Now that I’m Dead, are you Satisfied? Translation

28. [Day 3 (7)]

Shesam, who had left the count’s house early in the morning, was walking alone down the dusk road.

By that time, he had finally been able to meet the stores the count family had business with and finished liquidating the accumulated payments.

The color of the sky had plunged into that of darkness. The crowds became sparse. If he didn’t hurry, he’d be alone on the road.

“Should I consider myself lucky…?”

When Shesam went out the mansion’s back gate, he spotted the count’s carriage passing through the main gate.

Had he left the mansion a little later, he’d have been dragged back inside.

Shesam roughly wiped his sweaty neck. If they were to learn he had dismissed some of the servants, his head would fly.

He had gathered only the credible servants in the evening and handed them letters of recommendation and their severance payment.

The servants close to Belverassa and Lumina were entrusted to the butler. Surely, those two would do something about their servants.

After all, they’d either be given to the lord or be hired by the butlers themselves.

In any case, Shesam crisply felt that his role was over.

The money left by Lorona had been completely used up. Afterwards, Shesam only needed to visit a few more places.

He sent a parting letter to his birthplace, the Belmand, saying that he’d never return.

As their son, it was better for him to leave them for he had betrayed the lord they served.

Although the Belmand family had lived in the vault of Count Ruth, his elderly parents had already left the royal capital to live a quiet life. His sister and her husband lived near them. As such, Shesam didn’t have to worry about his old parents. Shesam hoped that they’d soon forget about their unfilial son.

“In any case, even if I were to remain in the count’s family, I’d surely have died.”

Considering the amount of debt they had, he didn’t think the count family would survive.

If they were to fall, Shesam would surely be blamed.

Noblemen commonly used their servants as a scapegoat to avoid execution.

“Lady Lorona, I’ll be picking you up, soon.”

From his bosom, Shesam took out a letter.

Last night, a letter had arrived from the temple, saying, ‘Lorona’s body had been mended, please come retrieve her.’

Shesam didn’t disclose that information to anyone in the count’s family.

They were always and only thinking about their immediate desires.

Three days had passed since Lorona died, but there was no sign her funeral was being prepared.

Therefore, how could he bear to take Lorona back to such a place?

Normally, the remains of a devout believer who died in an accident would be returned to their family as soon as the death was confirmed in the temple.

However, Lorona was especially enthusiastic about worshipping, donating, and doing philanthropic activities for the temple. As such, she was deeply revered. Hence, her remains were probably being mended with the highest level of effort.

The fact that Lorona was cherished made him happy. At the same time, he felt sad.

“I have to hurry to the promised place…”

Before retrieving Lorona, there was something that Shesam needed to do.

He held a bag in his arms and trudged forward.

“Why, isn’t it Shesam?”

Shesam stopped and turned at the sudden voice, almost screaming.

The voice had originated from a familiar-looking postman.

“Good timing. A letter has arrived through express delivery.”

Shesam frowned at the postman while apologizing.

If he were to accept a letter addressed to the count family, it’d result in confusion.

However, unexpectedly, the recipient of the letter being couriered by the postman was himself.

“Thanks to this, I don’t have to go through any unnecessary problems. Later, then.”

The postman immediately left the place.

Shesam, having been left alone, confirmed the sender of the envelope.


It was a completely unknown name.

However, he felt that the address was familiar.

“…More importantly, I have to hurry.”

Shesam couldn’t open the letter and read it right away. After thrusting the letter into his bag, he started walking for his destination again.

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