The Disappointing Lady’s Daily Life Translation

29. There Is Poison In All Beautiful Flowers

“I don’t want to interfere too much in these matters, but I would like you to refrain from fighting with the Flower Princesses.”

The personification of an ideal woman, Ogasawara Seiko, an upperclassman who was listening to our conversation silently, looked at Hitomi and Higemiri with a stern gaze. Next to her, The Dahlia…Saotome Shiori smiled softly and tilted her head.

“It was Asami, right? I saw him the other day, but he was a man with a cute face, wasn’t he?”
“I wonder why you hate him so much, Hidemiri? As a special student, I’m sure he has a lot of worries about life here. If possible, everyone in his grade should help him out.”

Hidemiri, who was not amused with Shiori’s concern for Asami, frowned and bit her lower lip. Miyabi’s smile was bitter and chilly. It was obvious that she didn’t like it.

“And I hear that he is close with Tengenji and the others. He’s very tasty…no, he’s a feast for the eyes.”

I think Shiori’s true feelings were about to be spilled out just then. Perhaps, Shiori is…no, but, I think it’s good for people to have various hobbies. Some of the readers also have such interests.

Although they seemed to be dissatisfied, neither Hidemiri nor Miyabi had any objections. I don’t think they would have obeyed honestly, but for now, thanks to Shiori and the others, the situation was settled.

When the flower party was over and I was about to leave, I was called by Shiori and Seiko.

“I’m sorry for stopping you.”
“It’s fine.”

I was a little nervous to be spoken to by these two. They were the most prominent among the Flower Princesses. I didn’t do anything rude, did I?

“I would like you to tell us if Hidemiri and Miyabi are doing something behind our backs.”
“Eh…What does that mean?”
“The two of them might do something to Kanade Asami, the special student. If there is one of the Flower Princesses who is bullying people, we can’t just leave them be as well. But since we’re in different grades, I think there’s a lot of things we won’t be able to notice.”

Seiko folded her arms and stared at the position where Hidemiri and the others had been sitting just moments prior. In other words, the two people who might do something that could damage the name of Flower Princesses were dangerous.

“Hitomi, has that matter happened earlier, so I thought that the most neutral person would be you, Miss Maria.”

I guess that means I’m the easiest person to ask. If it’s just like the original story, I’ll be the first one to bully Asami though.

I want to make sure that no one suspects me, and I don’t want to let Asami get harassed. I don’t know if I can defeat Miyabi and the others if I oppose them, the existence of these two are reassuring. If anything happens, I hope they will punish them please.

“Please be careful, especially with The Lily.”

Shiori may seem calm, but she seems to be more aware of her surroundings than should be expected. The Lily, Miyabi, is always smiling, but I think what she is hiding inside is frightening. Sometimes her eyes don’t seem to be smiling.

“I’m really sorry for holding you back.”
“It’s okay.”

If these two had acted like this in the original story, they would have probably left this role to Hitomi. In the original story, Sumire and Asami have little to do with each other because there is no Sumire to cover for her, there won’t be a dispute between Hitomi and Hidemiri and the others.

And if it was the original story, I would be on Hidemiri side. My goodness! Which one of these two that killed Maria, who tarnished the Flower Princesses name in the original story…No, surely not. At that time, the girls should have graduated.

After parting ways with Shiori and Seiko, I once again began to sort out who could have killed Maria in the original story in the garden that was dyed with the setting sun.

The main character was Asami, so it was unlikely that she would kill Maria. It was also unlikely that Tengenji, the main character and hero, would kill her. It should be unlikely that Amamiya and Kiryu, who are friends of Tengenji are the culprits.

There is no way that Aoi, my younger brother, pretends to be sad but is actually the murderer, right? If possible, I would like to believe that Aoi is not the culprit.

I think the most likely candidate is Kuze. It probably couldn’t be helped since Maria was in the way. But, I wonder if Kuze, who is in a position to be suspected easily, would act like that? Kinoa, Kuze’s younger cousin, wants Kuze and Maria to get along well, so she doesn’t seem to dislike Maria.

The rest are the Flower Princesses Miyabi and Hidemiri. They were bullying Asami together, but it’s possible that there was discord among them. Even if there could be at least one person that I can exclude from the list. However, there is no one that I am sure of like ‘it’s this person!’