The Fake Saint’s Evolution Into a Genuine One Translation

14. Fake Saint’s Evolution into a Genuine One (Another perspective)

  • Side: The Magician Twins

We twins were born to commoner parents.

At our baptism ceremony, when we were 5-years-old, it was discovered that we had tremendous magical power. As such, the Wizards Association decided to take us in.

Apparently, the national law stipulated that children with a certain amount of magical power would be separated from their parents regardless of their desires in order to utilize their power and be trained as magicians by the church.

However, to have such quality from an early age seemed to be very rare. In the dormitory prepared by the church, there were no children the same age as us. Most of them were 16 or 17-years-old. We felt very foreign and isolated there.

We were only five years old. No matter how mighty our power was, being separated from our parents and having to live in the place full of strangers proved difficult for us.

At night, no one would console us, even if we were lonely or crying. When we were anxious, there’d be no one near us who’d embrace us, saying “It’s alright.”

We were aware that we were being raised by the nation’s funds, so we didn’t dare be fussy with the adults around us. After all, they had provided us with food, shelter, and clothing. Perhaps because we had a very lonely childhood, we grew up twisted.

…The one who spurred our broken personalities was definitely that woman.

In that kingdom, a madwoman commonly referred to as the ‘Saint’ was carefully nestled.

Because we often went to the royal palace as apprentices, the saint took notice of us.

Thus, we were often summoned by her and treated like pets. No, even pets were treated better than us. We were her toys. We were dressed as girls, told to eat insects, tied up with a collar and dragged around all day long—

—in short, we suffered a lot of treatments we didn’t want to remember.

It continued until we made a name for ourselves as magicians. After establishing our positions, we were finally freed of the saint—but that didn’t mean we forgot our grudge.

We kept wanting to exact revenge. However, as long our opponent was the saint, we didn’t have the right to punish her.

Therefore, when we were selected as escorts for the pilgrimage, we thought that it was a one-in-a-lifetime chance. In a land where the king couldn’t reach, no one could protect the saint. The entourage around her consisted of nothing more than a bunch of idiots who had no power apart from what came from the houses of their parents.

We were determined to not miss this opportunity. We wanted her to suffer what we went through.

Due to the priest’s cunning, the saint, who had escaped, was separated from her entourage and was brought back alone.

With that, the saint had no allies.

Isn’t this just perfect?!

We were thinking of harassing her as much as we could until she cried and apologized.

Even so, Luka and Darren, who also loathed her to death, had begun to warm up to her before we noticed. Darren, in particular, was unpleasantly devoted to the saint. The other knights also praised her.

We didn’t understand how it happened.

Darren told us that we misunderstood the saint—but he used to extremely hate her. Could that hate be changed so easily?

I didn’t think so. Did the saint possess the ability to brainwash people? If so, she wasn’t a saint, she a demon.

If we could rely on neither of them, we had no choice but to awaken them to the truth.

The saint used to throw us into pits full of nasty insects. Then, she’d laugh at us along with her entourage as we struggled to get out. Then, while we were crying and begging, they’d throw pebbles at us.

We’d never forget that humiliation.

Thus, we thought of doing the same thing with her.

…But apparently, we overdid it. The hole we dug was too deep. We didn’t even consider that she might get hurt if she were to fall from that height.

She calmly said, “My leg broke.”

We didn’t mean for that to happen. In shock, we pulled her out of the hole. But, the first thing she did was preach to us about the danger of pitfalls and about definition of mischief even though her bone had just been broken.

She’s angry about that!?

Instead of blaming us for dropping her down a pit, or for her broken leg, she lied for our sake to Darren and Luka.

Why? Until now, she has never been like this…

Was she pretending?

We didn’t apologize until the end, but to heal her injury, she used too much of her power. As such, she developed a high fever and lost consciousness.

We felt guilty when we saw her in that condition.

We should apologize…

…What we did is wrong…

Regardless of what she had done in the past, we were totally at fault.

Thus, the two of us decided to apologize for the injury and secretly went into her room without telling Luka or Darren.

The saint was curled up in a high fever. She was also whimpering in pain. Her delicate, thin, shoulders made her appear more like a child than us.

Since she was sweating a lot, we tried to shake her awake so that she’d drink some water. However, she grabbed our arms and pulled us into the bed.

“…Onee-chan, will hold you.”

After muttering that, she fell asleep once again while hugging us.


When we tried to shake her off, the veil that had been concealing her face this whole time rolled up. Thus, we could see her face.

…Then, we finally understood everything. We proceeded to curse how dimwitted we were.

Thus, we stopped resisting and stayed near her chest. She unconsciously patted our heads.

“…’Onee-chan’, she said…”

“Did she mistake us for her younger brother?”

We muttered at the same time.

We were sure her younger brother received a lot of hugs form her. Whenever he was lonely, she’d surely comfort him by patting his head.

She was suffering from an injury and a fever, yet never ran out of kind things to say. She cared more about her younger brother than herself.

How envious.

A mixture of jealousy and envy burned in our hearts.

As a matter of course, we never had such a figure in our lives.

“…Hey, Will. I want an older sister, too.”

“Me, too, Farril. Let’s make her our older sister, then.”

She was the one who called herself our ‘Onee-chan’ right?

We said so and kissed her cheeks. Perhaps because it felt ticklish, she fluttered.

We then whispered into her ears.

“Hey, can you be our sister?”

“Sister, won’t you kiss us to seal the promise?”

“Hmm… alright, I’ll be your older sister…”

She kissed each of our foreheads while answering with a drowsy voice.

“You’ll be by our side, right?! As our older sister!?”

“Now, you can’t withdraw anymore, onee-chan…”

When we said that with our faces buried in her chest, we soon heard a gentle sigh.

Darren, you were right.

We lost sight of what was important.

She wasn’t the ugly, selfish, saint.

She was the only one capable of being our dear sister.

“…Alright, you’ve promised. We won’t let you go anymore.”

When we whispered into her ears, she quivered once again.


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