The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince ZCompleted Translations

The Trapped Former Villainess Wants to Escape from the Sadistic Prince [Chapter 18]

Spinoff #2: The Enslaved Witch Falls Victim to the Tentacle Elf

Lucian, the tentacle elf, lived in a stylish house in the Imperial Capital. Despite its old age, the property was well maintained. During my time at his estate, I helped Lucian with his research while also helping with the laundry.

While he told me it was okay for me to use my spare time to study magic, my mornings were filled with doing the washing. I also spent my afternoons participating in Lucian’s research. If my body had recovered from that afternoon’s session, then I would usually spend my evening with Lucian while he studied me. I didn’t really have any time to explore anything else related to magic.

As bleak as my situation was, the kindness of the servants who worked at Lucian’s estate was the one bright spot. The staff included an aging butler and his wife, who managed the estate… Another senior couple, who prepared our meals… There was also an elderly gardener and coachman.

Each had received an invitation from Lucian to come and reside at his estate. They had all taken him up on his offer, spending their golden years as his devoted servants. The coachman was an eternal bachelor, and the gardener’s wife had passed away.

Their children had all left the nest – their daughters heading off to get married and their sons leaving home to find work at other estates.

Ordinarily, servants were discouraged from marrying, so one would expect the sons to still be here if this were a typical estate. Lucian, however, encouraged his servants to marry. So the sons left their home to receive outside training, and even if they wished to marry, they were still allowed to come back.  

It was rare to see young and new servants here.

By the way, whenever I did the washing, I was usually tasked with washing Lucian’s and the other servants’ undergarments and accessories. The rest were my clothes which often got dirty. A professional laundress would come and take away the more valuable articles for cleaning – Lucian’s expensive clothes, sheets, the servants’ uniforms, and other expensive fabrics. Once they were clean, she returned them to the estate. 

Up until my arrival, the laundress had taken care of the garments that were now under my care. In other words, it didn’t really matter if I did the laundry or not…

The city was more modern than I imagined…

Going back, I think the reason that Lucian decided to hire servants who were past their prime had something to do with his research. No matter how distinguished a scholar may be, I don’t think that there were very many families with young daughters at home that would jump at the chance to live close to someone who devoted himself to the study of erotic tentacles. Even if their daughters were seeking work, it would be advisable to avoid taking a position at a place with erotic tentacles.

While it was rare, it was not unheard of either. From what I have heard, several young women have worked on the estate in the past. They weren’t slaves, though. They were former prostitutes who had been let go by their former employer… He had made their acquaintance at a shop they all frequented. They also participated in his research while working as servants at his estate.       

What kind of shops did they all frequent? Vulgar sex dens.

This seemed to have been a periodic occurrence, but they usually left to get married after working at Lucian’s estate for a short time. There was no passionate love affair that spurred Lucian to buy out any girls’ contracts. Instead, they agreed to work on his estate to tell subsequent employers that they had previously worked as maids.

Despite paying those who participated in his research quite handsomely, Lucian didn’t have any nonplatonic relationship with anyone. Aside from myself, no such girls were currently employed at the estate.

At least, that was what the other aging servants had told me.

Lucian claimed that he didn’t perform erotic acts on his participants indiscriminately. It’s clear that for him, such actions were particular…

It’s different with me, though, because he bought me as a slave. It’s hard to admit such a thing, but it must be said.

Despite all of that, it seemed like the aging servants hadn’t given up on their hope that Lucian might have finally decided to take a bride.

I, of course, harbored no such hope.

I mean, if you took the tentacle route, Lucian was the love interest. In other words, fate was on his side.

On the other hand, I merely sheltered the soul of someone from another world due to an accident… My existence, or lack thereof, hardly would impact the game whatsoever.  

Let’s put a brighter spin on things and assume that I was the main character of this spinoff. In the end, a spinoff was just a spinoff. There was no way I would ever end up the bride of one of the game’s primary love interests.

I couldn’t help but feel that I was reading the story of a recently sold slave who came from another world. Although this may not be your typical internet novel, I felt like the setting of this tale wasn’t that unusual. Assuming the protagonist was a slave, it seemed only logical to be used for erotic purposes. Wait… Was this story geared towards men?

However, it wasn’t like I came to be possessed in any ordinary way. I had a feeling that there weren’t many owned slaves floating around out there… In any event, could my possession not compare to that of an oppressed princess? Having the main character be both a witch and a slave… Wasn’t that going a little overboard?   

A poor body summoned against its willpossessedsold into slavery, only to end up being sold again… Who wouldn’t pity me…? 

Though it would help me understand why a contracted witch would turn to use complicated magic to earn money…

Money was essential for an enslaved witch, after all.

A slave can buy their own freedom with it.

You can’t blame an enslaved witch for knowingly taking the risk. However, for ordinary slaves, there was really no way for them to save up enough money. If they wanted any chance of gaining their freedom, they had no choice but to turn to dangerous magic.

Hence, I…

Ah! Ha…!

Green tentacles were crawling up my body. Dryad ivy, which grew in the courtyard of Lucian’s stylish estate, moved like a living being. It swiftly crept into the neighboring gazebo and ensnared my naked body.

