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Extra 20.2 A Male Student’s First Love

“…Considering the incident at the ball, is it safe to assume that a mere countryside countess is pinning to become the future queen?”

“…I believe she’s truly fixated with that position. She doesn’t even want to be a concubine.”

“Does she truly think the Rose Garden and the royal family will just let her be? I can’t fathom what she’s thinking at all…”

“Well, she must be aware of the repercussions. Or rather, is proud about it. Nowadays, people are like that.”

Fala Rubia, a few days after the shocking declaration made by the Prince of Elgacia. After all the morning classes of the day had ended, the chime announcing the lunch break rang.

The first year students, who’d usually head to the cafeteria, were immediately absorbed in talking about a certain topic. It had been like that over the past few days. Those students just refused to leave the classroom.

“Oi, Oliver! Where are you going?”

“There’s no way I can eat amidst such a racket!”

Oliver roughly left his seat and headed for the door. When his classmate called out to him, he gave a curt reply but didn’t stop.

“Even if you leave, I’m sure this will be happening wherever you go. Everyone’s talking about it!”

“How noisy. Then, I’ll go to the back. No one goes there.”

“What would you eat in a place like that? Did you bring a lunch box? What happened? Did you just experience a heartbreak or something?”

Next to Oliver, who walked with a rough gait as if to dispel his irritation, the friend who previously called out to him followed. He appeared half concerned and half shocked as he brought up a topic Oliver considered a sore subject.

“That’s not it! Besides, I gave up on her from the beginning…”

Sharina Clydea. The hottest topic at Fala Rubia Academy over the last few days.

Fortunately for her, the prince that was longed by everyone all over Elgacia noticed her. She was also the same girl that Oliver had been trying to gather information on. That was a fact that couldn’t be hidden from Oliver’s friends.

“So, what? ‘You don’t have to be mine as long as you don’t belong to anyone else’? You’re too obsessed with that noble lady. What are you? A fan of dancers and theatrical company actresses?”

“That’s not it!”

Because of that, after the lunch break a few days ago, Oliver was stared at as if he were something pitiful. It was because he had fallen in love with a Cinderella-like girl, someone who not only was unaware of his feelings, but was also in love with the prince.

“That’s really not it, please leave me alone!”

“Oi, wait! I’m sorry, my mistake—hey!”

However, that wasn’t the real cause behind Oliver’s moodiness.

Shaking off the voice of his friend who apologized due to irritating him, Oliver fled the scene.



Although he had the courage to shake off his friend, he didn’t have the courage to leave the academy grounds early.

Just before the end of the lunch break, Oliver returned to his classroom. When he finally returned to his room in the dormitory once the afternoon classes ended, he dove into his bed without changing his clothes.

“There’s no way… I can compete against the prince…”

Lying on his pillow, he muttered to no one in particular.

Was the irritation swirling within his chest brought about by his jealousy towards the man who was born with everything he could only dream of? Did his disappointment stem from the fact that the strawberry blonde girl would end up with the prince that everyone admired?

Either way, he knew he was being selfish. He was fully aware of that.

Suffering from a chest pain that wouldn’t lessen no matter what, Oliver shut his eyes tightly. He fell into a deep sleep, one in which he was unable to dream.

For a long time, that was what he believed—

“—You’re kidding me…”

Under the clear blue sky.

The prince was lying on the ground while a boy stood tall while firmly holding a girl in one arm. In front of the girl who was giving said boy a smile like a flower’s, Oliver stood stunned.

“Oi, you’ve decided to come, too? I never thought this would happen…”


Towards the friend who spoke to him, he answered in a daze.

That day was the day of the duel declared by the prince. It was also the day where the prince would dedicate his victory to his beloved princess. It’d end as the day where his first love would sit on the queen’s throne.

If such was the narrative that the prince was aiming for, then no one could go against it. After all, it was a narrative with a straightforward process and an obvious ending.

While having such thoughts, Oliver sat down in one of the myriad seats of the audience about an hour ago.

“Even so, you’re truly awesome, Riol! It’s a pity that I couldn’t concentrate on Riol’s gallant figure because I was worried about you getting hurt… That’s right! Why don’t we just do a reenactment of today’s event!? We’ll start from the point where Riol climbed the stage to confront That and states additional orders—yes, it’ll be the perfect reproduction!”

“…Please spare me.”

However, in just an hour or so, a twist that happened before Oliver’s eyes was stranger than fiction.

The prince who everyone believed to be the hero was in fact the villain. While the boy who was thought to be villain was the hero who overthrew the evil and reclaimed his captive lover.

Not to mention, the girl everyone believed would become the happy princess residing with the prince in the castle—


In Oliver’s mind, her voice that was heard just a few minutes ago, revived.

Sharina wasn’t just a girl who was waiting for the queen’s chair to be neatly arranged for her. Nor was she a girl who’d succumb to the Cinderella-like plotline presented before her.

“Even so, when I saw you jump off the special seat, my stomach froze… Don’t do such dangerous things anymore.”

“I’m sorry, I wanted to get to Riol before anyone else could as soon as possible…”

She wasn’t just such a dreamy girl. On the contrary, she was able to fight off the pressure of those around her, of those who forced her to take the prince’s hand, and leaped into the chest of her chosen one without hesitation.

…In comparison—I…

“I can’t keep up…”

Such were the words that used to go round and round in his head as he laid down on his bed. However, the voice that had presently flowed out of his mouth carried a refreshed undertone.

“…I’m going home now.”

“Ah, yeah, alright, get well soon…”

“Thank you.”

He answered while waving lightly to his friend who was always worried about him for some reason and turned his back to the stage.

While Oliver was making a fuss without putting in any effort whatsoever, his first love and the boy who took her hand were fighting in secret the entire time.

He couldn’t go against the strength of their feelings. He didn’t even have the right, for he had given up before the battle even begin. Even so, for some reason, those muddy feelings didn’t spring up. Instead, a smooth sensation flowed down his cheeks.


While receiving the drop of water that had just fallen, Oliver muttered in a daze. When he was lamenting in bed, that never came out.

“…Please be happy, Lady Clydea.”

She was his first love. He couldn’t fight the man who reclaimed Lady Clydea with his own hands, but he was certainly in love with her.

He gently blessed the lovers who might still be holding hands behind him. There was a slight hurting inside his chest, one which he finally recognized as the feelings of his heart being broken.

Oliver Hamilton, 15-years-old. It was during an event that took place early summer when he grew up a little.

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