The Villainess who Only Had 100 Days to Live Had Fun Every Day Translation

4. I Don’t Have Time to Talk With His Highness (2)

Once I looked up, I beheld a certain, familiar, boy—

—it was none other than His Highness Zafield Lewis Lapisenta. He was the younger brother of His Highness and also the second prince. He resembled his older brother. However, unlike him, he had a long silver-hair which reached his neck. He was commonly known as the ‘Silver Prince.’ Also, His Highness Zafield was shorter, and the outer corners of his eyes were a little low. He still had no fiancée, but he was quite famous for being a womanizer.

Because we were of the same age, and were in the same class, I was close with Zafield. Moreover, there was also the fact that he was going to become my brother-in-law in the future.

He mercilessly told me.

“I know you had a fight with my brother a while ago… but why don’t you just stop? If you want to exercise, dancing should suffice, right?”

“No, I want to become stronger.”

While turning away, I tried to pick up the fallen sword. However, Zafield grabbed my arm for some reason—then, I was pulled.

“…Uh-oh, the skin on your hand has peeled away. Doesn’t it hurt?”

“It does hurt…”

That much should be obvious. Regardless, I had to put up with it. When I admitted the truth, Zafield laughed.

“Ahaha, but you still want to continue?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then, shall I teach you?”

“Come again?”

When I opened my eyes to his sudden, fortunate, proposal, Zafield gently caressed my hand.

“Since it can’t be helped, let me teach you the basics of the sword. Although, it might be spartan.”

Zafield was touted as the ace of the swordsmanship club amongst the first years. Unlike his older brother, Zafield specialized in martial arts. His Highness had academical prowess, while Zafield had combat expertise. It was as if the two were complementing each other.

…I was so grateful for his suggestion, I could barely muster my gratitude—

“—I, is it alright…?”

Although everyone was against me learning the sword, Zafield reached behind my neck. Then, he took hold of my hair which I had tied into a ponytail.

“…More importantly, let’s stop training in public? After all, everyone finds Lelouche’s white nape… tempting.”


The glances and gazes were due to that!?

When I turned towards the swordsmen who were training, they all averted their gazes at once. I involuntarily covered my face.

H, honestly!?

But it’s been a while since I’ve begun training here!

Does that mean, I won’t be able to get a fiancé for the rest of my life!?

I could hear Zafield’s joyful laughter.

That night, I performed the movements I had learned from Zafield about 100 times. Tired and about to faint, I fell onto the bed. Then, I met him.

“Oh, if it isn’t you, god. I’m glad you’ve come to see me tonight.”

“…Are you being sarcastic because I come to visit you every day?”

“No way, I’m really happy?”

Every night, god appeared in my dreams. To be honest, I was beginning to get used to it. But I didn’t dislike it. Every night, he expressed his concern towards me. Due to that, I didn’t feel the slightest bit tired the next morning.

…To be able to converse with a god, my fear of death had long vanished.

That night, in a pure white world, I was able to meet god.

“So, what kind of sermon did you receive today?”


“When you started practicing the sword, everyone suddenly became noisy, didn’t they?”


Everyone did advise me against the idea. But could that be considered noisy? They were merely expressing concern for my safety, some were also in doubt as to whether or not I could master it overnight.

Also, for a god to be involved with my life…

They really were just giving some advice.

The god was still staring at me with his impressive eyebrows.

“Hey, are you really going to continue practicing?”

“Of course.”

“For an amateur, and not to mention, a woman to train for only 100 days…you won’t be able to defeat those assassins. They’re professionals. You can’t protect that man.”

“I won’t know unless I try.”

…It immediately denied, but his extremely serious face hurt me.

Was there anything scarier than such a beautiful, serious, face?

When I lowered my gaze, the god spoke in quick succession.

“Why’re you attempting such a pointless endeavor!? Shouldn’t you have more fun!? Isn’t there anything else you want to do!? Don’t you want to go on a trip, eat delicious food, play… to train and pursue education until your final day—are you sane!?”

“…Of course I am.”

Even though my eyes were cast down, the corners of my mouth didn’t hang in dejection.

I had to smile—gracefully, beautifully, even if I were to be drenched with sweat and blood.

For such was my pride.

“Even if you do that, you can’t change the fact that you’re going to die.”

Even if I was told that, I wouldn’t stop smiling.

“I’m a stubborn person.”

“…Then have it your way!”

The god turned away and disappeared.

His sulking form was cute, I felt sorry for him.

“See you tomorrow.”

I slowly closed my eyes so that I could wake up from my dreams. I didn’t forget to thank the god who would still be watching over me on the following day.

***T/N: Reading Zafield’s line, for some reason, Marius from Tear of Themis appeared in my head…

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