Translation Yuusha Ni Narenakatta Ore Wa Isekai De

1.3 Sura and Sora

Sora notices a small shadow far out in the field ahead of him.  A goblin?  He spins on the spot to take a fighting pose with both hands while saying, “Awaken, my evil eye!”  Sura takes note and leaps hard in place.

That’s so… cute.



Lv 5



“So it is a goblin, but level five?  Can I really… do this?”  Sora hesitates as he draws his weapons, but upon seeing Sura leap forward, Sura’s going to fight alongside me?

Sora charges the distant goblin while saying, “Alright, let’s do this!”

The goblin notices Sora and shouts out with a strange voice.

—A red object zips past Sora’s face.

What the?  He turns away from the goblin to investigate.  Am I imagining things?

Sora looks back towards the goblin after a moment— It’s burning up!?  The goblin becomes ash in an instant.  Laying within the ash is a small mana stone.

“Ha?”  Sora’s mind blanks.  Sura draws towards his feet with, bicha bicha, noises.  It then hops in place, piyon piyon.

He recalls Sura’s skill while looking at it.  “No way, Sura, was that you just now?”

Sura rubs its body against Sora’s leg at the question.  Should I take this as a yes?  Fire is listed as one of its skills.

According to Elias’s memories, learning fire magic is the first step to mastering magic in the world.  Fire, however, is also the weakest of the different types of magic.  Although, depending on how it’s used, it can be quite powerful.

“Great job, Sura.”

Sura leaps upon being praised.

Sora resumes his goblin subjugation while thinking, It’s so adorable.


Two more goblins come into view after a short walk.  They shout out in their strange voices upon noticing Sora and then charge him while brandishing their small clubs.

Sora charges forward to meet the goblins.  He hold his daggers in back hand grips thanks to Elias’s memories giving him a rough idea on how to fight.  He continues forward without slowing down and swings his right hand towards a goblin’s head.

Blood squirts from the goblin’s neck.  While the other goblin falters at the sight, Sora remains undisturbed and swings the dagger in his left hand towards its head.  The goblin vanishes without a sound, leaving a mana stone in its place.

“Fuu, looks like I can fight.”

Sora collects the mana stone, kills three neighboring goblins, and decides takes a break.  Upon confirming there aren’t any more goblins around, he lies down.  Sura then climbs up onto his stomach.  Sora though it would be heavy since it’s going, bunyo nyo, but he doesn’t feel anything.

Sora pulls out his status plate while wondering, Did something happen to my body?


Name: Sora=Basard

Age: 15

Race: Human

Level: 5

Physical Strength: 180

Magical Power: 150

Attack Power: 32

Defense Power: 100

Agility: 30

Luck: 11


-Evil Eye: Lv. MAX

-Physical Strengthening: Lv. MAX


-Protection of the Dai Maou Lv. MAX


-Disciple of the Dai Maou


“Ohh!?  My Evil Eye is already at its max level!  And there’s a new skill…”

How’d it max out so fast?  Could it be because of the Dai Maou’s divine protection? 

Sora looks toward Sura who’s on his stomach and tests his max leveled evil eye.


Original Slime


Lv. 3




-Language Comprehension: Lv. MAX  (Can understand other languages.)

-Fire: Lv. Max (Consumes 50 units of magical power.  Weak, but strength grows with use.)

One of the rare appearing neutral monsters.  Was born with a high amount of magic power.  Currently Sora’s pet with the name Sura.  Sura likes her name, a lot.


“Ohh, I can even see your physical stats?  Wait, Sura, you’re a girl?”

I wonder, would my “Protection of the Dai Maou” be explained with my evil eye?


Name: Sora=Basard

Age: 15

Race: Human

Level: 5

Physical Strength: 180

Magical Power: 150

Attack Power: 32

Defense Power: 100

Agility: 30

Luck: 11


-Evil Eye: Lv. MAX  (Can see everything depending on how it’s used.)

-Physical Strengthening: Lv. MAX  (Self-explanatory.)


-Protection of the Dai Maou Lv. MAX  (Listen to the wise words of Dai Maou Elias-sama.)


-Disciple of the Dai Maou  (Self-explanatory)


“Hey! What kind of random effect is that, ‘listen to the wise words of Dai Maou Elias-sama?’  Does my evil eye have some sort of will?”

Sora looks at his abilities and reads, Protection of the Dai Maou Lv. MAX.  “Already!  Well, that’s fine…”

I guess I’ll just have to ask Elias what the divine protection of the Dai Maou really means.  She should be at Maou’s castle…  I’ll just go there next?

Sora has Sura get off his stomach and then gets up to continue his goblin subjugation.

