The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

45. Let’s Have Fun Together (6)

Of course, mud was formless. As such, even if I were to throw it wholeheartedly, I wasn’t able to muster a clean hit against her face. Instead, it struck her chest.

Forgive me.

I could hear the grief-stricken cry of Lala.

“W, what are you doing…!?”

“Pardon me, but wasn’t it Lala who’ve taught me of this beauty method?”

I approached Lala and wrapped my arm around hers.

Isn’t it useless to resist?

Of course, I wasn’t as skilled as my instructor. Nevertheless, I had trained every day.

Then, as I forcibly dragged her towards the cart—

“—Close your mouth?”

I put my hands in the cart once again and pressed the mud onto her face. Actually, I wanted to just dunk her head into the mud. However, at the same time, I wanted to appear dignified. As such, I had no choice but to be patient.

Lala, along with the classmates around her, screamed.

Oh, Lumiere ran away.

Well, I’ll tell her all about it later.

As it was, I had my hands full with Lala.

“Rejuvenating, isn’t it? Enjoy it to your heart content.”

“Are you stupid—!? Do you think you can just…!”

Once again, I pressed more mud against Lala’s indignant face. My smile didn’t break.

“What are you talking about? Even His Highness Sazanjill was pleased.”

“What?! Do you have holes for eyes?! Where and how does His Highness appear to be happy—”

“—Then, would His Highness like to behead me, as well?”

I turned towards His Highness Sazanjill, who was watching the situation in a daze. He still hadn’t wiped the mud off his face. Instead, “Hohe!?” He opted to let out such a foolish cry.

“Well, that’s…”

“Hey, Your Highness, aren’t you having fun…?”

When I asked with a smile, the future king of the Kingdom of Lapisenta gulped and nodded.

“Ah—yes! Pardon me, I was bedazzled due to my misunderstanding! For you to throw mud at one another, it seems that you have a particularly strong bond with your classmates of the Un class…”

“Yes, it’s true! We are good friends, aren’t we, Lala!?”

I was given his consent. I hoped she’d reflectupon her profane acts. I also hoped that she’d be content with the mud.

As I was chasing her—

“—By the way, I talked to my mother and father about this beauty method recommended by Lala. Incidentally, she said she was going to attend a tea party at a particular salon. I’m sure my mother will bring it up as one of their topics of discussion.”

Of course, the house where my mother had been invited to was the Fable family. She mentioned that the queen was also being invited.

Lala, I’ve gone this far for you.

But, it wasn’t like I merely say, “Just tell Her Majesty that you want to become His Highness’ fiancée, to the point that you’d harass Lelouche Elcage! Of course, if you have the courage to declare that… If you do, I shall introduce you to the royal siblings, as you have the courage to love them.”

Unfortunately, I knew that’d be a useless thing to ask from Lala.

“I, I’m honored that Lelouche liked it so much, I’d love to hear your feedback…”

When she awkwardly admitted her defeat, His Highness rolled up his sleeves as well.

“I have to thank Lelouche for taking care of me on a daily basis, too. Therefore, I’d like to participate.”


Everyone froze on the spot.

For me, it didn’t matter if His Highness wanted to join in the fun. There was no reason to refuse. Anyway, his face was already black. He had also already begun throwing mud at the boys.

Is he the kind of gentleman that won’t aim at female students?

Then, I’d assume responsibility for that.

“Your Highness Zafield, please distribute the contents of the cart to people over there?”

“Eh? No, I don’t want to get dirty.”

His Highness Zafield backed off awkwardly.

Eh? Despite His Highness Sazanjill’s excitement, his younger brother won’t be participating?

I purposefully gasped.

“What do you mean!? Even after I went to such lengths to deepen the friendship of the class, too!?”

“…Deepen, you say—”

Is it okay for the ace of the swordsmanship club to be so lackluster?!

It was when I tried to complain.

“Lady Lelouche!”

The one who ran up to me was Lumiere, whom I thought had fled at first glance. Her coral hair fluttered as she showed me some ladles with a brilliant smile.

“I borrowed them from the café’s kitchen! Can we use them?!”

“As expected of Lumiere!”

“Ehehe, thank you for your compliment.”

That was the best compliment I had ever bestowed upon Lumiere.

I didn’t know who had bad taste anymore. Meanwhile, His Highness Sazanjill flung a bucket of mud at the boys, laughing as if he wanted to show them who the reborn Demon King was. The ladies desperately ran away. There were also some who tried to retaliate by throwing mud back.

It was when everyone was happily throwing mud.

It seemed that I had slipped on some mud at my feet. I fell on my butt.

“Lelouche, are you alright?!”

A muddy hand was extended towards me. Looking up, I could see His Highness Sazanjill. His appearance was no longer that of the ‘Gold Prince.’

I laughed aloud at his muddy appearance.

“Ahaha! Your Highness is covered in mud!”

“It’s fun, it’s as if I’ve returned to the past!”

A long time ago… That was right. We were both betrothed and childhood friends. There may had been such a time…

“Indeed, I’m having fun!”

I was pulled up by his large palm. Then, with a smile, I started filling the ladle with mud again.

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