I was Invited to the Wedding of Former Fiancé Despite my Engagement Being Annulled. I Couldn’t Refuse, so my Brother’s Friend Accompany Me Translation

45. Knights on Vacation

Two weeks had passed ever since that ridiculous day of departure.

My family had returned to its usual busy and quiet days

The knights who had been staying with us since before Gorman’s wedding had also returned to the royal capital after the holidays.

I was surprised at the beginning. However, I was aware of their roles. Not to mention, for as long as they were present, they worked hard and were truly helpful.

…The next day, when I wondered if they’d ever return—

—a new batch of knights appeared.

“Starting from today, we’ll be on vacation for the next month! We’ll be in your care, Alves and his little sister!”

Since when did our house become a recreational facility for the knights of the kingdom?

I turned to my brother in confusion. While reading the letter they had presented, Alves sighed.

When our eyes met, I smiled in a hurry. After all, it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing… Instead, it could be considered a good thing?

The knight captain was Alves’ former colleague. At the same time, said knight captain had three subordinates.

A total of four people.

…The number had increased.

However, they certainly helped us. Not to mention, they seemed to be proud of their strength.

A month later.

The four knights who were staying with us returned to the royal capital. As such, a new batch of vacationing knights arrived.

They were five in total.

One of them was likely Alves’ former colleague.

I was still bewildered, but since Alves was calm, I was able to accept it.
…Perhaps, the previous batch of knights had spread word to the others.


A month later, another batch of knights arrived. They were also on vacation. The same thing happened the month after that.

I didn’t think it was a coincidence.

Our territory was of a good distance away from the royal capital. Despite that, several elite knights kept staying in the Ragulen territory. Despite the low rank of my family, they helped with the daily chores such as farming, civil engineering, and carpentry. Some even helped me cook.

This is very strange…

On the night of welcoming the sixth batch of new knights, I finally questioned Alves.

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Although I intended to question him firmly, Alves only sighed deeply.


“…Lucia, who do you think fell in love with you?”


“Be aware that you’ve become the person of His Highness’ thought.”


“Do you remember the assassination of Phil’s mother? That happened because some aristocrat was trying to make their daughter his princess.”


Perhaps… the knights who came to our house were meant to be my escorts?

While I was confused, my brother looked up towards the ceiling in resignation.

“I’ve been wanting to provide you with an escort… but for multiple knights to be dispatched at once… When Phil is serious, this is what happens.”

As if giving up, my brother murmured.

In other words, the knights didn’t come to our house for the sake of their vacation, but because it was part of their job…

“…They aren’t on holiday at all, are they?”

“Well, actually, they are. Surprisingly, Phil is quite popular. He only chose people he could trust. But he doesn’t seem to have had a hard time pertaining that.”

Is that so?

…I heard that farmer-style country life was currently trending among the aristocrats in the royal capital.

However, I couldn’t understand it because I lived that country life every day.

One thing was certain—the knights were of a great help.

Our hardships had lessened while the territory’s income had stabilized. The facilities had also been enhanced. Not to mention, I had acquired some escorts for myself.

…Except, were those their duties as knights of the kingdom?

The question remained, but when I recalled Phil’s sorrowful face when he returned to the North, none of it mattered.

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