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15. What is Love? (2)

During lunch break, in the corner of the training ground where the swordsmanship club was practicing, I was training in gym clothes under the supervision of His Highness Zafield.

“Thank you very much. I’m still unable to fend him off myself. It seems that I still have a long way to go.”

“Then, a lesson on self-defense would be perfect for you. Hey, why don’t you stop practicing swordsmanship and do that instead? I think it’ll be more beneficial.”

Thanks for the offer, but…

Despite his sensible words, for him to say such a thing while charging at me, His Highness Zafield must be quite a devil himself.

This is my 10th day of passive training. Today, too, I was made to fall splendidly, and my uniform is stained with mud.

“…Can you intercept an assassin through self-defense, though?”

I stood up at once and brushed the mud off my skirt. As a result, the second prince’s usual playful expression became reluctant.

“Well, as lady, not much is expected of you in that regard. If that happens, just run away.”

“That won’t do. It’d be perfect if I could catch the assassin. If I can’t, then at the very least, the one to flee should be the assassin, not me.”

Since I wouldn’t be wearing that uniform often, it shouldn’t matter. Still, I wondered if it was alright to let it get so dirty…

After being advised by His Highness Zafield, I started to wear trousers under my skirt. It was faster than changing clothes. In the Kingdom of Lapisenta, no women wore trousers, so I couldn’t even remove my skirt. Even so, I bought a new one despite knowing I wouldn’t get to wear it much…

…I hadn’t really worried about money until then. However, I started feeling concerned.

While I contemplated such a thing in the corner of my heart, His Highness’ extended his muscular arm and grabbed mine.

It hurt terribly.

“Tha, that hurts!”

“Such slender arms, who’re you trying to protect with them?”


While frowning, I looked up towards His Highness. He wasn’t laughing. But he wasn’t angry, either. With a slight furrow between his eyebrows, his blue sapphire eyes looked deeper than usual.

For some reason, I no longer felt the breeze was pleasant.

“I’m still a candidate for the crown princess. Being the target of envy and resentment is a daily occurrence for me.”

“I’d believe that if I didn’t know how smart you are. If your intention is to escape with someone, then that would be the worst-case scenario. Perhaps, you’re thinking that if you’re the only one who dies, then it doesn’t matter? Is that the reason why you want to take measures for ‘repelling’ an opponent in case of an emergency?”

How sharp…

I must had been distracted by his laidback attitude and failed to pay attention to my own remarks.

…Still, for him to be able to guess that far, remaining calm would be difficult for me.

Then, let’s admit it.

I brushed away the locks of hair on my shoulder and raised the corners of my mouth.

“I just want to protect my beloved fiancé at all times.”

“That’s just foolish—!!”

There’s no need to yell at me like that…

Look, everyone’s staring at us…

Also, please let go of me.

Without any concern towards our surrounding, His Highness Zafield grabbed my shoulders.

“You’re kidding, right? He betrayed you—no, he is betraying you. You do know that, right…? He plans to annul your engagement at the next dance party. Are you going to risk your life for such a man?”

“Your Highness, the way you refer to both your brother and me, isn’t that a bit rude?”

I had no fan as of the present. Therefore, I hid my mouth with my hands. Even though I performed it in such lady-like manner, I didn’t receive an apology or sarcasm from His Highness.

His Highness strengthened his grip on my shoulders.

“I like Lelouche.”

“…I also hope to be able to get along fine with my brother-in-law for a long time.”

“You’re fully aware that’s not what I mean.”

Indeed. As to the praise I was given earlier, I was no fool.

Hence why, I gracefully tilted my head.

“I don’t understand. I’m merely saying what I’m supposed to say as the fiancée of His Highness Sazanjill.”

His Highness released me and turned away. He was more trained than His Highness Sazanjill, and should be about the same age. But for some reason, he looked… small.

Is it because of his age?

“…You did well on the passive training.”


“Starting from tomorrow, I’ll teach you how to deal with it. Mainly how to avoid. Assassins basically attempt to kill in one blow. I think that by being able avoid fatal injuries, your chances will expand.”

Thus, the bell of preparation for starting work rang.

Even though I tumbled down numerous times, I didn’t feel any pain. Only the part of my arm and the shoulders that he had grabbed stung. There were traces of red fingers on my arm.

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