As my Engagement has Been Annulled, I’m Going to Live Freely! Translation

26. Confession

As Ryan looked up, he appeared a bit sad.

“Knowing our difference in status, if I confess to her, I’m worried she might not reciprocate my feelings.”


…My mind is a mess right now.

Confused, I reflected in my heart.

If I were to go over his conversation from the start, only one person came to mind.

…Well, I could say that there were a few correlations, at least. It was also quite possible that he was referring to someone else.

Even so, the information he added at the last part—isn’t it too specific?

“…Will she consider my confession something I did on a whim? Will she hate me because I’m a duke? Will confessing to her make her feel uncomfortable? Let me know what you think, Flores.”

When he asked that, I looked up and saw that Ryan was waiting for my response.

He firmly gazed at me, as if I was that woman he wanted to confess to.

Am I being conceited?

If I did misunderstand, I’d be truly ashamed…


“…For, for example—”

“—Tell me everything.”

While telling myself to remain as calm as possible, I carefully opened my mouth.

Ryan’s eyes shone in anticipation.

“Has the woman ever been cold to you?”

“No, from the beginning, she has always been kind to me. But it may be because she’s a clerk, and I’m a customer.”

With a very serious face, Ryan pondered.

Is he naturally dense like this?

Then, haven’t his cute points basically increased?

Involuntarily, Ryan furrowed his eyebrows.

He then sighed greatly, which I supposed wasn’t my fault.

“F, Flores…?”

“No, it’s nothing… uh, can you think of any other behavior of her that would indicate she has feelings for you?”

If I were the other person, I wouldn’t be able to keep my calm. I’d end up revealing my feelings to him one way or another. In my case, it’d be too obvious.

I meant, I could think of many cases…

“…I see. It’s a very trivial thing. She often smiles at me. It’s a smile so beautiful, I fell in love with her at the first sight.”

“Love at first sight, I see… love at first sight…”

I blushed at Ryan’s straightforwardness.

Did he fall for me when we first met here? Or, perhaps, before that? Was it during the time my engagement was being annulled?

When I realized what I was thinking, I hurriedly shook my head.

No, the person wasn’t necessarily me.

I kept telling myself that, but I could feel Ryan’s passionate gaze on me.

“But, she also showed that beautiful smile of hers to the man she supposedly hates.”

Ryan excruciatingly said that.

If the smile that he fell in love with at first sight was at that place and at that time…

“…Do you mean, it’s the smile I made because I broke up with the person I hate…?”

When asked that, Ryan looked up and contemplated briefly—

“—That’s right.”

“…Then, that’s a smile when I’m too happy, I can’t help it.”

I was basically grinning from ear-to-ear at that time.

I must had looked like there existed no greater happiness in the world.

Because I truly thought so at that time.

“Haven’t I shown that smile a lot to you?”

“That means… in other words…”

Ryan’s expression gradually cleared up.

No matter how dense he was, he should be able to realize that he was loved this entire time.

“I’m not hated—!?”


I couldn’t help screaming.

How unconfident was this person?

A person who looked and felt perfect like him would be popular no matter where he went.

“May I ask you to listen to me this time?”

“O, of course…”

Ryan wavered a little when I asked that while staring straight at him.

The strongest knight turned out to be so precious, he could be pressured by the girls of general public.

“I also have someone I love.”

The moment I said that, he looked crestfallen.

His brows were down. He looked like an abandoned puppy.



“Whoops, that was rude of me.”

The voice of my heart unintentionally spilled out.

I hurriedly covered my mouth.

It was time for confirmation.

What is this development?

It’s basically the happiest day of my life.

“Who… from where…?”

Ryan asked with a slightly quivering voice.

Oh no, I’m about to die.

I took Ryan’s hand, and pulled it.

“It’s you.”

I proceeded to close my eyes and kissed the back of his hand.

Ryan blanked. He didn’t seem to be able to process the situation well.

How cute…

…Is he that same competent, talented, popular man?

No matter how I thought about it, this particular side of his just didn’t match that perfect image.

But I didn’t care about that anymore.

If he chose me, I’d do my best to respond to him.

“Do you, love me…?”


I clenched his hand with determination.

“Even if I’m a duke?”

“If someone you hate is a florist, would you hate all florists?”

When I asked with a laugh, Ryan softly shook his head with a stunned expression.

“You might’ve said that… because of my authority—”

“—You know how I never succumb to power.”

He should had seen it.

What I did to the man who tried to do anything he pleased just because he was a duke.

I loved Ryan not because of his status.

Gradually understanding, Ryan’s cheeks became flushed as he got teary-eyed.

I was the same. Despite how adorable he was, I couldn’t laugh at him.


My face had become distorted from my tears.

I must had looked so pitiful.

Ryan stood up and pulled my hand.

The moment I stood up, I was hugged and almost all the air squeezed out of me.

It was a much stronger embrace than during the rainy day.

“I love you, Flores.”

His straightforward, simple, words tightened my chest.

In the future, Ryan and I would overcome everything.

Convinced of that, I strongly embraced him.

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