The Disappointing Lady’s Daily Life Translation

39. Achromatic Through the Glass

When I was safely pulled up to the poolside, the weight of my clothes that was soaked with water hit me at once, and I sat on the spot helplessly. It was so heavy that I wanted to take off my clothes right there immediately. The wet clothes that  clung to my skin was unpleasant.

Kiryu said “Wait a bit while I will have someone bring you a towel,” and went towards the three middle-school students.

“Mr. Kumoruiwashi!?”

It seemed that Tengenji had also arrived, and when he saw me, he took out a handkerchief from his pocket, looking extremely flustered.

“I only have this, use it for the time being.”
“Thank you.”

I accepted the handkerchief offered by Tengenjii and wipe off the water on my face for the time being. I have no choice but to go back and borrow a replacement uniform.

Even though my hair is long enough to cover my chest, I don’t feel comfortable walking around like this. If I had a blazer, I could at least wear it, but sadly, I don’t have anything to wear since I’m in summer clothes now. I guess I’ll just have to wait here quietly until the towels arrive.

“Maria! Are you okay!? Y-Your lips are pale!”

Sumire should have definitely taken off the bandage on her nose. She looked like a little boy in shorts from a certain game. Most likely, she scratched it when she fell down.

“Don’t be reckless…Please.”

I could tell from Sumire’s voice, which was weaker than usual, that she was worried about me. Hitomi also looked terribly upset, and she rushed over to me.

“Why did something like this happen?…Maria, are you hurt?”
“I’m not hurt. It’s fine.”

When I smiled at them, they both looked at each other with relief. However, this caused Hitomi to narrow her eyes as she seemed to notice the bandage on Sumire’s nose.

“Hey, Sumire. I told you not to put it on your nose, right? I will take it off.”
“It hurts!”

The bandage on Sumire’s nose was torn off by Hitomi, and she was in tears, probably from the pain. I left the two on their own and turned my gaze to the three middle school girls who were being made to sit on their knees.

Kiryuu was glaring at the three girls in a very bad mood, and next to him, Tengenji said in an unusually stern voice, “I’m going to ask you about the situation, alright.” the three girls were completely frightened, as if they didn’t expect Tengenji and the others to come too.

I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask the girls. I wanted to be present if they were going to ask about the situation. But I wanted to change first.

Asami, whose eyes met mine, squatted down in front of me and bowed her head, looking as if she was about to cry.

“I’m truly sorry!”
“I’m glad you didn’t fall.”
“Ms.Kumoruiwashi…Thank you for saving me.”

It was perhaps unusual for Asami to be so weak like this. It’s because she was always so calm and unconcerned.

It’s strange that I, the villainess, is helping Asami, the heroine, but if possible I wanted both of us to have a fun school life without bullying. In order to do that, I had to deal with the false rumor that I was trying to expel Asami from school.

“In addition…I can’t say it well, but please be careful Ms. Kumoruiwashi.”
“Eh? Asami, what do you mean?”

It was when I was about to ask her for details because I don’t understand her true meaning.

“Ms. Kumoruiwashi.”

I heard my name called and raised my head, Amamiya walked up to me, holding a pure white bath towel.

“Are you okay? You better change your clothes before you catch a cold”

I thought I couldn’t see him, but he went to borrow a towel for me. I felt like he ran out of breath for a bit. Perhaps he heard about what happened and rushed over.

When I put the fluffy towel over my head, Amamiya whispered “Leave the rest to me.”

“I’m going to investigate it, so I can’t be by your side. I will call you later…And I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.”

After saying that in a voice that only I could hear, Amamiya went off to join Kiryuu and the others. As I watched his back in a daze, Sumire and Hitomi told me to borrow a replacement uniform, and I stood up, while wrapped in a towel. Fortunately, there shouldn’t be any students since they went to the end-of-term ceremony.

I pulled my hair over my ears and looked up to see a glass-walled room on the second floor. I felt someone was looking down at me from there, so I looked closely. However, I couldn’t see the face because of the reflection, but I barely saw that it was a female student.

“Maria? What’s wrong?”
“It’s nothing.”

I was called by Hitomi so I looked away for a moment and saw that the person who was upstairs was gone.

What the hell is going without me knowing?