Translation Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De

1.5 A Young Woman, a Bath, and Sora

Sora leaves the forest a few days after being joined by Yami.  They were attacked by monsters a few times, but Yami extinguished them in an instant.  Not a single wound befell him.  In truth, Sora wanted to test his new skill, gravity manipulation, but in the end, had to resign himself into giving up.  All I could do was think up skill names.

First was the evil eye.  He decided to call it Full View Eyes.  The name didn’t require too much thought.  He was inspired by it putting everyone’s stats in full view.

Physical strengthening became Physical Reinforcement.  Again, the name didn’t require too much thought.

Dark magic became Darkness Sorcery.  Like before, the name didn’t require too much thought.

Finally, gravity manipulation became Gravity Control.  Once more, name didn’t require too much thought.

And that’s what happened.

–And Cute Star, ★ is Back, From Outer Space–

They emerge from the forest onto a field, a safe place without monsters.  At their current rate, they’ll reach the Bollgoa Kingdom in two days.  The entire journey is supposed to take 3 weeks.  So far, they’ve only traveled for 7 days.  The trek through the forest should have taken 10 days, but instead took 3.  That’s probably, no, absolutely thanks to Yami.

With Yami instantaneously incinerating the monsters, they were able to proceed without any difficulty.  The lack of battle allowed them to transverse the forest in three days.

Yami says, “Masta, people are coming.”

“You can tell?”  Sora was oblivious to the fact…  This girl’s amazing.

“Yes, I can see their silhouettes.”

Sora, under the assumption that nothing would go wrong as long as he doesn’t make contact with them, continues walking ahead unfettered.  Two minutes later, just as Yami said, some figures come into view.  They really appeared!  Coming towards them is a horse drawn carriage with a coachman and four escorts….

Despite the carriage being of the horse drawn variety, the animal pulling it isn’t a horse, but a monster known as baloh.  It looks exactly like a horse, but its contents are different.  As for the four escorts, each of them carries different equipment.  They do have one thing in common, they’re covered in blood.

Sora becomes vigilant upon realizing, they don’t have any wounds, it might be blood from their enemies.  If that’s the case, then chibicchaisou[1].

Once they are 10 meters apart,


One of the 4 escorts hurls fire at Sora.

“Wh-!?”  Sora goes to dodge, but then doesn’t need to anymore.  Yami vanquishes the flame with her black fire.  “How dangerous…  Thanks, Yami.”


The 4 escorts are confused by the attack’s failure.  The coachman looks at Sora and says, “Hey, you bastard!  If you want to live, then hand over the woman!”

“Eeh?  Woman…  wait, you’re not talking about this small girl?  …You’ve got a horrible hobby.”

“Rip him apart!”

“What!  Already!”  I’m really saying that after that failed surprise attack.  Wait, isn’t this a chance to use my Gravity Control!?

Sora looks at the coachman who shouts, “What are you grinning for! …Answer me!”

Instead of answer, Sora invokes his skill.  “I, bringer of chaos, deny the laws of this world!  Gravity manipulation [Gravity Control]!”

“What did you say—tch!?”  A 3 meter crater appears with the carriage as the epicenter.  The coachman and the four escorts faint as they drop onto the ground.

So this is the power of gravity manipulation [Gravity Control], the ability to freely manipulate gravity.

Sora, curious as to what is inside the carriage, approaches it and forces the door open.  Inside he finds a wide assortment of weapons.  Trophies from their victims?  He tosses the coachman and the four escorts into the carriage while entertaining those thoughts.  Then, to keep them from escaping, he distorts the door with gravity manipulation [Gravity Control].

“Good, good, and with this— oh?”  The baloh is still conscious.

Sora decides he’ll ride the baloh like a horse to the Bollgoa Kingdom.  He first raises it out of the crater using gravity manipulation [Gravity Control].  Once it’s on the ground, he mounts it.  He has no experience in riding a baloh, but Elias’s memories provide him with the information he needs.

