The Executed Villainess Travels Back Through Time for Revenge Translation

31. The Reasons for Going Back

“—Violet, save me!”

Or so the first prince screamed as he dexterously moved his bound body and wriggled on the floor.

When I saw such a scene, I involuntarily withdrew and covered my face with my fan so that I wouldn’t have to look at it.

“…How disgusting.”

“Are you alright?”

Aldam, who noticed my reaction, called out with concern.

I merely shook my head.

“…It’s just, huge caterpillars are nasty.”

“That’s not good. Rengel, shield Lady Violet.”


Marquis Dantov nodded and stood between me and the first prince.

Then, a scream could be heard from the other end.

Why, you—!? Move—! I’m talking to Violet—! I’ve woken up from the nightmare called Mia—! Why don’t we start over—!?”

“…Start over, you say?”

I instinctively listened back to him.

Then, a happy voice could be heard from the other side of Marquis Dantov.

“T, that’s right! So, let’s enjoy tea on the terrace of the royal palace again, like in the old days! Please save me!”

“Do I have to, though? You tried to kill me.”

“What are you talking about…?”

“Have you forgotten, already? Not only did you try to condemn me in public, you were also about to send me to the decapitation stand…”

After I had answered with an angry tone, I couldn’t hear anything else from him.

I was sure that the first prince thought he was saved.

However, I had nipped his hope in the bud.

The fact that he couldn’t answer… perhaps, he truly intended to have me executed.

…Well, the most important thing was I had finally reversed our positions.

Instead of me, he was the one being condemned.

Unexpectedly, the corners of my lips rose.

“…This has improved my mood immensely.”

After I had muttered that, unlike the last time I was dragged to prison, I left the venue proudly with a smile while being escorted by Aldam.


As of the present, we were leaving the venue and were headed for the mansion rented by Aldam.

By the way, Luria happily said, “My place is at Milady’s side.”—as such, she was still following me.

Meanwhile, Aldam immediately told me the reason he went back in time.

“In the beginning, I was looking for a fiancée. At first, I searched for a candidate within my own kingdom, but there were no ladies around the same age as me. I was crestfallen. Then, I tested the remaining ladies with Rengel. Long story short, they were put off by his sturdy appearance.”

“…I see, they only saw the surface.”

“Yes, well, some of them didn’t care, but in the end, they still didn’t meet the requirements…”

“Hence, you came abroad.”

“Indeed. I decided to see you the day before the party after I kept hearing rumors about the annulment of your engagement.”

Aldam smiled bitterly. When I understood that, I felt shy.

“…I have shown you something embarrassing.”

“When I first saw you, I couldn’t believe my ears. After all, you were said to be a perfect lady, and were the most promising queen candidate.”

“Well, I was hysterical at that time, always yelling every day…”

“It can’t be helped. You were set up by them. When I was about to give up my pursuit, Rengel, who was disguised as me, was poisoned and became seriously ill. Then, as I searched for the culprit, Violet was condemned as the perpetrator…”

“But you didn’t believe it?”

“Yes, because I have no idea as to why you’d poison me. After I had witnessed the condemnation in its entirety, I was convinced that the culprit was among those who casted suspicion upon you. However, when I asked His Majesty to look for the true culprit, he refused to listen…”

“Well, after how I had behaved, I can’t exactly blame them for misunderstanding. People ignorant to the truth cannot be blamed either…”

“Which is exactly why my patience ran out. As I returned to the kingdom, I vowed to find the culprit no matter what. In the royal family of Neonhart, a certain story is passed down.”

“Let me guess, it’s the ability to go back in time? However, I believe you used it mostly to save Marquis Dantov instead of pursuing the criminal.”

“That isn’t the only reason, though. I also want to destroy the plot of the first prince of the Rolaud Kingdom. As a result of hurrying back to my kingdom and researching the tale, I learned of an artifact crafted by a certain god called Chronos. To create that scepter, I needed to procure the necessary materials.”

“…It’s the scepter that His Majesty the King of Rolaud had, right? How did you get your hands on it?”

“A year after Lady Violet was executed, the second prince and the four grand dukes rebelled. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Incidentally, the scepter of Chronos hailed from the Neonhart Kingdom. It’s more precise to say that it was returned.”

“…A rebellion.”

“Do you want to hear more?”

I immediately shook my head.

None of that mattered to me anymore. I could almost predict how that rebellion occurred.

Aldam nodded, as if he understood.

“Then, I shall continue… I obtained the scepter of Chronos and dug up the place that was said to be your final resting place…”

“Wait, what?! What did you just say!?”

I involuntarily interrupted Aldam’s words.

I mean, he said that he dug up my body!

Then, Aldam answered with a bitter smile.

“I’m sorry, but there’s a reason for it. In order to go back in time, I had to find something that has a strong attachment towards that place at that time. It doesn’t matter if it’s dead or alive, big or small…”

“…I see, I was the perfect choice.”

“Indeed. At that time, I could only think of you who had been executed under false accusations. Thanks to you, I was able to come back in time safely. However, your thoughts were too strong. I didn’t expect that you’d also keep your memories…”

“Fufu, I have Lord Aldam to thank, then…”

“You’ve thanked me enough by agreeing to become my future companion, Violet.”


Aldam, having said such a thing lightly, made me to blush fervently.

While staring at me, Aldam put his hand on his chin and grinned.

“Fufu, you are truly amusing.”

“Ugh! Continue with your story!”

I said that while looking away at the grinning Marquis Dantov and Luria.

Aldam nodded with a laugh.

“…Alright, so I went back in time using your body. Keep in mind, only my eyes can draw the power from the scepter of Chronos.”

Aldam brushed his hair and showed me a face with beauty unheard of in the world.

However, there was something more eye-catching than his face—

—It was one of his eyes, one which shined with a golden color.

“The color of your eye…!”

“Only those with golden eyes can wield the scepter of Chronos, a relic said to have been made by a god. By the way, once the relic is used, the color will disappear.”

Aldam pointed to his other eye which was black. Thus, I was convinced.

“Finally, I understand why I went back in time and the reasons behind what everyone did.”

“…I’m truly sorry. I didn’t expect for Lady Violet to appear at that party.”

“Last time, they had hidden the party from me.”

“Indeed, so I was wary at first. But as I watched your actions, I decided to uncover the answers myself.”

“…Finally, you came to the conclusion that I also went back in time.”

“Yes, and I decided to lend some of my assistance so you could exact your revenge upon them. By the way, I have left a small gift to those who were convicted.”

“A gift…?”

“Yes, in a form of a great experience—I’m sure you’ll love it.”

Aldam said that and smiled fearlessly.

Oh my, the first prince and the others must be having it rough.

Of course, I didn’t feel a shred of pity for them.

…Because I was a villainess.

When I muttered that inwardly, I also showed a brave smile to Aldam.


///Proceeded to conceal her mouth with a fan, before distorting it///

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