Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

32.2 [Day 4 (4)]

Shesam took out the documents from his bag and presented them to Astel.

Astel nodded, affirming he had received the documents.

“When it come to the servants, I’ve done my best. But there’s nothing I can do about the territory.”

“It’s alright. I will do my best regarding that. I’ll definitely protect what Lorona wants to protect.”

Towards Astel’s reliable words, Shesam collapsed down on the spot with peace of mind.

He finally felt that he’d be able to relax ever since being informed of Lorona’s death.

At dawn, the three were riding in the same carriage to a certain destination.

“Lorona’s body is enshrined in the Central Temple.”

“Yes, or so the letter said.”

“The count seems to have been designated as the one responsible for it… is that alright?”

“There’s no problem.”

Shesam presented the temple’s letter to the mask-wearing Astel.

“While it may be addressed to the count, a servant may pick her up. I often went to the temple with young lady. As such, it shouldn’t be considered suspicious.”

Shesam remembered being taken by Lorona to the temple.

The people of the temple always welcomed Lorona. They were also kind to her companion, Shesam.

“Rather, they might be more cautious if the count himself were to appear. After all, the count never stepped his foot inside the Central Temple.”

The count, who spent most of his time away in his villa, seemed to have gone to worship at a church near it.

But rather than acting pious, the count didn’t bother to conceal his boredom throughout the entire procession. To the temple, his image shouldn’t be good.

“I see, in the matter regarding Lorona, you’re more trusted.”

“Yes, and it’s formally alright for me to receive the body.”

“I see.”

He didn’t know what kind of expression Astel was making under that mask.

However, he should be feeling the same as Shesam.

“Let’s pick up the young lady soon.”

They wanted to mourn quietly.

That was their only wish.

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