One tentacle wrapped around my chest and began massaging me – first squeezing my nipple and then poking its tip. In their quest to bring pleasure, the tentacles quickly wriggled up to my unstimulated erogenous zones. Naturally, they zeroed in on my sensitive clitoris, dexterously grinding against me, providing ample stimulation. I had no idea how many tentacles actually penetrated me.   

One tentacle wasn’t that big, but the more tentacles penetrated me, the more stretched I became. Once they found a good spot inside me, they ground and wriggled against me…

Ahn! Ahhh…!”

The dryads that Lucian raised moved more delicately than their wild counterparts. He had been raising them to be like this on purpose.

Lucian conducted his research in this semi-outdoor gazebo because large dryads couldn’t be kept indoors… It’s not just because it’s easier to observe their actions under direct sunlight… Since you could see proof of their efforts otherwise as well. At night, the tentacled slime… Unless I thought about things completely unrelated to what was going on, I would quickly lose consciousness as I was that much overwhelmed by their torturous pleasure.

The pavilion, built in the courtyard, had a roof and was surrounded by a waist-high wall. It wasn’t apparent from the outside. The sound of voices, however, quickly permeated through the structure.

No matter how hard I tried to hold back my cries, I couldn’t hold them back completely. It was so embarrassing…

A semicircular stage jutted out from the wall inside the pavilion, taking up half of the room. If an outsider were to look inside the pavilion, they’d probably think it was an oddly shaped bench.

On top of this stage was the bed. It’s where I laid down or got on my hands and knees. Lucian conducted his experiments there.

Ever since I came to Lucian’s estate, I usually spent my days here on the bed while the dryads and tentacled slime had their way with me. It’s not so bad during the warm months, but winter was especially harsh…

Hah! Ahhh…!

There was a remarkably forceful thrust; the sensation of something coming out with a puff of air rendered me no longer able to stay on my hands and knees.

Hmmm… Let’s take a break.

I heard Lucian’s voice come from behind me; however, the tentacles continued their vicious assault. He pulled the dryads off me, and I instantly collapsed limply in a heap; my skin looked like they were minced meat.

This was the pinnacle of shyness play – being observed by Lucian from start to finish.

I always thought that he had happened to me by chance. Now I know that he was just continuing his old habit – watching as tentacled beings obscenely ensnared me. In addition to his shyness kink, he also had a thing for seeing me dressed as a maid. 

This was the farthest he’d taken his shyness kink…

Just as I thought, your bodily fluids helped my dryads grow. In terms of length and girth, the tentacles that pleasured you stand out from the rest. Even the other tentacles were growing much quicker than they did before. If being near you was enough to trigger their growth, then my thesis about the sudden increase in dryads and tentacled slime in the forest would prove to be correct…

He was using me as a gardening hack…?

As I laid limply on the bed, I listened to Lucian talk while he measured the tentacles.

When he had observed that I looked a little calmer, Lucian gently stroked my foot. I was utterly powerless. Regardless of how roughly or gently he moved his fingers over my skin, I couldn’t stop the jolts that wracked my body. At just a simple touch, my sensitive, exploited body trembled with pleasure.   

Which would you prefer first today? Me or the slime?

Ever since he had bought and brought me to his home, he asked me this question each time he allowed the tentacles to ruin me, all in the name of scientific experimentation.

We always started with the dryads first because they were good as foreplay. Dryad ivy produced a kind of aphrodisiac, so after the dryads have had their way with me, the regular sex would begin. As time went by, things tended to calm down, but it was still quite formidable.

The only way to calm things down was to allow the assaults to continue…

As always, Lucian wanted to know what I would like first – him or the slime.

There was only one possible answer.

I… I want the slime first, please…

I preferred the slime because if Lucian ejaculated in me, there was a chance I would get pregnant. The slime, if done first, acted as a sort of contraception.  

I see. You like the tentacled slime, don’t you, Aya?

No, I don’t.  

If I said that, he’d undoubtedly think that I was trying to engage in shyness play…


Before I had a chance to prepare myself, the tentacled slime suddenly slid its tentacles into my orifices…!

My openings, which the dryads had enlarged, were suddenly engulfed…  

Ah! Hah! Ahhh!

Continuing their crushing assault, I felt my ass being lifted into the air as the tentacles thrust into me.


Does that feel good? You’re shaking your hips quite a bit.

Ahhh! Haaa!

Something was coming out… I couldn’t take it anymore…!

That must have felt amazing… But we mustn’t let you lose your mind from the sheer pleasure of it all, so let’s stop with the slime for now.

He pulled the slime off me. Looking back, I had only been with the slime for a short time.

Despite the slime being removed from my body, I continued to convulse from the successive orgasms I had experienced…

You look like you could take a little more, Aya… I’ll take over from here. Please hold out a little longer.

Ah! Haaa!

Unlike the slime, he thrust into me in a hot and nerve-racking manner. The sound of his body meeting mine rang out. Occasionally he would grind into me…

Ah! Ahhh…!

Before I knew it, I had lost consciousness under the barrage of successive orgasms.

Later, after I regained consciousness and cleaned myself up, I somehow managed to choke down some food… That night I went to Lucian’s bed chamber to help him with his tentacled slime research… My day ended with feeling faint as he came in me yet again.

Every day I kept being assaulted repeatedly… I also never have any time to study!

What was I to do…?