Everything you Acquire in the Future Shall be Thrown Away by Me Translation

1. Before Regression

***Trigger warning: contain violence.

“—Sofia Lark, I hereby annul my engagement with you.”

“Y, Your Highness Wagner, what are you saying, so suddenly…?”

“A gloomy woman like you is unbefitting as a fiancée for a member of the royal family. Also, I much prefer to be engaged with Aries.”

“Forgive me, my sister! I understand how terrible this is! But… I fell in love with Wagner. The engagement between Wagner and my sister is political in nature. As such, there’s no love. As for me, I too am a member to the Duke of Lark’s family, so there shouldn’t be any problems!”

“D, did father give his permission?”

“Indeed, he has. He said that compared to my incompetent sister, I’m much more suitable to become Wagner’s fiancée. The reason is because I’m special, unlike my sister.”

My world had been dull ever since I was born.

Ever since I could remember, I had to hold my breath, kill my emotions, and stand quietly just so no one would beat me. Still, Wagner didn’t find it within him to like me.

Then, how should I have lived?

Knowing that I would be beaten, should I have still been myself?

Nothing would ever take the place of the pain.

My engagement with Wagner had been annulled.

Aries was formerly the daughter of a baron. Her relatives, the Duke of Lark, adopted her after her parents died in an accident.

My father, Adley, was also an adopted son. Due to the fact that my mother fell in love with him at the first sight, they were able to get married despite the difference in status. Aries was my father’s niece.

Perhaps because of that, my father was especially fond of Aries. On the contrary, he hated me—just like he did my mother. My father must had despised my mother who used the authority of the duke to have him marry her.

Because I had no backing, I was ridiculed by the royal family as a ‘tainted noble lady whose engagement had been annulled’ and called a ‘second-handed good.’ I believed I wouldn’t be able to have a decent marriage and would soon be kicked out of my house.

However, a marriage application came from the Viscount of Kinvally, a man who owned some mines and made a fortune in the trading industry. Not even upper class aristocrats could ignore his assets.

“See, even the likes of you can have use. As expected of the daughter of the woman who used her authority to get together with a man. Looks like you have talent in picking up men.”

While looking down at me, my father happily accepted the marriage application.

The partner of my marriage was Dahal Kinvally. His mother, who was a servant, was also a concubine. As he was 26-years-old and I was 18-years-old, there wouldn’t be any issues with the age difference. At that time, I just thought that it was better than being married to someone my grandfather’s age.

—As such, I was blissfully unaware of my impending doom.



A strong shock ran across my cheek and my body was blown back. My back crashed against a nearby shelf. The pain left me unable to breath for a moment. However, I didn’t have time to rest as another shock ran through my body.

My abdomen was kicked, my hair was grabbed, and my face was beaten once again.

“How many times do I have to tell you? You’re my wife. You’re not allowed to see anyone but me.”

“I, I didn’t see anyone but you…”

While enduring the pain, I managed to squeeze out those words. However, they didn’t reach Dahal.

I was slapped across the cheek.

“—Don’t lie. Why was that servant staring at you?”

I didn’t know who Dahal was talking about. I truly didn’t. I always spent my time inside my room. I only left to eat.

I also had to eat with Dahal. Dahal despised it if I was late.

“You belong to me. You aren’t allowed to look at anyone else other than me. Sofia, don’t you understand? You are mine.”

With that said, Dahal hugged me.

“Hey, Sofia, why are you trembling? Are you scared of me?”

“No, no…”

“Well, of course not. For a wife to be scared of her husband, wouldn’t that be strange? Are you perhaps angry that I hit you? But it’s your fault. It’s your fault for looking at someone else. You should only loved me.”


He told me, “I love you.” dozens of times every day with lunacy in his eyes.

Those love confessions were a threat. If I didn’t respond, he wouldn’t forgive me. He created such a threat with just one sentence, a sentence consisting of three words. He wouldn’t forgive me if I didn’t reciprocate.

As I lived such a life, my food became scarce and I was barely able eat. The servants avoided me.

Dahal didn’t allow anyone other than himself to approach or even touch me. The servants probably didn’t want to get fired. Moreover, it’d be fortunate if they were only fired. Some servants were struck just from looking at me. To the servants, I must had been some kind of plague.

However, some servants still approached me fearlessly, probably due to kindness. They did it without knowing that kindness only suffocated me even more.

“A, are you okay?”

My only moments of peace was when I was alone in our room. As I sat on a chair on the terrace, a young, male, gardener spoke to me.

“This is the flower I planted. It may not be a great comfort, but please take care.”

The gardener offered me a flower. When I tried to refuse it, the flower was crushed.

Dahal was the one who did it.

I trembled.

I was scared—so scared, I couldn’t help it.

“What are you doing?”

“D, Dahal, I…”

“Why don’t you belong to me? How can I make you mine and only mine?”

The gardener had his arms cut off in front of me. Then, he died after being beheaded.

Dahal’s face and sword were stained with blood—such that I thought it was my turn next.

“Sofia, you’re mine! You only belong to me!”

“N, no…”

I turned my back to Dahal so I could escape from him and ran back for the room.

Before that could happen, Dahal’s sword slashed my back.

“You’re mine. You’re mine alone.”

As he repeated that, Dahal pierced my body with his sword many times until I died.

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