Translation We Dwell at the Base of the Dragon’s Peak

80.1 The Three Princesses

I am crushed by soft, large, breasts.

“Come now, no need to restrain yourself.”
“Gentlemen seem to enjoy having this done to them.”

Can I claim to be happy? I can’t make sense of what’s going on. I’m confused.

Not to mention, it hurts!

The large esteemed breast-sama are wonderful and all, but they are being crushed against me. It’s getting hard to breathe. They’re going to suffocate me.

He- help.

I tap the princess-sama to tell them it hurts, but due to having my face submerged within their esteemed chest-sama, I’m randomly swinging my arm.

Ara ma, he’s surprisingly aggressive, Nina.”
“Yuffie-onee-san, your bottom is being touched, wa.”

Awawa, apparently, I somehow hit the bottom of the First Princess, Yufeila-sama.

Wh- What should I do?
I am confused, and struggling only sinks me deeper into their esteemed chest-sama.

O- Onee-sama-kata, what are you doing?”
This voice belongs to Ceries-sama!

I cry out from within the esteemed breast-sama, but my screams don’t reach anyone.

Fufufu, that tickles.”
“I’m delighted that you are enjoying our breasts this much, wa.”

Tha- that’s wrong. This is me wriggling around in pain.

“Onee-sama, Ernea is suffering. Please release him.”
“So it’s like that?”
“You think so?”

That exactly how it is!

No- no way, am I going to die between a pair of esteemed chest-sama?
I can’t breathe, my mind is starting to get hazy.

“Ernea, I am going to help you now.”

At Ceries-sama’s words, my arm is grabbed and pulled.
Then, finally, I am freed from the heavenly hell of the esteemed chest-sama.

Haa haa.”
My shoulders heave up and down as I am finally able to breath properly again.

Never would I have expected that esteemed breast-sama could be such terrifying weapons. This is my first time thinking the chests of women are scary.

Ah, I’m relieved that Mistral and Ruiseine have small breasts. 

“Yuffie-onee-sama, Ernea-kun is excited, wa.”
“You’re right, Nina.”
“Yo- you’re wrong. That was painful.”

I inadvertently voice my complaint.

“No need to be bashful.”
“You are also cute when you act bashful, wa.”
“Onee-sama, please stop teasing Ernea.”

Ceries-sama steps between the me and the two princess-sama. She is protecting me.

“Ceries, withdraw from there.”
“Ceries, if you don’t withdraw, you’ll be punished.”

Ceries-sama desperately does her best to keep Yufeila-sama and Nina-sama from seizing me.

I breathe and settle my heart.
Then I introduce myself.

“Nice to meet you. I am Ernea Iys.”

When I follow proper etiquette and introduce myself, Yufeila-sama, Nina-sama, and Ceries-sama stop their quibbling and gracefully greet me with bows.

As expected of princesses. No matter the situation, they won’t lose their refined social etiquette.

“Once more, good afternoon. I am Yufelia.”
“Once more, good afternoon. I am Nina.”
“My onee-sama, as you can tell,are twins. Sorry about this, Ernea. They’ve troubled you.”
“My, what are you saying?”
“Ernea-kun was delighting himself with our breasts, wa.”
“No, Ernea was suffering. He was stuck between your uselessly large breasts.”

As if with a creaking sound, the three princesses are for some reason at odds with each other.

Eetto, I don’t know if they’re useless or not, but Ceries-sama’s breasts are equally as large.

“What’s going on, Ernea? You’re acquainted with the twin princess-sama?”
Ristia approaches me despite the disturbance.

“Nope, don’t know them. This should be our first time meeting.”

I have no memory of ever seeing these two beautiful princess-sama who are like two peas in a pod. If I had, I absolutely wouldn’t have forgotten them. Their alluring silver hair and bronzed skin give a strong impression. Naturally, anyone’s eyes would also be drawn to their esteemed chest-sama.

“That is right. Today is our first time meeting Ernea-kun.”
“We heard about him from onii-sama and decided we wanted to meet him once.”


That means, that brother and I…
In other words, I am acquainted with a prince-sama of the Armand Kingdom?

I think about it, but no one comes to mind.
Maybe he got to know me the last time I was invited to the royal castle? Then, that prince-sama told the twin princess-sama who in turn had me invited to this tea party?

Still, what made them interested in me? I’m a normal, lower middle class, citizen. I am not someone the royal family should be interested in.

“Just like onii-sama said, you’re a very cute child.”
“Just like onii-sama said, you’re a very wonderful child.”

Ahaha,” I force myself to smile.

I’m happy that the two beautiful twin princess-sama like me, but not knowing the reason makes me itchy.

Eetto, why did the princess-sama want to meet me?”
Ara ma, this child doesn’t seem to be aware, wa.”
“This is a bit different from what onii-sama said?”

Yufeila-sama and Nina-sama stare straight at me as they come closer.

“You, are you acquainted with His Highness, the prince?”
“Nope, I’ve no memory of ever meeting either of them.”

My expression twists with discomfort as I answer Ristia’s question.
Honestly, I personally have no memory of ever meeting any of them.

There are two people the First Princess-sama, Yufelia-sama and the Second Princess, Nina-sama refer to as onii-sama. They naturally are this country’s next king-sama, the First Prince-sama and the Second Prince-sama.

Do either of those prince-sama know about me? Even when I don’t know anything about the prince-sama?

Yep, this is a mystery.
Where did this prince-sama learn about me? Also, what does he know about me?

While I am groaning, “Un un,” as I think about it, I notice I am receiving a lot of sharp stares.


I cautiously look around the banquet hall and discover it isn’t just the people from the Kingdom of Jortenitost directing cold glares at me, but also many of the men from the Armand Kingdom.

Darn, did the racket from the two princess-sama clinging to me make all the men in the banquet hall jealous?  

Grave-sama is glaring at me with a terrifying expression.

What should I do?

I secretly hide behind Ristia.

Ristia, also picking up on the atmosphere, has a troubled expression.

“Since we’re standing around here talking, let’s go.”
“Come have fun with us onee-san.”
The twin princess-sama, however, pay no mind to the atmosphere. They take my arms and start pulling me out of the banquet hall.

Onee-sama, what are you doing?”
Ceries-sama hurries to step in and put a stop to it.

Yufeila-sama takes my right arm.
Nina-sama takes my left arm.
Ceries-sama comes to save me by grabbing me from behind.

Then I, this time, am submerged within the esteemed breast-sama of the three princess-sama as they argue back and forth.

Ahhh, what a heavenly hell. I’m delighted at being caught between the esteemed chest-sama of the three princess-sama, but the resentful stares from all the men in the hall hurt way too much.

Come on, already,” the twin princess-sama cry out as they pull me.
“Please let go,” Ceries-sama hold me taut to keep me in place

As I am at a loss over what to do, I turn to Ristia for help.

Ristia comes forward to intermediate with a bitter smile.
Then, at that time…

Zuun, a rumbling explosion shakes the detached villa.

“What happened!?”

While the women in the banquet hall all scream, many of the men calmly confirm the situation. As expected of soldier-san. Grave-sama in particular is already surrounded by robust soldier like people who have taken a defensive formation.

In exchange, no one has come to protect these princess-sama.

T/N: So, has Ernea forgotten he can teleport?? I understand not wanting to reveal you abilities for no reason, but if he was seriously about to pass out, that seems to warrant using it. The reason is completely ridiculous, but it would still be better than dying…

That said, this chapter was needlessly hard to translate.

~Gandire Alea

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