–Cute Star ★ is sad.  No one came to Cute Star’s ★ party–

Sora returns to the Nelga Kingdom upon completing his goblin subjugation request.  Thinking that letting the gate soldier see Sura would be bad, he hides her underneath his clothes.   He enters without arising any suspicion and proceeds towards the adventurer’s guild.

The adventurers inside the guild are making a lot of noise, wai wai, while drinking alcohol.  Sora speaks to himself as he heads towards the reception desk.  “Looks like they’re having fun.”

The receptionist says, “Ah, welcome ba— What are you hiding?”

“Ah…”  I messed up.  Dark elves can perceive monsters from up to 5km away.  Trying to get Sura past her is a wasted effort.  But, this is for Sura, so I’ll play dumb.

Sora says, “Mmm?  What are you talking about?”

“Hee~ you sure about this?  I’ll see straight through anything you say.  Being honest is the—”

Sora takes Sura out from underneath his clothes and places her before the receptionist. “Right, this is Sura.”  Sura, instead of staying put, slides up his arm and comes to a rest on his shoulder.

The receptionist stares in shock.  “That’s… rare.  Making the contract must have been hard.”

“A contract?  I didn’t make one.”

“Eh?  It’s letting you hold it without a contract?  That’s incredible.”  The receptionist pulls some documents out from the desk while telling Sora he’ll need to sign them to keep a pet.

They take him 10 minutes to fill.  During that time, he also submits the completion of his quest and converts the mana stones he gathered.

Sura officially becomes Sora’s pet.  They won’t have any problems even if they walk around in public.

He places Sura on top of his shoulder and leaves the adventurer’s guild.  He returns to the same inn next door and greets the energetic ossan.

The ossan says, “Dinner will be ready in just a moment!  You’ll be eating today, right?”

Sora sits on a stool and waits for his food at the ossan’s words.  The energetic ossan soon brings him orc stew, goblin skewers, rice, and vegetables.  Everything looks great.  He even brought some for Sura.  What a nice guy.

–Cute Star ★ is lonely, Cute Star ★ wants company–

Sora heads to his room after dinner.  He takes off his clothes, I need to take a bath today.  Thinking about it, clean and hot water for baths in this world seem to be maintained by the flame skill.

“Hm?”  Sura follows Sora towards the bath.  He picks her up with an arm and enters the hot water.  Since Sura seems to feel good as they soak in the water, he releases her.  She floats, buka buka, and begins to swim around.

Sora recalls the day’s events.  That’s right, my evil eye seems to have a will.  Maybe I can talk to it?

Sora invokes his evil eye by whispering within his heart.  He looks at his reflection within the steamed mirror and says, “Who are you?”

Letters float up onto the glass.  –I am an akuma[1], born when Elias-sama granted Sora-sama her name.

“An akuma… right.  Next question, how much can you see?”

—I can see everything depending on how you use me.

“Depending on how I use you?  Be more specific.

—To be brief, I can see anything if you dominate me.

“‘Dominate?’  Is that actually possible?”

—It is, but only if I acknowledge you.

“How do I do that?”

—About that, for this, please face off against Elias-sama.

“Haa?  ‘Elias?’  Isn’t she the Dai Maou?  There’s no way I could beat her.”

—You do not necessarily have to defeat her.  I merely desire to witness a satisfactory result.

“Not winning is acceptable…  Well, there are a few things I want to ask Elias anyway.  Guess I’ll be leaving for Maou’s castle tomorrow.”

—You’re going to head there tomorrow?  How fast.

“Ahh, I like finishing things as soon as I can.”

— Cute Star ★ wants more friends–

Sora crawls into bed with Sura later that night.  A lovey dovey development doesn’t occur, they simply go to sleep.

The next day, Sora wakes up, stops at various shops to prepare for the trip by buying essentials such as food, and heads for the adventurer’s guild.  The receptionist greets him with a wave that he then returns.  No commissions are on the quest board.  He turns to leave, but is stopped by the receptionist.

The receptionist hurries towards him while saying, “Please wait.”


“Are you going on a trip?”

“Eh?  You can tell!?”

“It’s just a feeling.  Where are you going?”

“Well, up to the mazoku nation.”  Sora says mazoku nation as a pretext to Maou’s Castle.  Since it’s a nation mostly inhabited by mazoku, saying he’s going to visit friends would be troublesome.

“The Mazoku Nation!?  Why are you going there?”

“Mm~ various reasons.  Well, I’m meeting a friend.”

“…Really?  Well, I’ll stop here.  Any more would be a breach of etiquette from my position.  Anyway, let me introduce myself.  My name is Rieza=Campbell.”

“I- I see, nice to meet you.”


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[1] Devil


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