Translation Until Countess Mareena Westmont Attains True Happiness

4.2 The Man Named Lewis

Upon returning to the mansion, Mason greeted Mareena with a smile.

“Welcome back, Mareena.”

“I’m sorry for being late.”

“What are you talking about? Don’t worry about that. You were just seeing a doctor. So, how was it?”

“It appears that I’m recovering smoothly.”

“That’s wonderful.”

Mason acted as if he was concerned for Mareena. He seemed genuinely pleased by her recovery. Had she stayed oblivious, she’d still think that she had it all—be it happiness, a gentle husband who cared about her wellbeing, and love.

What a terrifying man he was.

But I won’t let you do what you want.

“I wonder if changing my doctor was the correct decision.”

“Well, Jackson is young and immature.”

Well said.

Marcos, who had been her doctor for many years, introduced Mareena to Jackson upon retiring. However, not only was the young doctor inept, he had also been ensnared by Mason. The solid proof laid behind his claiming he didn’t know the cause behind Mareena’s illness.

When Mareena visited a doctor referred to by a friend, she was immediately told that she might have been poisoned.

Of course, she didn’t tell Mason about it. She merely told him that it was because the food didn’t suit her body.

“—Even though I kept reminding Dr. Marcos not to refer anyone incompetent.”

“Haha, you have it tough.”

“It’s true, though. That doctor couldn’t carry out a decent medical examination. At the same time, isn’t it strange? He said that he couldn’t determine the cause. He was recommended by Dr. Marcos, too? …Or, did he say that on purpose?”


Mason maintained his gentle smile.

“Lady Mareena, let’s return home. If you’re tired, how about a cup of tea?”

“Thank you, Cameron. Please bring it to the office.”


When she entered the office, she found several unfinished documents amidst the pile.

“…Mason, what are you trying to say?”

With a bunch of documents in hand, Mareena asked Mason.

“Why don’t you consider it again? I’m sure it’ll yield good result.”

Recently, there had been talks of a project for laying railroad tracks between the North and South. The territories of Westmont and Ringer, which were adjacent to each other, would be connected. However, the situation couldn’t proceed because there was argument over where to build the station.

Mareena didn’t consider a train station necessary. Even if one was built, there were no places attractive enough to draw in visitors. Moreover, the fund for building the station was going to be split equally with the railway company. As such, it’d be better if the station was built in Ringer territory and they attracted people from there.

Mason said that building a station would open up new tourism and business possibilities. That also made sense. The North-South railroad would connect them to not only the royal capital, but also the prosperous territory of Magnolia. Many people would use the railroad if a station was built between them.

The main source of income for Westmont territory was agriculture. They had abundant farmland. However, the other territories also partook in agriculture as well.

There is nothing unique to the Westmont territory.’ Or so Mason said. Then, he suggested that in order to attract people, they’d have to start a new business other than agriculture.

However, as they were currently focused on the development of the agricultural land and increasing the variety of vegetable available, she deemed starting a new business unaffordable.

“Mason, haven’t we spoken about this? We don’t have the ability to build a station as of the present. We’ve reached the point where the increase in variety is going to bare fruit. As such, I want you to give up this time.”

“But there’s no next time?”

“Yes, but after a station is built, then what? Unless someone uses the railway, there won’t be any profit?”

“I know. That’s why, I asked another for help.”

“The Countess of Huntington?”

“That’s correct.”

“Is she going to provide financial assistance so that I’ll be indebted to her?”

“Mareena, don’t think so ill of othe—”

“—Mason, I don’t know what kind of wonderful future you are imagining, but I’m the lord.”

“…Of course.

“Stop talking about this.”

“…I see, I’m sorry.”

Mason received the documents from Mareena and left the office.

She heard a knock on the door and Cameron entered. The maid must had been waiting while she was talking to Mason.

“What kind of tea would you prefer today?”

“Just leave it there.”


Mareena prepared a teapot and brewed the tea herself. As it was her own will, Cameron couldn’t interject.

She couldn’t trust Cameron anymore. She kept reminding herself to stay alert, but also to be careful to not give the maid any opportunities.

“How long has Cameron been working here?”

“It’s been three years.”

“That’s right.”

“Thanks to Lady Mareena, my house has recovered. I’m also grateful for the education I received.”

“Fufu, thanks to your father, we managed to improve the variety of vegetables available. As such, that’s only natural.”

She wondered if she had a talent to be an actress. Well, the same could be said of Mason.

Cameron’s father, Baron Siles Zion, had excellent knowledge regarding agriculture. In fact, his own territory also profited through agriculture. The same man had supplied the Westmont territory that had been devastated by continuous bad weather with food, supplies, and funding.

In exchange, Mareena would cooperate with research on breeding vegetable that had been undertaken in advance. Cameron would also work as an apprentice and a maid.

In all honesty, Mareena thought that there was no need for Cameron to exert herself. But, the baron insisted for his debt to be repaid. After all, she had helped him in researching a method to improve the vegetables. As such, Cameron was sent to her.

As a result, she had become a cancer.

…But, the baron probably had nothing to do with it.

“Cameron has to think about getting married, right?”

“That’s right.”

“When I checked with your father, I heard that you have some great candidates.”

“What? My father…?”

“Yes, he told me to speak to you.”

“Alright, I’ll listen.”

“If you’re too laidback, you’ll lose your chance at entering a good relationship. It’s time to think of your own happiness.”

“…That may be true.”

“Do you have anyone in mind?”


“I see. That’s no problem.”

Cameron’s expression became a little cloudy. She might be feeling flustered.

“I’m about to start working.”

“Then, I shall wait outside.”

“Yes, I’ll call you if I need something.”

Cameron left.

Mareena was actually fed up with everything. Whenever Cameron was asked something, her answer was never inline with her heart.

But it was the consequence of deciding not to instantly be rid of her. Therefore, it couldn’t be helped.

At the same time, it was quite painful for Mareena to exert her newly-recovered physical strength just for that. Merely pretending to be interested in them was already a hassle.

She wanted to be rid of them and finish it. Yet, her unprecedented, insidious, emotions wouldn’t let her.

If she didn’t make them suffer some pain, she’d end up as nothing more than a hopeless fool.

The inside of her heart was already distorted.

“I can’t live as beautifully as I hoped.”

—She wanted to live like Gordon Westmont. He was a strategically brilliant person whose actions were with purpose, regardless of emotion.

 She was far from that ideal.

“…Gordon is farther than God to me.”

As of the present, Mareena was merely a jealous and insidious woman. She wanted the two to despair. She also sought the child of a total stranger.

“On the contrary, I can’t even go to God.”

Mareena muttered forlornly.

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