Evil Eye: Lv. MAX

-Physical Strengthening: Lv. MAX

-Dark Magic: Lv. MAX


-Protection of the Dai Maou Lv. MAX


-Disciple of the Dai Maou



“Dark magic?  What’s that?”  Sora disregards that the skill reads Lv. MAX and activates his evil eye.


Evil Eye: Lv. MAX  (Allows dark attribute magic to be used.)



Yeah, that sloppy explanation didn’t tell me anything new.  Well, since I already have my evil eye activated, I might as well check Sura’s stats.


Original Slime


Lv. 10




-Language Comprehension: Lv. MAX  (Can understand other languages)

-Fire: Lv. Max (Consumes 50 units of magical power to create fire.  Weak, but strength grows with use.)

One of the rare appearing neutral monsters.  Was born with a high amount of magic power.  Currently Sora’s pet with the name Sura.  Sura likes her name, a lot.  Loves riding on Sora’s shoulder.



“Sura, your stamina and magic power are way too high even with your increased level…”  Sora releases his evil eye and eases the rest of his body into the hot bath.

Even though the sun is still up when Sora finishes bathing, he’s overcome by drowsiness.  He crawls into bed with Sura and falls asleep.


The next day, Sora replenishes his supply of food.  Then, together with Sura, sets forth for the Bollgoa Kingdom.  They reach a large forest after walking through a meadow for a few hours.  According to Elias’s memories, inside the forest live goblin king, large versions of normal goblins.  The monsters themselves aren’t very strong, but their tough skin gives them a high defensive power.

Those monsters weren’t something Sora originally wanted to fight against, but now, I think I’ll give it a try.  He wants to test his dark magic.

Sora trembles with excitement, waku waku, as he enters the forest.  Enormous trees growing packed together within the swampy mountainous area block the sunlight to create a muggy atmosphere.

He walks for a little while before hearing, “Koahh!”

“What the?” Sora turns towards the cry and, “Uh!?”

Before Sora is a goblin king— A monster is eating the goblin king.

“Uwah!  No way, seriously?”

The monster eating the goblin king is a giant with a pig’s face.  That monster is more commonly known as an orc.

Sora looks at the orc and invokes his evil eye.




Lv. 18



Skills (none)

A ferocious monster.  They sometimes eats their own companions.



An unnerving smile floats onto Sora’s face, nyari.  “Level 18, it’s neither strong nor weak, but just right.”  While the orc is busy eating the goblin king, he invokes his dark magic.  “My power, in accordance to our contract, awaken!  Feast your pitch black flames upon this fool!  Educate it with true despair!  —Dark magic!”

Pitch black flames really did appear!  Sora’s magic jets towards the orc.  The flames touch the orc and its entire body is enveloped within a moment.  It didn’t even have time to scream.

“St- strong…”

Sora, despite his shock, recovers the orc’s magic stone.  “Alright, shall we get going?”  He resumes his walk through the forest— “Uwah!?”

A massive amount of orcs rain down from above.  Maybe they live on this enormous tree?  The orcs surround Sora.  Their weapons are readied in an instant.  Wait a minute, are they serious?  Isn’t taking on this many dangerous? 


The orcs spontaneously ignite— they’re annihilated.  “What just happened… what’s happ—!?”  The pitch black flames gather before Sora and take on a humanoid shape.  The sight leaves him dumbfounded.

A second wave of orcs drop down.  Sora gets ready to fight them, but his actions are rendered moot.


The humanoid flames take action— it incinerates the surrounding orcs in an instant.  The orcs are eradicated.

This thing must have also eliminated the orcs from before.  –It’s dangerous.

Sora backs away from the humanoid flame, but the action is futile.  The flame moves at an impossible speed and restrains him with an embrace.

“It burns… or not.”

What’s going on?

Sora prepared himself to die upon being hugged by the humanoid flame, but the flames didn’t burn him.  Despite Sora already be confused, the humanoid flame’s flames changes into skin.  Appearing before him is young girl with black hair and black eyes.  She stands at about 130 cm[3].

A girl?  She’s naked!?

Sora’s face is going to turn bright red.  Obviously because there’s a young girl nude right in front of me.  Not to mention, she’s hugging me.  Sora isn’t a lolicon, but he is a boy at an age where his Excalibur will unsheathe at the presence of cherries.

