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46. Idle Talk: The Monologue of a Former Swindler

I was second by nature.

Zafield Lewis Lapisenta. Among the people, I was the second prince whom was commonly known as the fascinating ‘Silver Prince.’

The ‘Silver Prince’… It was because I had silver hair, hence the title.

My older brother was the ‘Gold Prince’, while I was the ‘Silver Prince’ as I was second in the place. It was an easy-to-understand irony.

Because I was the second prince, I had no fiancée by nature.

I had always thought of it as unfair, but whenever I’d complain about it, my older brother would always say:

“—Instead, you can choose who to marry. Isn’t that a blessing?”

What utter nonsense. As someone who always had fun with his fiancée, what right did he have to say that? He’d always speak about, “Today, Lelouche—” or, “Yesterday, Lelouche was—” Over and over again.

Such a bird brain.

My older brother’s fiancée, namely Lelouche Elcage, was also an odd girl. While of similar age as me, her appearance was uncommon. Her mother was a beauty who was also known as the ‘Exotic Beauty.’ Lelouche strongly resembled her mother. Both her eyes and hair were black.

…When I first saw her, I thought that she was scary.

However, she must had been accustomed to being treated like a weirdo. Thus, she smiled at me.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Lelouchelcage! Pleased to make you acquaintance!”

Even if she mispronounced her name, I fell in love with her who never stopped smiling.

I was sure that it was love at first sight.

She was a strong, dignified, noble. My impression of that beautiful girl hadn’t changed.

Nevertheless, around the age of eight, I realized that she was in fact a weirdo.

Despite having already begun her princess education, she’d still openly talk to me when my mother and older brother had yet to arrive. She was advised to respect my older brother for he was the future king. However, I was the second prince and of the same age as her. Still, she only used honorifics for my older brother, and not me.

Those close, special, feelings were more enjoyable than anything else.

“Hm? Where’s His Highness Sazanjill?”

“If it’s my older brother, he’s being reprimanded by his swordsman instructor.”

“What about Your Highness Zafield?”


I’m a spare for my brother, as such, my education isn’t as intensive.

Beside, with a waist as slender as mine, I didn’t think I’d benefit much from the swordsman instructor for a while longer.

To keep my brother’s face, I didn’t say anything unnecessary. To try to kill time, I talked with my brother’s fiancée.

…Rather, shouldn’t we do more than that?

“Shall we eat sweets? If I recall correctly, the Southern lord brought me some salted sweets.”

“That’s interesting, but… Your Highness Zafield is free right now, aren’t you?’


I had a bad feeling. I just couldn’t shake the negative sensation.

Sure enough, she showed a perfect smile.

“Do you know what the queen’s weaknesses are?”


In short, she wanted to vent her daily frustration. Not to mention, my mother was the cause of it all. For her to admit that to my face, I had to admire her courage.

“I’m scared of the queen, but if I can scare her and make her scream, I don’t think I’ll be scared anymore!”

…Although, I have never seen anything scarier than my own mother.

Even if she were to ask about her weakness—

Oh, that’s right.

“I believe she’s lamenting been that she has gotten fat, lately. Because of that, she can’t fit into the dress she likes.”

“I see… then I should do something that’ll make her thinks that she’s fatter. Maybe, I could tighten the waist of her dresses.”

While elegantly eating the sweets I had introduced, she pondered in all seriousness.

I don’t think that’s a good idea.

“Lelouche, are you good at sewing?”

“…Can you think of any other weaknesses?”

…I also thought that part of her was adorable.

It couldn’t be helped. Even if she was seriously contemplating on pulling a prank on my mother, I just couldn’t get angry at her.

Then, Lelouche stared at me.

What is it…?

If she stares at me like that, I’ll blush…

“W, what’s wrong?”

“Your Highness Zafield’s eating appearance is beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Well, not as beautiful as yours, Lelouche.”

Although I wasn’t made to study etiquette as much as Lelouche, I was still a prince. Despite being the second prince, I had many opportunities to eat in public. Therefore, both my instructors and mother taught me manners.

Looking from my head to my toes, Lelouche clapped and said, “Right!”

“Hey, Your Highness Zafield, why don’t you wear my dress for a moment?!”


How did this happen?!

Before I could regret it, it was already too late. When did she master putting on dresses and wigs?

“As a young lady, it’d be a problem if I couldn’t put on a dress in an emergency without the help of a maid.”

Hmm, I haven’t heard much about that.

Anyway, my slender waistline was the cause of it all. Because of it, I was able to fit into Lelouche’s dress.

Also, why is she dressing up as a castle maid?

While grinning, Lelouche also proudly showed me a black wig.

Then, while leaning on my shoulder, Lelouche smiled.

“How cute, Zafield-chan~”

The sight of Lelouche, who was wearing a more lackluster dress than usual, hurt my heart. I also wasn’t happy by the compliment. But when I sighed, another tragedy happened.

“Now, it’s my turn.”

Lelouche took off the dress she was wearing underneath her dignified, original, dress, leaving her underwear in plain sight—


My scream echoed throughput the royal castle.

After that, despite my scream, we still exchanged clothes and went to surprise my mother together. After receiving a three-hour sermon from my mother together, Lelouche complained to me.

“For you to scream at the sight of a maiden in her underwear, that’s just terrible. Besides, it’s just a chemise, it’s not that strange!”

Well, I’m sorry that I shouted. I don’t even know the difference…

But instead of replying, I just nodded.

Before I noticed it, she was laughing.

“Fufu, today was fun, let’s do it again sometime!”

“Uh, no.”

The expression she was making was truly adorable, but it was already evening… I was tired. Looking out in the window, my older brother was still confronting his swordsmanship instructor in the courtyard. It seemed that the instructor had already forgiven him. Then, when my brother tried to land a blow, he fell.

I asked out of curiosity.

“Lelouche, do you always do this at home?”

“Dressing up?”

“Yes, and other acts of mischief.”

“Hmm, I’d like to do the same when my little brother, Rufus, gets a little bigger.”

Poor Rufus.

At that time, I’ll comfort you as a senior.

Lelouche, who didn’t know of my inner thoughts, was counting off.

“Thinking about it, I tried pulling out some of my father’s hair when he was asleep, ate the sweets my mother was hiding, pretended to be a baby and played with Rufus’ toys. I also pretended to be a maid and helped with cleaning and washing. Also, I tried climbing one of the trees, but it’s difficult, y’know?”

“I’m sorry, I’ve never climbed a tree before, so…”

…Wow, she did a lot more than I expected.

Upon hearing the secrets of Lelouche that I didn’t know—I went and asked for more.

“Does anyone else know?”

“Ah, about that, keep it a secret from His Highness Sazanjill, alright? He’s my fiancé, it’d be a problem if he hates me.”

“…What’s that?”

It was alright for her to be hated by me, but not by my brother?

Despite that, Lelouche closed her eyes and placed a fingers against her cherry-colored lips.

“It’s a secret between us two, so don’t tell anyone!”

“…It can’t be helped.”

—In the end, two years later, my older brother would also chance upon her strange habits. Still, I was the first to know. As such, I knew Lelouche the best.

That was what I liked to think.


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