The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

165. Radea’s Bakery (6)

“—Then, something like that happened, Jill-chan. It’s also the reason why I failed to procure His Majesty’s belongings.”

Jill, who had been repeatedly stabbing a log at the training grounds, took a deep breath at Camila’s report. At her feet, Rho was enjoying his mochi while yawning.

“I see. That was certainly rude, and here I thought that I did the right thing…”

“It looks like His Majesty did a pretty excellent job~”

“Indeed, the bakery seems to be very prosperous, and it is also quite popular. That must have happened because of His Majesty’s endeavor.”

As Jill adjusted her breathing, she looked up towards Camila.

“I wanted to greet the grandma that took care of His Majesty. Let’s wait until His Majesty finishes his duties.”

“About His Majesty’s excuse, aren’t you angry~?”

“You mean, the elopement story?”

She clenched her right fist and proceeded to blow away the log. Rho leaped with a shriek, while Camila and Zeke tensed up.

“That’s probably what His Majesty is trying to hide.”

With a smile, Camila, Zeke, and Rho tried to sneak away from Jill.

“Ugh, I should’ve stopped him…!”

“This isn’t right~ Jill-chan seems to be angry all the time~ Hey, Rho-chan, do something about her~”


“Hey, did you just say that it’s impossible~? What do you mean~? You’re His Majesty’s heart~!”

“It’s time for dinner!”

A voice echoed from above Jill. Upon lifting her head, she saw Hadith waving out of a window from one of the buildings surrounding the training ground.

“I understand! I’ll be there, soon!”

As the distance was a bit far, when she raised her voice, Hadith did the same.

“Hurry! I think I’ll go out either tomorrow or the day after!”

He was probably talking about visiting the bakery.

Jill’s subordinates trembled behind her.

“W, what timing…”

“H, hey, let’s go to His Majesty and give him some advice~! Rho-chan, you’re coming too~!”

U, ugyu…”

“Alright, we can go after confirming the power of the sacred treasure!”


Zeke rushed after the screaming Rho.

Hadith unfazed, waved his hand and withdrew his face.

“…He’s really in trouble now. To proudly proclaim his plans to go out like that…”

“T, that’s right…”

“…Well, well—”

Jill shrugged her shoulders and extended her left hand forward. For some reason, Camila panicked.

“W, wait, Jill-chan~ No way, are you planning to hit His Majesty—”

Infused with magical power, the red and blue jewels embedded within her gold ring transformed into a golden whip. Once all the targets around the edge of the training ground were dealt with, Jill examined the remains which were no giving off smoke.

“As I thought, it’ll be faster if I use my left hand. If I were to use my right hand, it’d be delayed by a beat. Or, am I getting used to it?”

“J-Jill-chan~ please talk to me!?”

“But this whip is pretty good. I understand why it’s my mother’s preferred weapon. You can tie up your enemies and hit them, or just plain hang them…”

“Please look at me~?!”

“It’s not like I’m angry.”

Camila cried from behind her, so she turned around. Sure enough, Camila became silent.

It was the truth—she wasn’t angry. After all, by uniting an army that had lost its commander despite getting caught in the enemy’s surprise attack, Hadith had saved Radea. Therefore, she couldn’t get angry at him anymore.

Otherwise, I…

Because she was aware of it, her voice diminished.

“I think I have to give a proper greeting. That old lady must have been involved in the skirmish with Kratos. Therefore, I want to leave a good impression…”

“Jill-chan, that’s…”

“Also, from what Camila said… I’m sure the person who refused to hand over His Majesty’s belongings is a girl.”

“Eh? Ah, that’s true~”

“His Majesty must’ve been very popular. I know because I’m his wife.”

She just didn’t want her subordinates to see her pouting. Even more for Hadith and Rho.

Camila was stunned, but then firmly said something.

“…From my perspective, I believe he’s more of a cool neighborhood brother~? It’s not like what you think~”

“…But, who knows what would have happened if I was half a month late.”

“His Majesty explained to the people around him that had eloped~? It isn’t like he purposefully hid his marriage~”

“But, isn’t it different?”

After a brief pause, Camila matched Jill’s eye level. Her gaze was both gentle and mature.

Then, she muttered in a regrettable tone.

“…I’m so narrowminded, just like a child.”

“I understand~ you don’t want to be treated like a child by someone you like~”

“…Ordinary girls are my natural enemies. Slaying that goddess would be easier.”

Finally, she dropped her shoulders and shrugged. Camila, who was crouching and staring at her, suddenly opened her arms and embraced Jill.

“Ah, but His Majesty might kill me~”


“Never mind, it’s nothing. It seems that your expression has improved~”

Camila stood up and put her hands on her waist. She smiled bitterly.

“Do you feel a bit refreshed~?”


“Then, let’s go~ His Majesty must be worried~”

When Jill nodded, the golden whip reverted back into being a ring. She suddenly remembered when she saw Camila walking ahead of her.

“—Camila! Our previous conversation—!”

“I know, it’s a secret from His Majesty, right~?”

Camila turned around and winked to her.

Jill felt relieved for a moment, but immediately chased after Camila after recalling something.

“Really? Because sometimes Camila says one thing and does another…”

“Oh my, I’m not trusted~”

“On the contrary, to me, you’re someone with credibility. It’s because Camila cares about me that sometimes you take charge of my relationship.”

“I’m not that kind of person~ Now, His Majesty might want me dead~”

“You’ve been saying that for a while, now. If it’s a duel you want, His Majesty will instant kill you?”

“Hahahaha, Jill-chan still doesn’t understand a man’s heart!”

She didn’t understand.

However, instead of explaining any further, Camila only laughed.

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