This is bad!  Sora tries to break free, but, biku, the young girl has super human strength.  Impossible! 

Sora glances towards Sura, who’s on his shoulder, to divert his attention from the situation.  His Excalibur sheathes itself upon seeing her go, funi funi.

The young girl speaks, “Fuu.”  She appears to be relieved.  “Masta?”

Sora is caught off guard by the young girl speaking.  The shock leads to his voice cracking.  “Eh?  Masta?”

What does “masta” mean?  Masta… master— Master!  Wait?  Master?  Why is she calling me master?  Could this young girl be the pitch black flames from earlier?

“Is something wrong, masta?”

Sora looks at the young girl and says, “You, who are you?”  Just as his Excalibur once more unsheathes itself, he focuses his attention upon her face.

The young girl’s expression saddens.  “Masta is terrible.  Masta was the one who summoned me.”

I summoned her?  When did I… the pitch black flames I invoked…  No way!  Then—

“You’re my dark magic?”

A bright smile, paa, floats onto the young girl’s face.  “As expected of you, masta!”

That smile brings a similar smile onto Sora’s face.  “Hey, before anything else, will you let go of me?”


The young girl releases Sora, and he quickly looks away.  Thanks to the distance, he can now see more of her.

She says, “What’s wrong, masta?”

“That… don’t you have any clothes?”

“Clothes?  You want me to put some on?”

“Yes, put some on!”

“Understood.”  Black flames envelop the young girl.  They extinguish after a few seconds and reveal that she now wears a pitch black robe.

A robe!  Why?  Sora doesn’t voice his thoughts.  It’s better than nothing.

She says, “Is this acceptable?” 

“Yes, by the way, how is your name pronounced?”

“My name?  I don’t have one.  Masta decides.”

“Hmm~ in that case, I got it, your name is Yami[4].”  Because she was born from dark magic.

“Yami… that’s my name.  Kufu.”

Yami seems please with her name.  Sora invokes his evil eye and checks her stats.




Lv. –




She was born of dark magic.  She doesn’t have any stamina or skills, but has a very powerful attack.  All of the experience she gains from defeating enemies go to Sora.  This is under the premise that Sora is nearby.



If Yami doesn’t have any health, then she won’t lose any when she gets attacked.  “You don’t have any stamina?  Yami, are you invincible!?”

“If masta doesn’t die, then I also won’t die.”

“Are you saying… that our destinies are intertwined?”


Sora once more looks at Yami’s stats.  All of the experience she gains from defeating enemies go to Sora.  He instantly checks his status plate.


Name: Sora=Basard

Age: 15

Race: Human

Level: 20

Physical Strength: 400

Magical Power: 500

Attack Power: 70

Defense Power: 380

Agility: 50

Luck: 17


-Evil Eye: Lv. MAX

-Physical Strengthening: Lv. MAX

-Dark Magic: Lv. MAX

-Gravity manipulation: Lv. MAX


-Protection of the Dai Maou Lv. MAX


-Disciple of the Dai Maou



Uwah!  I leveled quite a bit!  I even got a new skill, awesome! 

Sora continues walking through the forest with Sura and Yami.


T/N:  I almost translated the name Yami into Darkness.  I’m so glad I realized that mistake.  I don’t want to imagine Darkness from konosuba whenever her name comes up.  On that note, Sora has officially become a leecher.  Then again, Yami’s power might be limited to Sora’s maximum strength.  She only comes off as stronger because he doesn’t know how to use his strength but she does.

Now, in case any of you are wondering why the update is a bit late this week, I binge read all 700+ chapters of “The King’s Avatar.”  I may start watching the anime next, but that shouldn’t interfere with my translations.  (In the few days spanning between finishing this chapter and an edit, I’ve already watched the anime.  It was entertaining.)  I’m also really bad at watching anime and movies.  I tend to put them off even when I have nothing better to do.  After that, I got sick.  It completely threw off my ability to focus.



1 I’m not sure if he’s actually warping there.  The kanji is read as Gate but says transfer device.

2 A middle aged man.  Not young, but still not old.  Probably between 30 and 50.

[3] 4.26 Feet

[4] Yami means darkness


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