I’m the Cruel Saint, but I Want to Help my Dear Husband. Translation

12. My Husband is Also Superbly Considerate!

When Charlotte woke up, the room was bright.

She slowly got up and looked around. The lonely room was large and quiet enough for an echo.

…Oswald. My husband is a strong and very kind person, how wonderful!

She put a hand against her chest and breathed.

I’m so happy I was properly able to remember Oswald this morning.

Yesterday’s memory hadn’t disappeared. She was so happy, she couldn’t help herself.

Even if she left her bed, the room was warm. Perhaps, the temperature was adjusted by magic.

Charlotte noticed the scenery outside upon spreading the curtain.


The land outside of the mansion had been covered in pure white.

That explained the quietness. The window was very cold and clouded.  Charlotte, who brought her face closer, could see her own breath.

Doesn’t Oswald get cold?

Yesterday must had been cold. Yet, he still lent Charlotte his cloak. As such, Charlotte was really worried about him.

Furthermore, he seemed to have yet retrieve his cloak. As such, Charlotte made sure to fold it.

I want to thank him again…

While thinking so, Charlotte closed her eyes.

I, I can’t regret it, especially not after how much I endured the urge yesterday! This cloak is Oswald’s! Therefore, I mustn’t hug it, I mustn’t! I have endured the temptation and win!

Charlotte stood in a hurry and stuck to the door.

She felt like she could hear someone’s footsteps from the corridor.

Although the floor was covered with a red carpet, she could hear a faint noise—even though it should be impossible.

She pressed her ear against the door, listening seriously and became convinced as soon as the footsteps halted in front of the door.

“This is…! P, perhaps, these are the footsteps of my beloved Oswald…?”

“Don’t make such a terrifying prediction just by listening to the footsteps.”

“Wow, it indeed is Oswald!!”

“—and you somehow guessed it right!”

The door opened, and Charlotte bounced the moment she saw the person who stood there.

While looking down at Charlotte, who was shorter than her, Oswald frowned. Charlotte stepped back and squeezed her hands in front of her face.

“Oswald…! Thank you for still breathing in this world today, too…!”

“No, what kind of gratitude is that…?’

“I’m glad that Oswald is alive!!”

“I understand, so stop praying! That’s enough! You don’t have to kneel!”

Oswald pulled up Charlotte who was so impressed she was kneeling. He sighed in exhaustion, but it didn’t seem to be directed towards Charlotte.

H, he grabbed my arm…!

“I came to hand over the list of participants for next week’s evening party.”

Charlotte’s consciousness only grew hazier listening to Oswald’s words.

The evening party was an important event. She had to do her best to not be a hindrance to Oswald.

“Thank you, Oswald.”

“I want to confirm this before you participate…”

While turning to look at her, he tilted his head.

“Will arranging a tutor be necessary?”

“A tutor?”

“Manners are required for attending the evening party, admission, walking, greetings, and so on.”


That was a difficult thing. Charlotte explored her memories and realized that she didn’t have a clue.

Apparently, her memory was mottled.

Although she still retained her common sense, how to carry out daily activities, and how to use her divine power, there were many things she had forgotten.

…The manners required for an evening party, I should’ve learned them.

“For a long time, you didn’t consider attending evening parties a necessity for you are a ‘saint.’ You loathed socializing.”

“! Yes, that’s right!”

“Then, even if you’ve learned the etiquette in your saint education, so as to refresh your memory, I shall arrange a tutor if necessary.”


What a thoughtful husband!

“Thank you! By all means, by all means, I’d like to receive some tutoring!”

“I understand, so don’t hug me!”

Oswald doesn’t know that I’m amnesic. In a sense, his reaching out such an accurate helping hand is a type of heartfelt devotion…!?

Seeing Charlotte smiling happily, Oswald was suddenly at a loss for words.


“It’s nothing.”

“…Ah, but what should I do? I think the tutor will be scared of me…”

Judging by the reactions of her maid, Charlotte should be feared by everyone.

“I will pick a tutor that isn’t scared of you.”

“Is that so?”

“But don’t expect any special treatment from the tutor.”

Charlotte blinked.

“So, what’s your answer? I know of one person who can teach you without any fear.”

“I’d like for that person to teach me!”

Due to the fact that she answered without the slightest bit of hesitation, Oswald was slightly confused.

“As long as I don’t end up being a bother for Oswald, any hardship is welcome!”


“I mean, if I end up terrifying the other party, I’d end up feeling bad for myself…”

Amidst contemplation, Oswald sighed.

“—When the time comes, I shall pick you up. I have to go to work.”

Then, with his red eyes stared straight at Charlotte,

“Alright, Charlotte, don’t do anything strange.”

“Of course!”

After vigorously answering, Charlotte saw Oswald off again that day as well.


…Well, I was retrieved and teleported with a magic circle.

In the drawing room of the mansion she had arrived in, Charlotte waited for someone while sitting on a chair.

The women standing left and right of Charlotte appeared to be magicians.

They were wary of Charlotte and were staring dagger at her.

Charlotte felt they became wary of her at each of her slightest movements.

To avoid causing any fear, Charlotte subtly observed her surroundings with her eyes.

It’s a very luxurious room. My bedroom is amazing, but so is this room! What does the armor displayed over there signify?

When she was thinking about that, the door open.

“Charlotte Leah Langheim?”


Appearing was a slim old lady with elegantly tied gray hair

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