Sura looks like she’s going to fall off of Sora’s shoulder.  He takes Sura and entrusts her to Yami who sits behind him.  “Yami, her name is Sura.  She’s our companion.  Take care of her for me.”

“Masta’s family… nice to meet you.”

They reach Bollgoa Kingdom that evening, two days ahead of schedule, thanks to the baloh’s help.  Sora says, “Thanks for taking us here.”

Yami says, “Bye bye.”

Sora releases the baloh into the wild and enters the Bollgoa Kingdom.  This kingdom, unlike the Nelga[2] Kingdom, doesn’t have any soldiers guarding the gate.

Despite the lateness with which he enters, liveliness overflows within the city.  All around, citizens from various kingdoms walk around in their native clothes.  An onii-san[3] promotes his store, a drunk ossan is being helped by some strangers, a man walks hand in hand with a woman…  kuh, raijuus[4] can just explode!

Sora walking through a crowd jealous of raijuus— is not what’s happening.  He grips Yami’s hand to keep from getting separated from her and looks for an inn.  After about ten minutes of searching, he finds one named Lovely.

The courage to enter a dangerous inn named Lovely with a young girl doesn’t exist within Sora.  He continues to search and finds many more, but they each have a similar dangerous air around them.

Just as Sora is about to give up searching, “Th- there!!”  He finds lodgings at a place called Inn.  He enters with the thought, Here is perfect!

A woman with neko mimi[5] says, “Welcome!”

Seeing real neko mimi for the first time leaves Sora in a daze.  While wondering about them, he enquires about any vacancies.  Uwah, neko mimi…  She has neko mimi.  Could she be from the beastman race? 

“There is no problem.  Do you need two rooms?”


Yami interrupts.  “No need. Give us one room.”

“Eh!  What was that?”

Yami gives the Sora a muso look as she repeats, “One room is good!”

Sora finds himself helpless before Yami’s pressing stare.  “We’ll take one room.”

The woman says, “Fufu, you two have such a good relationship.  You only need one room?  Understood.”

Sora departs for his room upon hearing the number and receiving the key from the neko mimi-chan.  While sitting on his bed and counting his mana stones, he realizes, It’s been three days.

Sora says, “I’ll be taking a bath with Sura.”


Bliss fills Sora.  He soaks in the hot water while Sura splashes around.  That’s when the door is forced open and in enters Yami, naked.

“Kiyaaaa, pervert!”  Sora turns around while screaming like a girl.

Yami eases the door shut and with gentle steps, enters the bathtub.

Hold on, just what is this kid doing!?  She climbed into the bath!  What is she thinking?

Yami presses up against Sora while his mind is lost to confusion.  “Is something wrong, masta?”

“Hmm!?  I’m alright, I’m alright.”

“….too suspicious, please face me!”

“Eeh!?  Just a—!”

Yami grabs Sora’s head and forces him to face her.


Sora’s face touches something soft.  What could it be…  No way…  He creaks his eyes open at the thought and before his face is the plump, perfectly proportioned, and swelling— Sura.  She must have sensed I was in trouble and jumped in.

Uohhhhh, Sura, my savior, thank you!  Sora thanks Sura from the bottom of his heart.  (In his heart) He keeps his vision level with Sura.  He says, “I’m fine.  I was just playing with Sura.  Yeah, Sura!”

“…How sly, me too!”

“Eh?  Hold on, wait!  Stoooooop!”

Yami pounces on Sora.  He protects his vision by holding Sura at eye level, but that leaves him unable to stop Yami.  Various things hit Sora as Yami embraces him.  His face turns bright red as he struggles desperately to restrain Excalibur.

Endure it!  That’s right, settle down.  Just relax.

Sora says, “Hey~ Yami?  Are you going to let go?”

Yami’s body shakes as she says, “No.”

Cut it out!  Don’t rub against mee!  That’s dangerous!  Sora speaks the first words that come to his mind.  “Yami!  I’ll play with you tomorrow night so let’s stop for today!  I order, no, please stop.”

“….You have to absolutely promise.”



Relief overcomes Sora as Yami finally releases him.  “Fuu~”  That’s when a thought crosses his mind— Brilliant, Sura can hide Yami’s important spot!

Sora speaks low enough that only Sura can hear him.  “Sura, I need a favor.  Please hide Yami’s important place.”

Sura slides out of Sora’s hands and swims towards Yami’s chest.

Yami immediately looks at Sora.

Sora says, “Fuu, I’ll be getting up soon.”

“Yeah, me too.”


Yami gets up and retrieves a change of clothes for Sora.  Sora then gets up and leaves with Sura.

–Cute Star ★ should have made you leave the key, Cute Star ★

should have changed that stupid lock–

Sora, exhausted from doing something different like riding a mount, is exhausted and decides to go to bed after the bath.  Since there is only on bed, he’ll be sharing with Yami.  He climbs in with Sura place between him and her.

“Good night.”

“Good night.”

Ah, that’s right.  I haven’t checked my stats.


Name: Sora=Basard

Age: 15

Race: Human

Level: 28

Physical Strength: 580

Magical Power: 600

Attack Power: 82

Defense Power: 420

Agility: 58

Luck: 18


-Evil Eye: Lv. MAX

-Physical Strengthening: Lv. MAX

-Dark Magic: Lv. MAX

-Gravity Manipulation: Lv. MAX


-Protection of the Dai Maou Lv. MAX


-Disciple of the Dai Maou



Level 28?  Nice.  Sora then calls out to his evil eye within his heart to check Sura’s stats.


Original Slime


Lv. 12




-Language Comprehension: Lv. MAX  (Can understand other languages)

-Fire: Lv. Max (Consumes 50 units of magical power to create fire.  Weak, but strength grows with use.)

One of the rare appearing neutral monsters.  Was born with a high amount of magic power.  Currently Sora’s pet with the name Sura.  Sura likes her name, a lot.  Loves riding on Sora’s shoulder.  Is happy that its number of companions has increased.



I suppose this was to be expected.  Yami pretty much did all of the fighting after all.

Sora dozes off once he finishes checking Sura’s stats.  Yami wakes him up early the next morning.  Despite still being sleepy, he hurries to complete his preparations and then sets for the [Gate].

The transfer device [Gate] is a device that transfers others by consuming magical power.  The leap isn’t limited one specific area, but to any place within the specified area.  The transfer to Deekos volcano is instantaneous.

Magma bursts from all sides.  Red is seen regardless of where Sora looks.  Even the scaffolds are made of red stone.

Sora says, “So this is Deekos Volcano?  It- It’s hot!”

Yami says, “Masta, body strengthening will help.”

“Really, in that case— I exceed the limits of humanity!  Body strengthening [Physical Reinforcement].”

Body strengthening [Physical Reinforcement] multiplies the body’s capabilities.  Sora feels a pleasant warmth from his surroundings.  It’s almost like that unbearable heat was a lie.  “Oh, this is pretty handy.  Speaking of which, you’re fine in this heat, Yami?”

“Yeah, there’s no need to worry.”

“That’s great…”

Slimes can pretty much live at any temperature so even hot weather like this is perfectly fine for Sura.


T/N:  Hahaha, three updates in one week.  Doesn’t hurt that the other two were about half started before this week even began.  I hope you’re all excited about the next update.  Like I said in Isekai Mahou, it’s going to be a surprise.  Now, about Sora.  I don’t know about all of you, but I keep picturing Sora from Kingdom Hearts.  I’ve only played the DS games, but this false contrast is a real conundrum.

By the way, it’s days like these I wish I could conjure clones at will.  I could get so much more translating done…




1 Chibi- chimi chongas??  I have no idea what that could mean.

2 I accidently read this as Runega Kingdom in earlier chapters.  I’ve since gone back and fixed this mistake.

3 Litterly means older brother, but can be used for strangers.  Refers to men up to 25 years old.

4 Someone living a very satisfying life.  Non-raijuus are people who escape to the internet in order to fill in that void.  The term is usually used in reference to those in a relationship.  If you spell it with one u, it becomes a mythological lightning wolf.

5 Cat ears


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